April 12, 2009

Don't Try This At Home

Ah, sometimes you have to step away from the heavy stuff and let it go. Relieve yourself, kinda. Step into the breeze. Get it out of your system. The video below also isn't that awkward when you realise the universe is mostly made off (expanding) gasses. In any case, don't try it out on your better half.

Bryant's Encounter

Retired prison guard E.A. Bryant who lives in the South-Western part of England near Dartmoor prison, was having an afternoon walk on the 24th of April, 1965. At around 5:30 PM he reached a spot with a nice panoramic view. Suddenly, out of nowhere he saw a flying saucer at approximately 40 meters. First it was moving like a pendulum but gradually it stopped and it was motionless, hovering above the ground. Despite the fact that Bryant got the scare of his life he kept on watching out of curiousity. The side of the space craft opened and three figures emerged. According to Bryant they were wearing some kind of 'diving suits'. One of them motioned to Bryant to which he responded by going into the craft. Inside the occupants removed their headgear. Bryant noticed that two of them had blond hair, blue eyes and an unusual high forehead. The third who was a bit smaller and had a darker skin, looked more like an ordinary human. The dark person began to talk to Bryant in reasonably good English. According to Bryant he said that his name was 'Yamski' or something of that nature and that he would have liked 'Des' or 'Les' to be there, because 'Les' would have understand everything. He also said that they came from Venus. When the UFO rose up again Bryant noticed that bits of metal were left behind on the landing site. When Bryant related his story, researcher didn't know what to say. George Adamski, the writer of the book Flying Saucers Have Landed had died the day before. Adamski had written the book together with Desmond Leslie. Was there a connection between 'Yamski' and Adamski, between 'Des' and 'Les' and Desmond Leslie?

(Translated from;)
Source: Great Mysteries, Flying Saucers and other riddles of the Universe, © 1975-76 Aldus Books London

April 11, 2009

The Japanese "Adamski-Wave"

I've collected stories and photographs (from the internet) for a number of years. (The last couple of years I was very inactive due to private circumstances.) However, I've come to the realisation that Japan has had some sort of an increase in "Adamski type" sightings and close encounters in the seventies. Whether it was a sociological event or the real thing has yet to be determined but I suspect some sightings and photographs are real. It could very well be that contactee stories from the U.S. reached Japan and that some people thought it would be fun the same stuff happening there. Subsequently you would have some people fabricating material. A couple of posts back I showed pictures taking by the (then) teenager Hirohito Tanaka. There's a lot more. Next are two photographs also from Japan.

Again I don't know the source of these photographs. I got them from a UFO group years ago. The photographs were listed as taken in Toyota City, Japan, 8-3-1975. A search (on the internet) has come up empty sofar. It's likely to have been taken in Japan because there's a billboard on the roof (in the picture). I'm also not totally convinced the photographs are genuine. The objects are pretty dark against the background and show no atmospheric hazing. It's easy to fabricate them by sticking dark obkects on glass and than taking the shot. So I guess I'm undecided.

