July 31, 2010

Anonymous Tea Party

(From PunditKitchen.)
Backstory: Earlier this week, The Oregon Tea Party prints bumper stickers with the slogan of a very infamous internet hate machine known as Anonymous, then backpedals when trolls start descending upon their organization en masse to remind them that they goofed. The tea party issues an apology, shuts down their website, and all is right with the world. Until today…
Apparently, The Oregon Tea Party is back for round two and ready to take on Anonymous. Bad idea…

Hmm. Yep. Tea Party Oregon messed up big time by stealing the slogan of Anonymous. I'm sure they catch on pretty quick what those folks are all about.

The Venus Project For Dummies

Some folks find it necessary to criticize the Venus Project as if it's a NWO plan. Here are some answers to the questions. Written by Aaron.

1. Global Government. Yes, the global government is the planet itself. I’ll say that again, our earth is our government; a global computerized system would be implemented not to limit, withhold, or advance some secret elite cause, but to explore, quantify, and expand on existing planetary resources for you and me. This would allow us all to understand what we have and how we can use those resources. A tremendous amount of waste is being produced by current construction methods, agricultural policies purposely destroy food to keep prices up, commercial products are built not to be recycled but to be sent to landfills that destroy possibilities for potential resources and land. There is no accountability for such inefficiencies in the current paradigm. Political, corporate, and militaristic or any other systems of dominance are destructive, wasteful, and inefficient in dealing with the earth’s capital and would have no basis for existence. The basis and motivation of the global system is first and foremost to meet every human being’s biological needs (clean air, abundant food, clean water, the best in medical care, adequate rest, etc.)

2. AI Automatons replacing humans as workers. To a certain extent automatons have already been integrated into society (automated automotive factories, call centers, traffic lights, ATM machines, escalators, elevators) unfortunately these technologies aren’t expanded upon to true social necessities (automated gmo/pesticide free agriculture, automated desalinization plants to eliminate water scarcity, automated construction to eliminate unnecessary deaths of workers, automated transportation system to eliminate the hundreds of thousands systematically killed in traffic accidents annually).

3. AGI (‘Skynet’) Supercomuters controlling most aspects of politics and society, including rationing global resources to global citizens. If they actually thought this out they’d know that soon enough machines will need more resources than humans. First of all, SKYNET is from the Hollywood movie Terminator and has absolutely no basis in this system. As far as controlling most aspects of politics and society, there are no politics. For the most part politicians are elitist, self interested bureaucrats that serve the established powers instead of the people and have no basis in the aims of the ZM VP movement. Reverting to the word control, what do you define by control? I would make the argument that machines controlling certain aspects of society are great in that they ease stress and make our lives easier. For example machines perform the tasks of cultivating our crops, directing traffic, maintaining internet functionality, maintaining a comfortable temperature in our homes, providing life support for sick persons, advising us of any problems with our automobiles. I understand the term “control” automatically raises hairs, but you have to look at the motivation behind such processes, human efficiency and well being. The ZM and VP look to expand on all these technologies that assist human beings in everyday life. There is no benefit in creating a divisive society of elitist technocrats and manipulated masses, this is a myth that we are tagged with supporting simply because we advocate technology to solve social problems. The internet is technology, let’s keep it in perspective please. When you say rationing global resources what do you mean by this? This implies that there is a scarcity in the system to begin with. Remember we are trying to move away from scarcity to abundance so that we do not have the rationing that currently exists in today’s system, and technology will help us achieve this (i.e. more advanced forms of cultivating crops and harvesting water). I agree with you that machines would need (as they do now) more resources than humans. However, what is your conclusion? When you say resources do you imply food and water, if you do, mind you that machines don’t consume such resources, they consume resources like petroleum and solar radiation which cannot be processed by the human body. Machines perform more work than humans and require more energy input as a result, but that doesn’t imply humans will suffer from this use of energy from machines. If anything we benefit from it because we have the ability to transform other forms of energy (heat, sunlight, garbage) into ones we can immediately use (food, electric heating, services). Collectively, plants and trees consume massive amounts of solar energy, exponentially far more energy than humans do. However, we consume another order of energy, we don’t necessarily compete with them because we aren’t wired to directly “eat” or “drink” solar radiation, just like machines don’t eat hamburgers and don’t suffer from human starvation. If what you said implied something else, I’m sorry. But its not so much that machines would need more resources than humans (this is a competitive connotation), it’s the idea that machines will harness many and different types of resources for humans to use.

