March 29, 2010

March 25, 2010

Thoughts On Zeitgeist (4)

As mentioned in previous posts, Zeitgeist has its detractors and understandably so. People with power or a clear advantage will be reluctant to give that away. No country will give up the monetary system when other parts of the world are still connected to it. Still, opposition can come in unexpected ways. After watching Zeitgeist Addendum, arguably the best film, I looked up commentary on YouTube and found an interview between Peter Joseph (the movie director) and radio show host Alex Jones. I had already come across articles and movie clips by Jones, here and there, on other websites. Still I wasn't that acquainted with his work. I did realize he was an activist and '9/11 Truthseeker.' Since the Zeitgeist movie touches upon similar elements I naturally presumed Jones would be positive about the Zeitgeist Movement. That turned out to be quite the pipe dream.

Watching the interview on YouTube my jaw dropped to the floor. Jones verbally attacked Peter Joseph in such an open way that I started to wonder if Jones hadn't planned such a move all along and was just waiting to go on the offensive. Even more shocking was the "work" Jones did after that interview and where he came out with all guns blazing. According to him Zeitgeist was in fact part of the New World Order (NWO), were sun-worshippers, were satanists and followers of Marxism and Communism. When a person makes that many accusations it's best to look at who they are and where they come from.

It always amazes me when people have many things in common yet make such an issue about the differences. So I started looking up other articles, radio shows and visited Jones' website Infowars. Didn't take me long to figure out that although Jones is a political activist who rightly exposes government intrigues and the (corporate) elite, he comes from an entirely different background and ideology then the Zeitgeist Movement. Born and raised in Texas, Jones is a religious (right-wing) conservative. Furthermore he's an isolationist, and his main concern is government interference. (I didn't even have to look up his Wikipedia entry.) There are a number of people in the U.S. whose main concern is the government that messes with their lives. They just want to be left alone and go about their business. From that perspective it's understandable that they would automatically resist ideas promoted by the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project, but if they set aside their fears for just one second, maybe they would detect that Zeitgeist is trying to move beyond those issues.

One of the recurring arguments is that Zeitgeist is Marxism or Communism. I do understand why people who are born and bred in the free market system would say that. Having no property or money would be akin to feeling homeless and powerless. They would also fear that type of government where everything is state controlled. But does the Zeitgeist Movement advocate a new type of government with lets say a politburo? No, they don't. It's about humanity maturing beyond those types of government and where every individual is educated, knows their history and the laws of cause and effect.
I could also turn the argument of Communism around by asking what the current system really is. Isn't the monetary system a type of 'who's the most economically fit?' Isn't it a survival of the fittest? Doesn't the system inherently causes poverty since there are those folks who amass a great deal of wealth? Doesn't the system breed inequality? In the United States there 2 million households who are in fact millionaires, how many inmates does that same country have? Weren't there jobs for those people? Apparently not. What is the current system? Maybe we can also call it for what it is, Economic Fascism.

Calling the Zeitgeist Movement sun-worshippers or satanists is just Jerry Springer type of journalism. It's a method of trying to make the other guy look bad while reinforcing your own (religious) position. Personally I think Alex Jones fears the 'competition' from Zeitgeist and that's why he took so much effort in trying to debunk it. I hope people realize who is making such allegations. What is there kind of ideology. Where do they 'come from.'
In case you're wondering what my political affiliations are, I'm a moderate left. Often I voted for the Dutch Labour Party but these days I wonder about the usefulness of voting because every party seems to exclusively focus on the big money (the monetary system) and even (moderate) socialists in parliament seem to excel in lining their own pockets. I don't have much faith in the current system progressing towards a stable future since the focus is always on money, and people seem to be secondary

(More on this later.)

March 23, 2010

Thoughts On Zeitgeist (3)

Zeitgeist and the Venus Project are of course highly idealistic in nature and some would say it's totally unrealistic. I would say to people who react like that; it's as realistic as you want it to be. It is fair to say that a transition from a monetary system to a resource based economy wont happen overnight. There will be a lot of resistance and judging from the negative comments on the Zeitgeist film, various groups of people will be inclined to say "no" to the proposals. As I see it religious folks would resist simply because the project seeks to diminish the influence of the many faiths. The (far) right of the political spectrum would resist because money would be abolished. Anti-technologists would resists since Zeitgeist is pro automation in many facets. And finally the 'have's', millionaires/billionaires, elitists, top industrialists and those in any kind of (political) power would resist because ultimately they would lose their advantage. The Venus Project certainly picked its fight, but in the end it's about the planet and a better world for everyone.