The image above is from Ryutaro Umehara. From this website we can read the following commentary;
"Chiba, May 11, 1975: Young Ryutaro Umehara claimed that at 09:00 a.m. on May 11, 1975, he snapped 4 color pictures of a dark lens-shaped object flying in the sky as it descended in a falling-leaf fashion. The image shows a typical Adamski-inspired saucer."
Above is another picture from Hirohito Tanaka.
I also came across this contactee story from the (now defunct) MSN group Cosmic View;
At 6pm September 1, 1984, a six-year-old girl named Nao Nishimoto was playing with her friends riding bicycles in the front yard of her apartment in Takamatsu, Kagawa-ken, which is not far from Tokyo, Japan. Young Nao went to the end of the yard on her bike when she saw a large round luminous object in the sky over the rice field. She stopped at the fence and stared intently at the object, but she didn't call to her friends. The brilliant object was coming in from the right, and as it became closer and bigger, she perceived a large ring of colorful lights flying outside the object at the same time. To her surprise, the ring was just like a huge necklace with brilliant beads of many kinds of colors. As it approached the front yard its shape changed from a cross to a rectangle, then to a circle. It was a very beautiful sight and as the hazy outlines of the luminous craft became clear, the "necklace" disappeared. The object seemed to be the same kind of bell-shaped ship George Adamski photographed through a telescope December 13, 1952.
First the object came in a zigzag movement over the rice field. When it hovered a few meters high from the field for awhile, the ears of the rice plants swayed as if in a wind. Then the domed saucer moved to the left and hovered near a kindergarten school. It was only about twenty five meters distant from the girl, so she could see its cabin as large as a six or eight mat room of a Japanese house. (See drawing). According to Nao, the UFO had a large dome with four portholes and a small golden ball on the top which was very bright. Three large circular structures protruded at the bottom. The color of the hull gradually changed from orange into silver. While Nao stared at the fantastic ship, a nice-looking little boy appeared at one of the four round windows - the second one from the left - and when he looked at the girl standing at the fence, the boy smiled showing his white teeth to her great surprise. The following is from an exclusive interview with Nao at her home in Takamatsu October 25, 1984. Nao said the boy she saw had long hair, pulled back from his face and it reaches his shoulders. His hair was golden in color and his face was round. Nao said his skin color was the same as hers; he had large round eyes, small nose and ears.
In the interview Nao talked about her encounter with a very serene state of mind for her age and she had a very good memory. There is no doubt she must have seen a being from another planet. Nao said she only saw the upper half of the boy. So, it seemed that his shirt was gray and a little shiny. His shirt had a v-shaped neckline. She felt sure he was a boy because of his eyes. As Nao watched the scout craft that afternoon, it flew over the roof of the kindergarten and disappeared. Nao left the fence and hurried to the kindergarten on her bike in an attempt to see the craft once again but it was moving away. She advanced along a footpath between the rice fields. When she reached the end, where the tableland or mesa of Mt. Yashima could be seen, and the ship was hovering at a low altitude over the field. No sooner had she looked at the boy looking out the window than he smiled again and waved his left hand. At first he slowly raised his hand showing the palm, then he let it down, and again he raised the hand slowly. The sleeves of his clothes were long enough to reach the wrists. Soon after that the scout craft began to circle over the rice field in addition to rotating on its axis and flew toward the mountain. When it came to the top of; the mountain, about 300 meters above the sea, the ship flashed twice and suddenly disappeared. Nao said all this took about 15 minutes from the beginning to the end of the encounter.
She was in the first grade of an elementary school at that time, but now she is in the second grade and lives in the city of Fukuoka with her parents. She waited two days before she told her mother. At the time Nao just didn't know what to say, or just how to tell what she saw. She is a young girl, her mother said, who does not tell lies. Nao's parents believe this kind of an experience was meant to happen to help people understand better about life on other planets. The family was contacted again a few years ago by reporters and little Nao stands by her story. She says it did happen just as she said it did. And people throughout the world still continue to see and photograph the same type of craft Nao saw Sept. 1, 1984.

To be honest I don't know how to view the story above. Nao was a young kid at the time and of course couldn't be interviewed as an adult. As a young kid she also could have been influenced heavily by her parents and other folks. Nao should be 31 now so I guess it's best to ask her again.
Well, there you have it. The Japanese "Adamski-Wave".

April 10, 2009

Another Story From David

David Hughes-Narborough, who had his own experience, came across this account and passed it on to Michael Salla:
Dear Dr Salla,
There was an account that I had heard several years ago, about a contact experience with 'Nordic' type beings that may be of interest. As this forum is one of the few areas on the internet that is sympathetic to these types of experiences, I will attempt to convey the story in as much detail as possible. I first heard this account second hand from someone I met in Wiltshire one summer. I had told this person my experience which I posted on this forum recently. He said that it was a shame that I hadn't been here the previous weekend, as he had heard a similar story or at least one that is related.
At a late night skywatch near Alton Barnes, Wiltshire in the heart of crop-circle country, a small group of people were sitting around a camp fire, swapping stories on U.F.O.'s. Then it came to one particular man, and he appeared reluctant to talk. A girl that was there persuaded him to talk to the group, and he eventually obliged.
He claimed that he was once in the S.B.S., or the 'Special Boat Service', which is a lesser known special intelligence service like the S.A.S. within the United Kingdom. He was told to travel to the London Underground, to South Kensington tube station if memory serves me correctly. When he boarded a train, the supervisor with him pointed out two women on the train that he was ordered to take away. These females were tall, blonde and blue eyed, and had the appearence of twins. He described them as having quite high foreheads, and that they were the most beautiful women he had seen, with perfect physiques. He described how everyone else on the train seemed to be in a trance, and reacted to the abduction of two people from a public train, with complete indifference. He had not been told why they were being abducted, and was concerned for their safety. As he took them away he said that they conveyed a feeling of peace towards him.