4. A Utopian Agenda that “Peter” claims isn’t Utopian, yet the ‘research institute’ even describes itself as being Utopian / Futurist. History proves that all forced utopias become dystopias. History may very well show that, I actually don’t know, but I’m a bit confused as to the claim of describing themselves as being Utopian. Please cite where that is admitted. If anything in Zeitgeist Addendum Jacque Fresco does admit this isn’t Utopian at all, Peter Joseph in one of his lectures also admits this isn’t Utopian. I’ll be glad to cite you where I found those, but where did you get that? The only statement said anywhere near that is something like “its not utopian but it’s a hell of a lot better.” This is true.

5. Selfish Transhumanist agenda. I don’t know why you think any of this as selfish? Please elaborate. I haven’t read any books on the transhumanist movement however I did look into the definition and it says something like advocating technologies and methods that improve and go beyond human capacities. If there is a political, militaristic, economical, or other establishment motivation behind transhumanism, forgive me I am not aware of it but such establishment motives would completely contradict the ideas of the ZM and VP. However, we are all transhumanists by the very definition. The moment we use eyeglasses, the internet, cars, cell phones, shovels, computers, shoes, perform surgeries, etc. We are implementing technologies that go beyond our original capacities (we go inside cars to get to a location faster than if we walked, we are a part of that machine in the meantime.) I’m sure you wouldn’t label anyone who got a synthetic hip replacement, hearing aid, or a pacemaker or a contact lense or even a voice machine (i.e. Stephen Hawking) as a proponent of some transhumanist agenda aimed at destroying humanity. But neither should you call the ZM or VP that either, because we support technology for those ends just described. We support the ability to use technology for disabled individuals and even able individuals to improve quality of life in civilization.

6. Cashless (non-backed by Gold/etc) economic system. A ‘Resource Economy’ has been tried before… in the Soviet Union. If that was the case in the soviet union, they did a horrible job and history has shown the end result of that. They instituted banks, military-social dominance, politics, rationing of resources, monopolistic industrial establishments focused on creating warplanes, tanks, bombs, soldiers and institutionalized schooling that wasn’t interested in studying the natural world but a nationalistic fundamentalism based on maintaining the state’s affairs. The Zeitgeist movement and the Venus Project are completely opposed to such directions. We want to create a world without those backward ideologies. The earth currently functions as a resource based economy, for example plants don’t rely on money or gold to process their own food, they inherently use a technical process called photosynthesis to form sugars by harnessing solar energy. This provides food for animals, in turn animals serve as food for other animals, decomposing animals serve as food to bacteria which in turn nurture the soil and create an environment for new plants to grow again. You get the point, im sure. The natural world deals with resources in real time, not a dollar bill or credit card that is vulnerable to inflation, deflation, compound interest, and other bullshit abstract constructs. The Earth balances its own budget. The planet only allows a certain amount of life to flourish dependant on the amount of resources and stabilizing systems in place in a given area. Our earth is a food/resource web. It is in our best interest to understand these technical processes and utilize them for our own needs. We also want to expand on the earth’s abilities to provide sustenance by using human technologies based on the natural world for the good and health of all of us. Yes the earth also has destructive tendencies (earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis) but we would develop technologies to overcome those events and maintain sustainability, efficiency and abundance.

