June 25, 2011

Fail-Troll Flop?

Notorious Zeitgeist critic MarioBrotha made some predictions which turned out to be somewhat incorrect. The movie Zeitgeist Moving Forward was nominated for an award (for best documentary film) at the Image Gazer Film Festival. (I did a blog on this just yesterday.) Mario however seemed to think that the movie wasn't even nominated, and secondly that it would result in a flop. That people have to pay $15 at the theatre is strictly the responsibility of the organization. Peter Joseph and the Zeitgeist Movement have nothing to do with the admission costs that the festival charges. The movie is freely available on YouTube for viewing - without any cost.

Typically for "fail-trolls" is that they put a negative spin on every bit of information. The main motivation here is that they want to see the other party fail, in this case Peter Joseph and the Zeitgeist Movement. But when you see that the movie Zeitgeist Moving Forward was not only nominated but in fact won the award for best documentary film, surely that must constitute as a decisive 'fail-troll flop.' Because all the predictions turned out to be false. Poor Mario. The image below is taken from the Image Gazer Film Festival facebook page.

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