September 30, 2010

Solar Energy Boat

Read this article late last night and was very impressed with the solar energy application on boats. The 'Turanor' runs strictly on solar power and stores the excess energy in batteries which is used at night when the sun is down. The boat itself weighs 85 tones but still manages an average speed of 7.5 knots. It's an experimental craft of course and it is no speedboat, still the solar panels have tremendous value. As of now solar energy doesn't match up with the power of a combustion engine but I think in the near future we are going to see 'hybrid boats' that run partially on diesel and on an electric engine powered by solar panels. It would cut down the cost of fuel, plus generally speaking, when boats are in the middle of the ocean they have plenty of room. If you could install solar panels on areas of the boat which are idle or if you can design a mechanism that transports the panels to the side of the boat and retract it when you're in port, you could make this work without too much effort. Cargo boats consume a huge amount of fuel when they traverse the oceans, so solar panels would be a wise economical asset.

September 29, 2010

TVP Critics & Hypocrisy At Its Best

again im being attacked by people, i am not a troll, you are basing your judgements on ignorant belief structures, i have made more valid posts on this forum than you have had truthful thoughts.
Those are the words written by the infamous "Anti Cultist" (a.k.a. Paul Jones) on the Zeitgeist forums over a year ago. I ran across them after having some time to follow up on an article written by "Mr T." on his website. When you read the thread over at the Zeitgeist forums you'll actually see that Mr Jones is responding to an allegation made by another contributor and where "Anti Cultist" is addressed as the 'local forum troll.' As you can see above in the quoted text Mr Jones strongly denies the charges, and lays the blame on the ignorance of others. It's in stark contrast compared to another post, written on another forum some 5 months later. Here Mr Jones actually admits trolling the Zeitgeist forum in a debate with another former ZG member.
Considering you have absolutely no idea who i was on the forum. I had many different accounts on there over the year + gone by. I created a complete agreeing character who was all into the movement, then I created a final character who outright disagreed and said so. Which do you think got into trouble the most ? And might I add the disagreeable character was threatened with banning and being watched from the top level admins and mods. I also had a famous character in their movement, in fact one of the most respected members they ever had, talk about them lapping up people who agree with them.
To make matters perfectly clear once more, 'Anti Cultist,' 'Edward Scissorhands' and 'Mr Jones' are all the same person. He is one of the fiercest vocal Zeitgeist critics. While he maintains that he was once a supporter of the Zeitgeist Movement, I have ample evidence - in his own words - that he was nothing of the kind. The evidence shows that he was one misleading person. I reckon that some folks would possibly label him as a 'cointelpro,' since he was a person who joined the movement - pretended to be genuine - only later to discredit it by any means possible. But, I wouldn't go that far. Not that I'm that opposed to conspiracy theories but I think it isn't the case here. Personally, I think Mr Jones joined half-heartedly and simply couldn't take half of what he himself dished out. Perhaps you know those kind of folks, those that make fun of others yet get angry when the same stunt is pulled on them. I think something similar happened here. Someone stepped on his ego one too many times and a grudge originated. Isn't it remarkable how you can bring it all back to psychology?

September 28, 2010

PJ Blog Talk Radio Episode & Musings From The B-Room

Listened to Peter Joseph on blog talk radio earlier today. The episode was titled "TZM: Complaints and Attack." Lasted just over 2 hours (I think) so I listened to it in steps. I must say: the dude can talk. Sometimes I wonder if he's not a she. Just kidding of course and I appreciate all the work Peter Joseph does for the Zeitgeist Movement. I think people should realize that PJ could easily make it in the corporate world. His heart may not be in it but he has the demeanor of a CEO, if he would purely focus on raking in the dollars my gut tells me he would be successful. Zeitgeist supporters should consider themselves fortunate having such a knowledgable and articulate spokesperson. Ok, that's enough butt-kissing.