7. Population Control. To meet these targets as policy sounds like a slippery slope to me. If I don’t communicate this well I’ll try again later but I’ll start with an analogy. You know how restaurants, stadiums, theatres, or any social conventions have a sign posted somewhere that says maximum capacity? This isn’t to control anybody per se or take away their freedom, its more of a management issue to ensure a comfortable environment for everyone as opposed to a crammed suffocating claustrophobic sweathouse. Never mind if there is a fire, you’ll die in the stampede before the fire itself. My point here is we need to balance our resources with our people to ensure the best quality of life for all. If we are too focused on having more and more babies WHILE disregarding the infrastructure of a city, that city could experience shortages in water, lack of teachers, higher job competition, etc. Of course this doesn’t mean killing off anybody. If anything it is a myth that we are overpopulated, we have the capacity to support many more people on this planet, the problem is how current systems in place (cities, distribution of resources, zoning and planning) are so ridiculously inefficient and abused that we think it’s a idea to get rid of some people). We have the oceans to colonize, we have the moon possibly, we have deserts that can be converted to forests (we have the technology to do that now). The idea is to keep population WITH ABUNDANCE and to do that we have to consider rezoning, re-planning whole cities, creating more spaces, rethinking networks of distribution. I don’t think anybody is a proponent of having children in a deprived environment and that is certainly not agenda of the ZM and VP. If anything that term “population control” is the methodology used right now in America and abroad, human beings are crammed into metropolitan areas or completely isolated by mass produced suburbias, if one wants to move to a rural area for space jobs are scarce. You can’t go to libraries, recreational centers, parks, beaches, schools or any other social environments after 5 PM because it’s all closed. This is control. No wonder there is crime. The current system’s motivation isn’t to ensure a good quality of life for you, but to keep you in line with what economic interests want. Going back to this whole issue with the word control, technology we advocate has absolutely no interest in “controlling human beings”, an elevator ( a machine) doesn’t say to itself “ah this bunch of 26 humans riding me are inefficient so I will ignore their command for the 5th floor and will only take them to the 2nd floor, then I will tell these humans to walk the rest of the way because my calculations have concluded they need to lose weight. It doesn’t work that way. If the elevator has the capacity to take them to the 5th floor then it will do so, no questions asked. But if the elevator’s capacity is only 3000 lbs and the audience inside is 4000 lbs (26 people), I don’t think people inside there are collectively screaming Well we have the freedom to get to the 5th floor at the same time, if anything they don’t want to go in there, its dangerous and claustrophobic, besides the elevator couldn’t handle it and the cables would snap. This is all about management and not control. Therefore a competent manager (global computerized system) would build another elevator with added weight capacity (Of course we would like a system that anticipates these problems in advance, buts it’s an example) which, as a result, manages not controls populations in working elevators to be safe, comfortable, and fast. This is the essence of what is meant by managing the planet’s habitants and resources. Mind you there is nothing against freedom, I want it as bad as you do I hope. We want freedom inherent in the system, and that’s what a cybernated systems aims to do.

8. The global government run by a global ‘god-on-earth’ AGI computer network to replace all world religions. I think I answered the global government aspect. If you mean god on earth by being an omniscient of the earth’s resources then by all means, this would definitely help us allocate what we need. If you mean god on earth by being omnipotent than it would be of great service to humanity to have a system of unlimited energy (electricity) to power our lives this would free us from unnecessary conflict of scarce resources even though omnipotent energy currently is not a reality. If you mean god by omnipresent, than by all means I would love nothing more than having a global system more advanced than cell phones and highways today that keeps me in full contact with my planet and fellow human beings, whether it is on another continent or planet …..no credit cards or dollar bills needed, just energy and the appropriate technologies. Now if you mean a version of god on earth from some George Orwell novel where some elite technocratic group exclusively uses technology to spy, control and manipulate your everyday affairs, then this is definitely not what we are talking about. That would be an absolute waste of resources. Why spy on someone with thousands of cameras, sensors, secret agents and drone planes, etc. etc. etc. when those resources can be used to make cameras and probes to find out how much titanium is in the earth’s crust, how much iridium or sulfur or coal or diamond resides under the land masses. We can “spy” on the earth to explore deep sea riches that could harness valuable minerals, send “drones” in the Amazon rainforest to find and replicate exotic herbs that improve our lives, or have “automatons” espionage other worlds for signs of life. Mind you these words are arbitrary because the focus of society in the VP and ZM isn’t some neurotic, fear driven thirst for authority. The focus is integration of all the planet’s resources for socially progressive endeavors like exploration, travel, knowledge, health, companionship, etc. I don’t know where you got the idea of the ZM or VP replacing all world religions. It is in our interest to spread awareness as to the current understandings of our world. For example there is no basis for the concept of race, we are all biologically related yet we continue to behave in divisive ways. Certain religions are proponents of race, caste systems, laws, and wars that are irrelevant social concepts that current modern discoveries and technological abilities can solve. But religions are beside the point, it can be a “scientific” ideology, “cultural” ideology, “political”, “economical” ideology etc. Any of these trains of thought that continue to perpetuate the idea that humans are innately evil, or animal/primal in nature, and must be managed by leaders, and that war is human nature, and that human suffering is necessary and that an afterlife of torture is inevitable if you don’t follow certain doctrine is completely out of touch in today’s world. We have the means to progress beyond these limited worldviews into a connected multi-culturally advanced, rich population of diverse individuals that share, grow, and interact with one another on the basis of family, human creativity, and planetary sustainability.