The man had been concerned that he may have been indirectly responsible for bringing these two women into harms way. It was after about a week or two that he was sitting in a restaurant in Canary Wharf London, when one the two women that he had abducted, came over to his table and smiled at him, and generally conveyed that they were safe to him and that there was no need to worry. This is the account as I remember it, to the best of my recollection. The story was of great interest to me, as it was similar to the experience that I had. I would be most interested to see if anyone reading this may be able to shed some light on this story.
Perhaps someone has heard this story, and can elaborate. It may even be possible the man involved is reading this, and may be wiling to put his story straight for the record. It is interesting to me that if this account is to be believed, that the British equivalent to Naval Intelligence was involved, in the same way that is seems to be in the U.S. when
it comes to U.F.O. related matters. Perhaps this indicates some cooperation between the two divisions in sharing intelligence information on this subject. For years people have automatically assumed that the Air force would be the most likely place
to search for evidence of a U.F.O. coverup.

April 9, 2009

The Lost Scout II

On second thought, I don't think Hirohito Tanaka is the photographer of the image in my first post titled 'The Lost Scout'. I found a couple more of his shots on this website, and the photographic characteristics are totally different. See images below.

What does look interesting is that Japan seems to have an 'Adamski-wave' in the seventies. Maybe it's the real thing, or maybe something sociological. The search for the lost scout will continue.

April 8, 2009

Busted UFO Hoaxers

Let this be a lesson for all you skeptics out there. Hehe.

(From Associated Press)
MORRIS PLAINS, N.J. - Two New Jersey men who staged a UFO hoax will have more earthly pursuits, such as picking up trash from the side of the road. A judge fined Chris Russo, of Morris Plains, and Joe Rudy, of Chester Township, $250 each and ordered them to perform 50 hours of community service. Authorities say the pair triggered a flurry of 911 calls when they lit road flares tied to helium balloons and released them in central New Jersey in January and February. The men said they did it to trick people who believe in UFOs. They posted details of their exploits on a Web site on April Fools' Day. The prosecutor charged them with disorderly conduct, saying the balloons could have interfered with air traffic and posed a potential fire hazard.

The Lost Scout

I don't know the exact source of the photograph above. Clearly it's an 'Adamski type scoutcraft'. I don't recall exactly where I got it from either (downloaded it years ago). I think I got it from the now defunct MSN group Cosmic View. In any case the picture was claimed to be taken in Onomichi City, Japan, on 10-11-74. However, when I did a search on the internet I do get a UFO sighting listed on that date but the circumstances are totally different. That in turn makes me think the time and place are incorrect. The photograph itself does look 'seventies' to me. I continued the search on ufocasebook.com and the closest match is (circumstancial-wise) the picture below.

April 9, 1976 Nagoay City, Aichi, Japan. At 2:00pm, Hirohito Tanaka saw a small dark circular-shaped UFO with a raised dome in the center. The object made a low pass over his neighbor's house. He grabbed his Instamatic 126, and took seven photographs.
The text above is from ufocasebook.com. When I do a search on that I get some more intriquing results. Here's a quote from another website;
1975-09-12; Nagoay City, Aichi, Japan
At 1:30pm on September 12, 1975, and only nine days after photographing the carrier ship, Hirohito Tanaka saw the small ships in the sky over his city again. It was just after lunch when he happened to look outside and saw the small disc-shaped flying objects again flitting about and performing their now familiar falling-leaf maneuver. There were seven of them in the southwest sky and they were disc-shaped with a raised dome on top.

Okidoki. Think the lost scout is found. Here are some more quotes;
1975-09-03; Nagoay City, Aichi, Japan
At 2:30pm on September 3, 1975, 12 year old Hirohito Tanaka was doing his homework in the living room of his house in Nagoya City. He happened to look up and out the big picture window and saw something flying high in the sky above the scattered clouds that day. Looking closer, he could see that it was a very unusual flying machine, dark and cigar-shaped. He obtained a camera and quickly snapped 8 photographs of the cylindrical ship that was launching and recovering smaller circular domed disc-shaped machines, some of which came down and flew low over the city.

1975-10-04; Nagoay City, Aichi, Japan
At 2:00pm on October 4, 1975, high school student Hirohito Tanaka watched a small bell-shaped flying object descend to near ground level in a "falling-leaf" kind of motion. It left a trail of white vapor or exhaust in its wake as it flew. Near the ground it steadied, levelled off, and flew away horizontally until it was out of sight. He grabbed his camera and ran to the balcony where he managed to snap several black and white photographs of the ship. When the white trail drifted to the ground it was found to consist of spider-wep-like filiamentary substance that evaporated away in a few minutes. The white material seemed to be ejected from the top part of the small ship.