I listened to this particular radio show because I've come across plenty of critics on the internet who criticize the Zeitgeist Movement. Sometimes the critics have intelligent questions - but in my opinion - most of the time their critique is based on their own (fear) projections. PJ does an excellent job answering most of the points the critics have. I think that in a strange way the critics can answer their own questions since most of their problems are based on their own projections. In order to do that you need introspection - you need to fully understand your own position. Next you need to compare your position to the position of the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement to contemplate and realize where you stand in the grander scheme of things. That is fertile ground for growth, in more ways then you can imagine.

For example, some critics claim the Zeitgeist Movement is a cult. This claim alone is multi-facet. Let me run it down for you. People making the claim basically use it in a derogatory manner. It is almost exclusively used to make 'the other party' look bad. The ZM doesn't advocate religion (although everyone is free to practice), so that angle is out the window. Next the 'cult of personality' is used. Some critics 'think' we have pictures of Peter Joseph or Jacque Fresco hanging over our beds, like in North Korea with the dictatorship there. Think again! Personally, I appreciate the work the aforementioned and Roxanne Meadows do but I wont let it turn into a kind of worship. They are people just like me and everyone else. We all have our talents and we all smell just as bad in the bathroom after a number 2. I'm over 40 and fully aware that there are no saints in this world. Everybody has a downside. Most of the Zeitgeist members realize this. In the Venus Projects core ideology there's a great sense of brother&sisterhood. Why is the cult claim used? Because some people are just projecting their own fears (of the unknown) and in some cases there are people who have a beef with the movement and use it as a means to an end.

Zeitgeist is Communism. I've heard that a lot. I wont beat around the bush. There are similarities with the teachings of Marx, yet I have to ask the critics to examine their own position. Again this is multi-facet. The Zeitgeist Movement or the Venus Project don't advocate the teachings of Marx. It regards it as outdated and obsolete. Marx wrote his thesis in the 19th century and made no account for the technological progress we have come to expect today. Marx had his mind set in a monetary system, TZM and TVP don't. When you really think about it, the Venus Project actually doesn't fit in our current understanding of a political scale. Why? Because it doesn't use the monetary system or any viewpoint from the political scale which is based on the former, it uses the latest technological understanding to improve the welfare of the whole planet. It looks at what resources are available for the betterment of mankind. Has any political party or political movement ever managed that?
I also have to ask, when you make the communist claim, where are you on the political scale? Have you really contemplated what your position actually is? If you say that the Venus Project and the Zeitgeist Movement is Communism, aren't you a Capitalist? Are you not for the free market system? Isn't the free market system a kind of economic survival of the fittest (Darwinism)? Aren't you advocating selfism? The strong will survive? That will automatically imply that there are people who go the way of the dinosaurs. If you're ok with that - would you be ok with that if it was you?

What we need is contemplation and I realize it is hard in our current day lives where our buttons our pushed in so many ways that we have a hard time figuring out our front from our back. People are so bend on securing their own survival that we don't look at those things that benefit everyone and ourselves. We must find time to realize that we live on this planet together.

September 25, 2010

Garden Fence

Haven't been blogging much the last month, that's because in my spare time I've been working in my garden constructing a new fence. It was plain necessary since the old one was on the verge of collapse. Went to the stores to check out different types of fences but I was unimpressed with the price and quality of the material. There is hard wood of course which is the best you can get but that also comes with an impressive price tag. What I did was collect pallets, split them apart, and use the topside basically as a whole 'ready-to-go' panel. Painted all the wood twice. . . which took many hours. Did have to buy the poles that went into the ground and also painted them twice. In all, paint and material cost €150. That's cheap considering. Of course you can get fences in the store in that price range but I've seen plenty of those in my neighborhood and after 5 years (if not sooner) they start to disintegrate already. Hope my stuff lasts a bit longer.

Greedy Grabbers 6

Only in Holland. Cops in Rotterdam are obliged to write out a minimum amount of tickets, otherwise they will receive a cut on their salary. (It has even been put in to contract.) The quota is set on 120 tickets per cop. The underlying motivation here is of course money. Holland has a reputation for creating 'milk-cows,' when you have to get a new passport or i.d. card or license plate (etc.), you're in for some financial setbacks because those don't come cheap. In fact, 'milk-cows' are created to generate income for the state and forcing police officers to write out tickets is just another extension of the same philosophy. Sickening, really.