July 26, 2010

Poor Rich Man

Well, it's in the news that BP exec Tony Hayward will probably resign from his post later on today. He's to be replaced by Bob Dudley who's in charge over the oil spill. You don't have to feel sorry for Tony, like always people in high places of industry leave with a big pile of money in their wake. (Which sets it apart of course since if you, I or any other blue-collar worker would do a piss-poor job of something, we get send off with no money whatsoever.) T has around 546.000 stock options and 2 million shares in BP which he will cash in upon leaving, and that will give him the sum of 11.8 million Pounds. Way to go Tony! On to the next 'fill your pockets no matter what' job.

P.S. Saw on the news yesterday that Hayward will receive a pension of $900.000 a year. From the looks of it I also reckon he would make a fine politician. . .

July 23, 2010

Ghost Stories

Wow, this morning I was waking up with a cup of coffee when I ran across this video. Seems to be a tv serie but the part I was watching, episode 7, was pretty impressive. It wasn't pure anecdotal, nope, lots of camera footage of things moving, chairs moving, and a wall with 10 inch screws just toppled over in the middle of the night. Then there's also the U.V. camera footage. All in all pretty impressive stuff and certainly food for thought. The skeptics will probably claim all of it is staged, on the other hand, all the people interviewed seem sincere. Great stuff. Go watch it if you're in to the paranormal.

July 22, 2010

BP & The Real World

BP has been in the news a 'few' times lately. What's most fascinating, in my opinion, is how the oil spill is being handled and I'm not talking about the physical aspects such as capping the well. No, it's the damage control regarding public perception and the efforts in containing the financial fallout. BP released some photos of their crisis command center. What's funny is that there are a bunch of anomalies on those pictures which leads some people to assume that they are photoshopped. BP denied the charges but at the same time refuses to post high resolution version of the new 'original' photo. My take on it is that they probably 'enhanced' the photo in favor of public perception.

What's even more fascinating is that BP attempts to literally buy all the scientists and expert witnesses. Here's an article from the Huffington Post. The trick is that these expert witnesses have to sign a contract with BP and that there findings remain confidential. In essence, BP would have strict control over the information and the experts. These same experts couldn't testify in court because they are already legally connected to BP. Basically what BP is trying to do is buy their way out of trouble. It's the age old axiom of power corrupts, and absolute power - corrupts absolutely. It's all about money and power and BP demonstrates that beautifully. Welcome to the real world.

July 19, 2010

Snooker Classroom

Think it was in 1992/1993 that I and friends of mine started something special with snooker. We were already playing in clubs for quite a few years and it didn't escape our attention that playing snooker was a bit pricey. Table rent was easily 10 Guilders but more often it was 15 Guilders (€7) for an hour. (Not cheap considering the inflation that has taken place since then.) Drinking a few beers with friends and playing for a few hours basically made it sure you had a nice bill at the end of your evening. One Irish fellow came up with the idea to rent a space, put a snooker table in it, and play away. Great idea of course and 5 people, myself included, started looking for a space to rent. We wounded up at a school who had a spare classroom filled with old stuff. (Actually the classroom you see in the pictures wasn't the first we tidied up.)

We spend months fixing up that place while others looked for a secondhand snooker table. Finally we found in another part of the country at a military recreation house. It was one of those endeavors where everything fell in to place. Five guys working on something with each their own speciality. One guy was good at doing the pluming, another at doing the carpet, another at doing the paintwork, another at doing the administration. It was a terrific project. Finally we had everything set and the snooker table was delivered on a friday evening. We also made a bar in the classroom augmented with 5 liter (pressurized) beer cans, different soda's and snacks. That first night we played well in to the morning and I think I was in bed at 5 o'clock followed by a few hours of sleep upon returning to the classroom. We bought the table for 7 grand and the rent for the place was Fl375, but all of that of course divided by 5. In any case cheaper than to continue playing in clubs.

Wish I had more pictures of this place but all of this was from before the digital camera age. (Borrowed these shots from a friend last weekend.) Classroom, snooker table and a bar. Powerful combination, that I can vouch for. With the bar we paid for our own drinks, any profit went back to the club so not long after we bought our first stereo with good speakers. After that a television closely followed by a couple of vcr's. Yeah, it was every guy's fantasy. Of course with the increased playing, my game kicked up a notch as well. I'm happy to inform you that I made a break of 88 in a practice game on that table. Later on we used profits from the bar to pay for the rent. We had quite a few parties there. I'll write more on the classroom when I find more pictures. So much to tell. :)

Sketchzoid #8

July 16, 2010


Great interview/film with visionary Michael Ruppert.

