June 17, 2011

Blackbird: The Second Batch

Amazingly enough, the blackbird couple that nests in the tree of my neighbors produced yet more offspring. On the first of May I snapped a few pictures of their younglings whom were already close to maturity. Yesterday I took the picture above where a fresh out of the nest blackbird is chilling on a branch. (I suspect there was another because momma blackbird also flew in the conifer a couple of times and out of sight.) It still has a couple more weeks to go before flying out but the rate of reproduction with this particular bird is simply amazing. I estimate they produce offspring every 2 months (in summertime). They are also incredibly active and when you have the time to observe the garden you can see them hopping around during daylight practically the entire time. Not so strange considering how many mouths they have to feed. No doubt the breadcrumbs I lay out now and then are also appreciated.

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