September 19, 2010

Greedy Grabbers 5

German bank Hypo Real Estate (HRE) allocated €25 million in bonuses to its executives even though in the year 2009 a negative balance of €2.2 billion was reached. HRE was in fact rescued with the help of the German government and €140 billion in taxpayer money. The board of directors however relied on some old company rules, and started handing out bonuses to itself.

September 14, 2010

Mental Detritus

Here's the clip where Alex Jones makes the quote that I addressed in a previous post. Hope you can bear watching this video because Jones goes on one of his infamous rants. While AJ stands for personal liberty, one of the things I support, he also has a habit of going on a tantrum and acting like a bully. The guy has such a narrow view and a bare minimum insight in what other people are trying to accomplish that quite often he attacks people that would fall in his own category, the 'freedom fighters.' In the video above he's attacking some journalist if I'm not mistaken.
The thing is, I've seen him do that on several occasions. There are plenty of videos on YouTube. In one of those Jones "party-crashes" a second amendment rally in Texas which was organized by other people. Like a bully he started to dominate the scene and belittle those folks addressing his actions. One woman calmly asked why he was being intrusive also pointing out to him that 'they were on the same team.' Jones, acting like a bully once more, simply brushed it aside. A lot of folks are starting to think that Alex Jones is the 'cointelpro,' since he has a habit of also attacking those folks that are basically with him. It seems Alex Jones is under the impression that he's the only one in possession of the truth. What's the word for that, megalomaniac?

September 13, 2010

Dude, Where's My Car? V

Employee from a garage forgot the handbrake after parking the brand new Peugeot. Ouch.

September 12, 2010

My Take On 9/11

Well, it seems there is a need to explain my position on 9/11 so lets just cut to the chase. Personally I don't believe in that the Twin Towers were taken down with the help of controlled demolition. The damage caused by the airplanes themselves were probably enough to severely weaken the structure and the explanation that the fires weakened the loading capacity of the metal (and supporting structure) is a proper explanation for me. The World Trade Centers themselves also had an unusual construction in that the core and the outside of the buildings, basically were the supporting structures. All the floors were attached to the core and the outside. They basically had nothing underneath. The 'pancake effect' is a plausible result when the building failed. The planes also took out a great portion of the outside supporting structure and presumably also a portion from the inner core.

I have no reason to believe that any other then the hijackers carried out the attacks or that some airplanes were unmanned. Telephone conversation have been recorded where passengers or stewards in the planes related the circumstances to air traffic controllers or family members, before they perished. I wouldn't even begin to tarnish their memories by suggesting no people were aboard. I also believe the hijackers planned the attack which was the brainchild of the al Qaeda leadership. No argument so far.
I do wonder about some things. I recall that within a day after the 9/11 attacks all the names and faces of the hijackers were showed on television. That's very quick in my opinion, seeing that in other documentaries it was mentioned several times that many institutions (like the FAA, military bases and government leadership) were in complete chaos.

I also have questions regarding WTC 7, which had the appearance of a controlled demolition. It's true that the building was damaged by the disintegrating towers and subsequently also put on fire. The north side showed little to no damage and I have seen pictures of the south side of building 7 which did show some damage, but was that enough to take the whole building down? Why didn't sections collapse? To me this is one of the strange events of 9/11 and a lot of folks also see it that way. Could tower 7 also simply collapse the way it did by the damage it suffered? Sure.

Lets get to the core of how I view the 9/11 attacks. Was 9/11 an inside job? No, there's no proof of that.
Do I have suspicions at times? Yes, I do and that is based on multitude of factors. Yet I fully realize that suspicions can not be presented as fact, and that's why I don't do that.

What arouses my suspicion? I already mentioned the unusual circumstances surrounding building 7 but it could very well be that the building went down without any outside 'help'. My main focus in this matter lies on the information that was available before 9/11 because the thing is; intelligence services were in fact aware (to a degree) of an impending attack with airplanes. For me, this is the kicker.
WASHINGTON (CNN) -- U.S. intelligence officials had several warnings that terrorists might attack the United States on its home soil -- even using airplanes as weapons -- well before the September 11, 2001 attacks, two congressional committees said in a report released Wednesday.