July 15, 2010

UFO Sightings Mexico

Check out the freaky UFO sighting at the end.

July 12, 2010

Bummer 0-1

Holland - Spain 0-1
116' 0-1 Iniesta
Disappointed with the fact that Holland lost its third world cup final but in all fairness the best team won. From the start Spain was the best footballing team and Holland could only counter with making a lot of fouls. Think there was a record amount of yellow cards. Spain got more chances in regular time but Arjen Robben should have scored in the second half, but the goalkeeper also made a terrific save. Extra time the same matchplay continued. Spain was the better team, got more chances and Holland made more fouls which resulted in the red card for Heitinga. Before Spain scored there were some (minor) mistakes by the referee but Iniesta's goal itself was correct. Congratulations Spain.

July 11, 2010

July 10, 2010

The Venus Project Lecture Eindhoven Video

Made some video of the Venus Project lecture last month in Eindhoven, Holland. At first I was sitting in the 10th row or thereabouts but the organization gave out umbrellas for some shade because it was so hot. Moved to a stairway in the back to get some shots. Sorry for the camera shakes at times but I didn't take in to account that a black camera in the scorching sun can cause sweaty hands. Sitting on a stone stairway can also cause a sore bum. Anyway, here are the first 3 parts.

July 9, 2010


Earlier this week I was strolling the forums and wound up over at the Paracast. I noticed that one guy had started a thread and was relating his UFO experiences. Nowadays I don't contribute much at the Paracast forum because there are a bunch of people just out to debunk matters, in my opinion. The guy forwarding his UFO sightings got one reply that I just have to show here. Here's the reply;

1) Never signal a UFO. You are just asking for trouble. See The Allagash Abduction, etc.
2) If you see a UFO don't tell anyone. It never works out and you will no doubt tell the wrong people.
3) Never touch a UFO or anything that you think may have contacted a UFO.
4) If you happen to be lucky enough to take a picture or video of a UFO keep it to yourself. See 2 above.
5) If you are contacted by UFO occupants don't believe anything they tell you.
6) Never approach a landed or hovering UFO.
7) Never submit to hypnotic regression in an attempt to regain lost memory about a UFO or anything else for that matter.
8. Contact with UFO occupants and/or cooperation with them could be considered collusion with foreign powers and you could also be considered an accomplice in any crimes they commit. Although this has never happened to my knowledge these legal ramifications of contact seem only logical. There does seem to be a real problem in "reporting" such an event in an attempt to avoid these problems though which gets you back to number 2, "Don't tell anyone." Jim Sparks is a good example of someone who, if his story is true, by his own confession is an accomplice colluding with foreign powers to commit kidnapping, theft, and human experimentation and should be the subject of a criminal investigation. He is either a fraud or a "traitor." (Sorry Jim but that is the reality of the situation)

Well, the first question that came to my mind when reading these "guidelines" is; 'how is an independent, objective UFO researcher able to collect data when everyone would abide by the rules laid out here?' Following these rules basically ensures that there wont be matters to investigate, so the proposition, in my book, is disingenuous from the start. Don't tell, don't touch, don't ask. That's what it basically amounts up to.

1) Signaling a UFO is not a guarantee that you'll have bad experiences. There are lots of people that reportedly signaled a UFO with no negative consequence whatsoever. Most of the times nothing happened. In a few cases, if you delve in to the literature, something bad happened. In my opinion this proposition is false.
2) Don't relate your UFO experience. Wow, what a proposition. Sure, it can have negative consequences. Your employer might take it the wrong way. UFO believers might run away with it and then there are the debunkers that might attack your character. For the field itself that investigates the UFO phenomenon it is detrimental if no one would report a sighting. Taking that in to account I personally find this proposition totally false.
3) Don't touch a UFO. Might be correct, I'm not sure. Some folks (in UFO literature) have mentioned that they were warned not to touch a UFO. What I find strange is that this particular item is handled like something radioactive. Doesn't have to be.
4) Keep pictures and video to yourself. Totally false. See 2 above.
5) Don't believe anything a UFO occupant would tell you. Hmm. How about healthy skepticism and discernment instead of debunking something from the get go?
6) Don't approach a UFO. Think most people would go the other direction anyway. I would say: trust your intuition and go from there.
7) Yes, the debate revolving around hypnotic regression. Difficult. Maybe people should be informed about the pro's and cons before they take a session and make the judgement call themselves.
8) Having contact with UFO occupants can have legal consequences. Another disingenuous proposition because aliens are currently not recognized in any court of law (and probably wont be in the foreseeable future), which makes the argument totally irrelevant.

