June 1, 2011

Rogan Knows Best

Lately I ran into some YouTube videos where Joe Rogan rants about society and people. Not sure if everyone will appreciate it but this video I found hilarious. (Warning: explicit language.) Joe has a knack for explaining matters both bluntly and honestly, and I just gotta the display the first minute of the video here in text;

"That's the problem with human beings man is that there's a broad spectrum of us and the broad spectrum is necessary in order to have this sort of a complex society. Until we invent robots that are going to do shitty jobs we are going to need monkeys. We are going to need dumb-f*****g people. We are going to need idiots you know. That's a terrible way to look at the world and it doesn't necessarily mean that any idiots born into an idiot family has to be an idiot. It doesn't mean that the idiots can't snap out of it if somehow they do mushrooms or take a yoga class or try to look at their life in a different way but for many people the reason why they're idiots is not necessarily that their brain doesn't work that well. They got in a terrible pattern like really early in life, and they have become a dumb f***. And they are stuck and they live with a bunch of other dumb f***s. So that they get all this negative energy all this time."

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