April 7, 2009

UFO Balloons

For quite a while now there have been 'UFO-balloons' on the market. Originally they came from China/Asia but there seems to be a market for them here in Europe. Here's a company that sells them. While I suppose it's great fun watching them go up in the sky, it creates havoc with UFO sightings. It's remarkably easy to mistake them for UFOs, and people have done exactly that a number of times. Overhere in Holland it has become the latest fashionable thing to do on new year's eve, but I have observed myself that some people let them up on other dates as well. While up close you can tell the difference, you can see the fire and paper cilinder, farther away you only see an orange glowing light drifting along where ever the wind takes it. Naturally from a distance it looks like a UFO.

I've sighted these UFO balloons many times, however on one occasion I sighted something which I believe was 'the real thing'. On new year's eve 2006-2007 I was at my mother's place celibrating new year. After 12, my family and I went outside to light up fireworks. My sister in law and her son were beside me when my nephew alerted me to an orange light in the sky, just above the houses some 2-300 meters away. (My nephew remarked that there were 2 lights but one disappeared, I only saw one.) When we looked at the orange light it was stationary (from our point of view) but suddenly it started moving our way. We were watching this light go straight over our heads some 15-20 meters up in the sky. When it was directly over our heads I could see it was eliptical shaped, glowing in an orange colour (all over its mass) but the strangest thing was, that it was pitch black in the dead center. (Normally that's where the fire should be in a balloon.) There are a few more things to point out. At that particular date it was stormy weather, windforce 8, not the best time to launch a balloon since there was a high probability the balloon would smack against the nearest building. Second thing to note, from the direction where it came there weren't any buildings, there was (and still is) a cemetery.

Tried to make a drawing of the object I saw but it still doesn't do it any justice. It was a glowing orange more like molten metal. The black thing in the center was also pitch black but with a 'vagueness.' Really hard to recreate that with pen and pencil.

April 5, 2009

David's Unusual Experience

Some years back I came across a story on a forum by David Hughes-Narborough, an artist living and working in London. It's quite a fascinating account and not the only one in its kind. David, intriqued by stories of UFOs and human looking ETs set off on an experiment of his own. He made a 'telepathic request'; if there were any aliens in the vicinity they should come and prove it. Here's what happend next.
Just before the train departed a man entered the train from my left and immediadetly sat in the seat in front
of me. I noticed that he was dressed in a tan coloured suit and tie with a matching attache case. He was around six foot three, had short blonde hair brushed back, blue eyes and had a swedish appearence. Although I had made no connection that he was one of these beings at this time, I noticed that he was acting strangely by observing the other people on the train.....
He then leant forward and started to observe his own hands, which I also felt was unusual. It was at this point that it occured to me that he may be one of these "Beings". So I asked the question "If you are a being from elsewhere, please place your right index finger on the right side of your nose?". As soon as I had telepathically asked the question, he responded by doing just that. Very slowly and carefully placing his finger on his nose, holding it there for some time, before lowering it.....
As the journey approached it's end, I was thinking that "I am not convinced that you are from elsewhere, as you could have been placing your finger on your nose by coincidence". He immediately responded to this with apparent frustration. This reaction in itself seemed far more convincing than the initial experiment. I then asked the question again in my mind, "If you are from elsewhere then please tap on your attache case three times?". With both hands on his attache case, he slightly shook his head, and then started to tap with both hands firmly, once...twice... three times. He paused for a moment, tapped again once... twice... three times. Then once again paused, then tapped once... twice... three times finally. Three sets of three in total. He then turned and stared directly at me.

The full story can be found on David's blog here. What's also interesting to note is that David is also a portrait artist and made a drawning of the man, only that drawning disappeared as soon as he had made it.
I suppose experiments like these are not for everyone. I also reckon ETs wont be answering every telepathic call daily, all over the world. But, on some occasions you just might get an unusual experience. I suppose there's some irony in that. 'If you look for the truth, truth can come looking for you.'