Sadly enough, in my opinion the Paracast forums have become a meeting place of a bunch of people set on debunking the UFO phenomenon. There are probably many reasons for this. Dissatisfaction with not finding answers, research that progresses outside their comfort zones, or maybe just plain old fear of the unknown. Discouraging proper UFO research (as shown above) might be the next step for these folks. Personally, I don't want any part in that.

July 8, 2010

Paul The Psychic Octopus

Meet Paul the psychic octopus. Paul gets to choose between two boxes with a snack in them, there's a flag on each box and the one he picks supposedly wins the match. The funny thing is; Paul had everything right so far. He correctly predicted every match Germany played including wins over Argentina and England but also losses against Serbia and Spain last night. The last prediction upset some Germans fans and there's talk about turning Paul into seafood. Bastards. I'm ok with Paul. He can always come to a Dutch aquarium. Guess who Paul predicted will win the final?

P.S. Just found out that the picture is most likely photoshopped. Oh well. It's the thought that counts.

July 7, 2010

Viva Holanda 3-2

Holland - Uruguay 3-2
18' 1-0 Van Bronckhorst
41' 1-1 Forlan
70' 2-1 Sneijder
73' 3-1 Robben
92' 3-2 Pereira
Woohoo. What a game. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. Great goal from van Bronckhorst, maybe the most beautiful goal of the championship. Forlan equalized out of nowhere just before halftime. Second half Holland knocked in goals by Sneijder and Robben who are so dangerous as attacking players. Pereira made me a nervous wreck by scoring in extra time. Phew. I remember as a kid watching the finals of 1974 and 1978 although the latter is more vivid to me, and when they lost to Argentina in extra time I went to my room and cried. But Argentina is out, so maybe we can give the Germans some payback for 1974. Sunday - the Final.

July 5, 2010

Adamski Synchronicities

I've been studying the Adamski case for quite some time now and a lot has been written about him - mostly negative. The funny thing is; there's actually a lot circumstantial evidence to support some of his claims. While there are plenty of folks who have criticized Adamski, there are also people who supported him. I've looked into that aspect and collected some of those accounts here. Earlier today I came across a comment on YouTube where a person claims to have seen UFOs very close to where Adamski did his 'business.'

I had a sighting along with my neighbors in 1964 Washington, DC near the Silver Spring border of 3 large orange ufos flying across the sky that came to a hover over the WTTG-TV station on Wisconsin Avenue. At this time George Adamski was in Silver Spring visiting a friend and filmed the famous Silver Spring, MD ufo in Pt. 4 of this video series. It just connected in my mind! Thank you!

The person is talking about the UFO footage in the video above. It's remarkable that so many people have seen something that is some how connected to Adamski. If you look for it there's plenty of synchronicity. I should add that these accounts were made way before the internet-era and it's equally amazing that these stories continue to surface. On the other hand I wonder how many eyewitness accounts were lost. Still, there's plenty to keep the Adamski enigma going - if you know where to look for it. . .

July 3, 2010


Take a look at this monster I photographed in my garden last week. One big-ass dragonfly, and if I have the right Wikipedia article - it's a female. Watch out.

July 2, 2010

Unbelievable 2-1

Holland - Brazil 2-1
10' 0-1 Robinho
53' 1-1 Melo (og)
68' 2-1 Sneijder
One word: unbelievable. First half Brazil played such good football that I thought it was game over. With a little luck they would have led 2, 3-0 and that's what I expected in the second half. The match completely reversed, one mistake by Ceasar and one header by Sneijder and Holland was in front. Add the red card for Melo and Brazil's collapse was completely. Didn't expect that before hand.

Good Old Jacque

I'm somewhere in that shot.


Got a special plant in my garden. It's one of the Papaver or Poppy family. Not to worry, it's not the one opium is made off although I do think small amounts of morphine and codeine can be found in the plant. The opium producing kind (you often see in Afghanistan) has white flowers. Think the plant above is often cultivated for the seeds which is sometimes put on bread. Funny thing is; if you were to consume a lot of those seeds, you will be positive on a drug test so some caution is in order I think. The plant simply grows in my neighborhood and can often be found in tiny areas between houses and street tiles. I like the flowers, it produces those end on end although a single flower blooms for a day or two.