The story is continued here. The thing is; information was available in the intelligence community and it becomes a matter of what the leadership does with this kind of information. Intelligence failure? I don't think so. The leadership did one of two things. They either ignored the warnings or they let the operation/attack continue for what ever purpose. Intelligence didn't fail, the leadership failed and the ultimate question is; did they do that on purpose?
If you are in a position of power, in the central hub where all the information passes through and a few people are in control of that, it's very easy to influence a desired outcome. Such people are basically moving pieces around in a hidden game of chess and no one is in a position to challenge them. Whatever way you look at this the political leadership at the time was at least partially responsible for the 9/11 attacks.
Again, I can't prove 9/11 was an inside job. Yet seeing how the White House got so many warnings I have my suspicions at times. This is my take on 9/11.

September 8, 2010

Tower 7 Enigma Continues

Recently new footage of the 9/11 attacks has surfaced. The International Center for 9/11 Studies got its hands on never before seen footage from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. And what do you know? Certain footage has been edited! Just watch the penthouse in the film above and see it disappear. How typical, and this will only add further fuel to the fire.
The NIST was responsible for the official report explaining the collapse of WTC 7 but seeing how they released edited material, one can reasonably conclude that they are withholding information. This of course aids the conspiracy theories already surrounding 9/11.
The International Center for 9/11 Studies released the video clips on this YouTube channel.

September 3, 2010

Alex Jones - Closet Fascist?

Ran across this YouTube video after visiting the Conspiracy Science forums and it's based on an astounding remark radio show host Alex Jones made. Jones himself can be regarded as a libertarian and a paleoconservative, that's how he also labels himself, but the remarks in this video are so shocking that he can easily be put in the fascist corner. While I disagree with some elements in the video such as the Nazi audio rhetoric in the background and labeling listeners/followers of Infowars as a cult, Jones' comments don't leave much to the imagination. Here's what he says;
In the end when we take over against these people, it's not going to be like Germany where a few hundred of them get put to death folks. We are going to put hundreds of thousands of them in prison. Tens of thousands are going to be executed. You are cancer and you gotta be cut out.

It's difficult to see in what context those words were said when you don't have the entire conversation but having seen a number of videos on YouTube where Jones addresses his key points it's reasonable to assume he talks about the NWO, the alleged current elite bend on dominating the world and enslaving the rest of the planet. I've seen enough of Alex Jones to know that sometimes he gets highly emotional and subsequently says something inappropriately or utterly false. These words however where he recommends deadly force against other people are of such gravity that it becomes a serious matter.
I don't know if Jones retracted this statement or apologized for it but I do hope he realizes that when making such comments he isn't one hair better then the people he claims to fight. When you advocate using force on force, you're advocating war. If Jones really stands for liberty he wouldn't have to make such grave remarks.

September 1, 2010


Couple of days ago I found one of these in my living room walking on the ceiling just when I was about to turn in. Captured the grasshopper with a glass and let it out. The next day I found one crawling over my window. Took a close up shot from inside and it turned out to be fantastic picture with lots of details. Just click on the pic to enlarge and see the amazing details.

Brown Moth

Bought a Nikon Coolpix 3500 around 6-7 years ago. Money well spend. The camera still works and with shots like these I put it on the close up setting. You'll get some fantastic pictures, especially in high resolution. Found this moth while working on some wood.

Eceti Object

Here's some UFO footage taken near Mt Adams on James Gilliland's property. The object is way up in the sky and the videocamera probably isn't that powerful, which leaves the object blurry. Yet at some moments there's something intriguing to note. The orange UFO seems to have a dark center. Personally, that rings a bell for me since I've seen something similar a few years back and which I wrote about here. The object I saw passed some 15 meters overhead and had the appearance of 'molten metal', oval shaped with a pitch black center, the size of a beach ball. Maybe there are some similarities here, but to be honest some guesswork is involved. Made a drawing of the object I saw in 2007 below.