June 11, 2011


"For the good of humanity Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project needs to be destroyed." As a member of the aforementioned movement comments such as these send chills through my spine. The comment itself can be found on YouTube where a user by the moniker of Axis4peace3 ran a huge channel mostly filled with the latest news items. Due to copyright claims the channel got removed. What I did find out is that Axis4peace3 is a devout Christian and months ago I commented on his channel pointing out that fact. He replied that I was putting him in a box while he had no problems referring to the Zeitgeist Movement as a cult.

While this is one incident where a religious person is deeply offended (probably by the first Zeitgeist movie) it is by no means an isolated incident, and while they are 'for peace' they seemingly have no problem advocating stern measures to be taken against that which challenges their ideology. I'm not hesitant to say that the 'for peace' reference in his nickname can be taken with a grain of salt. Personally, I discovered years ago that when a belief system becomes too fundamental it becomes equally rigid - bound to clash with other fundamental belief systems that have a (slight) deviation or those concepts that challenge them. Peace and fundamentalism don't go hand in hand.

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