April 4, 2009

James Gilliland

I often post about contactees from the past but currently there seems to be an active one in Washington State. A fellow by the name of James Gilliland claims to have on-going contacts, allbeit on an irregular basis. UFO sightings near his property are massive though and eyewitness testimony can be found in abundance. Here's his website. And here's some eyewitness testimony. No doubt that UFOs are sighted near Mt Adams and Gilliland's ranch. It's basicly a hotspot.
I've had some correspondence with James Gilliland some years back and he seemed like a good guy to me. Someone that talks the talk but also walks the walk. At the time we also got in to a massive internet brawl with a positive energy-sucking entity by the name of Michael Horn. James had given Horn a videotape of UFO footage he had taken near Mt Adams. James (hoping maybe for some support and cooperation) asked if Billy Meier could view the tape and share his opinion. Big mistake of course since Meier doesn't acknowledge many contactees and those that go public not at all. So Meier viewed the tape, told Horn his opinion which came back to Gilliland. Meier's opinion was that Gilliland's footage showed top secret U.S. aircraft, posing as ETs. When I heard that I also stepped in, defending Gilliland. I already had a number of arguments with brickhead Horn so the thing quickly turned ugly. Nowdays I don't bother James Gilliland, he's doing fine on his own and arguments are best to be avoided. So here's a nice little anecdote for you. James did come up with the finest nickname for Michael Horn I ever heard. "Meier's Mini-Me."

Above is a picture taken over a conference building on Gilliland's property. If you look closely you'll see seven metallic spheres above the roof of the building. Quite an intriquing shot, and somewhat reminiscent of Paul Villa's pictures which also showed spheres along with a small disk. A team from the Above Top Secret forums conducted an investigation and had camera's running for hours. You can find information on what they found here and here. Strange objects, lights and sounds were recorded. Johnny Anonymous, one of the investigators, commented that he felt some of the sightings was somehow related to 'poltergeist' activity although he admits it's a gut-feeling.
I have no doubt something is going on near Trout Lake, Washington. James Gilliland has tons of footage, photographs and witnesses. Go check it out if you live nearby.

April 1, 2009

DeBonkers II

Another item in the skeptical school of thought is the validity of witnesses recalling events that happend decades ago. I saw a program a while back on the Discovery Channel concentrating on the same thing - that memory can be flawed, tainted or basicly enhanced (embellished) by someones mind. I'm not totally opposed to this idea but at the same time I recognise that it's a mighty convenient way of downplaying, disregarding or dismissing eyewitness testimony, such as in the Roswell case where people recalled events from decades ago. One skeptic wrote this in the comment section of a recent article;
Older witnesses who are trying to recall events from 60 years ago could very well be recasting those events within a mental frame of mind that is marred by the natural deterioration of their brains and mental faculties.

I don't deny that a person's mind can deteriorate when reaching old age, however, we must be very careful not to generalise. Some elderly folks still have vivid memories, and recall names and faces from decades ago with great clarity. If you are going to look at someones mental faculties, in this case the elderly, I think it's only fair to do that on an individual basis.
Some skeptics take it even further;
But a few psychological and/or neurological tests could easily confirm if they are functioning compos mentis.

I think this is stretching it to the max. We are talking about UFO witnesses here, not brain surgeons or astronauts. It's quite a steep criteria for accepting testimony from the elderly. That also amazes me somewhat, since I can think of another group of elderly people who have far more responsible positions and testing them on a regular basis sounds far more appropriate. I'm talking about politicians. Shoot. I saw senator McCain blundering last year where he didn't recall if he owned 6 or 7 houses and in another interview he mistoke Iranians for Iraqies and senator Lieberman had to step in and correct him. To take it a step further, often politicians seem to have a flawed memory when their asses are on the line. Maybe a hard-line approach to this particular demograph takes precedent over elderly UFO witnesses. But I digress somewhat.

When a UFO researcher interviews a (elderly) witness to a UFO sighting, it's just like hiring a person for your company. You assess how valuable the person is to you and ultimately there are no garantees. In the past UFO researchers have been fooled by witnesses which in turn reflects on them. Psychological or neurological tests can be a help but (in my opinion) such a thing has to be done on a voluntary basis. Maybe it's also fair to ask, where does it stop? When you demand a psych-evaluation what other criteria can you come up with that basicly dismiss the witness? Smoked pot in your teens? Drank a lot of alcohol? Used hard-drugs? Had a bad childhood? Had an accident? Depression or mental illnesses in the family? Ever lied? Came in contact with the police? There's a grey area which you can use to your advantage (if you really seek it).
Maybe the good old 'hand on the bible and I swear to tell the truth' is still the way to go here. Otherwise we are at risk losing complete faith in humanity.