It's somewhat of a paradox. If you would ask people if they want a better place to live in with no crime, a cleaner environment, no pollutants, clean and free energy, readily available food and goods with no price tag, most people would say yes. Yet why didn't this occur already and why would some people resist a better world if it was presented to them? I can think of several reasons. The first one would be self interest. People will always try to survive and look out for number one, and that instinct doesn't go away even if they are millionaires. People will automatically protect what they got. Secondly, people fear the unknown and as a result of that fear change, especially if combines with the first reason I mentioned. Thirdly, because of their programming. Whether you realize it or not, every person receives 'programming.' It's your parents, school, church, media and society that shapes your brain from the moment you were born. Resisting a good idea, such as presenting a better world, can have many causes but it is human behavior that is at the core of the conundrum.

Religion is just one of the major hurdles and in the past intellectualism and religion have often turned out to be a bad combination. Maybe it was not wise to confront religion as it was done in the first Zeitgeist movie. What people consider to be holy is often if not always, vigorously defended. Modernizing religion has also proved to be a monumental task since people of the faith are inclined to stick to the old ways. The Catholic church pretty much remained the same institution for hundreds of years. Islam will also cling to the old scriptures just like orthodox Christianity. On YouTube it's plainly visible that Zeitgeist has many detractors from the religious corners of our society. There are a number of videos named 'Zeitgeist refuted' or 'Zeitgeist debunked' and what follows next is summarization of Biblical texts. It's not so much a logical and objective point-by-point analysis of Zeitgeist, it's simply taking out the Bible and claiming everything in it is fact and therefore Zeitgeist is wrong.

Personally, I was raised as a Roman Catholic. I remember that in my younger years we used to pray at the dinner table. I went to a Catholic school and even had bible lessons from the priest, and sowing lessons from the nuns. At the age of twelve I had my communion in church. These days I'm more of a Pantheist. Growing up in a liberal country such as Holland, my views on God simply changed over time. It's hard for me to embrace the concept of 'God's Will' when you see all the hardship and suffering in this world. A God willfully inflicting harm on His people is simply unacceptable, instead I've come to the conclusion that there is such a thing as 'Free Will.' People can basically do everything they want, no God is going to stop them. Maybe there is divine judgement in the afterlife but there's no interference in the present.

Maybe that is something deeply religious folks should try and fathom. Besides, I think that even in a futuristic, high-tech society that the Venus Project represents, there's still room for spirituality and God, the Source, the Creator whatever you want to call it. Doesn't the Bible say: 'Thou shalt love they neighbor as thyself?' Didn't Jesus banish the money-exchangers from the temple? You can find those elements in the Zeitgeist film as well. Maybe we can start from there and be constructive. Maybe we can start thinking that the planet and all life in it, is holy.

(More on this later.)

March 22, 2010

Thoughts On Zeitgeist (2)

After school it was only natural to start looking for a job. Before that I was drafted in the military which was in late 1989 and still a common practice in those days. Of course I felt it was my duty back then since my brother and father had also joined and completed their service with honor. One of the odd things I noticed while in service was my first paycheck, it was stunningly low. Back then it was 800 guilders (for a normal soldier) per month, not even €400 by todays money. I also had to pay for my own food of course and even rent for the bed. Had I worked a normal job (like a warehouse employee) around that time I would have easily made 1200 guilders and probably more. So 21 years ago I already came to the conclusion that I was a cheap labor force - more or less used by the government and ok for defending the country but not ok in economic terms. During my service I happened to lay my eyes on the paycheck of the battalion x.o. who had the rank of major. That chap made 7500 guilders a month, around €3400 in today's money. Not a bad salary even today. (All the amounts I mention are after tax.) That stung me back then. The guys that do the actual work got the bare minimum, the guys who made up the chain of command got the maximum.

After finishing my military service I found a job. In 1992 I started working in a warehouse that supplied pet shops. The owners were all family and in key positions. Think a lot of people will recognize such a corporate structure. Nonetheless I got along fine with the owners and even put in a lot of overtime when the situation demanded it. Couple of years later the company was bought by a business man who put his partner in charge and everything changed. New rules and less pay for overtime which was funny since I found out that the director charged the company 5000 guilders in "management fee" for being one day abroad. I had a friend in the office who accurately warned me, he said; 'the new management is corporate mafia.' And right he was. The new rules were implemented harshly and guys that had worked at that company for years were fired over minor transgressions such as being a day late from vacation or if they overslept one time. Naturally my number came up. I refused to work overtime on a friday evening (which the management said they wouldn't do on that day). Next monday the owner sought me out - clearly seeking the confrontation. I reported in sick and the owner fired me on the spot. Got my lawyer and after a month or so the owner paid damages to me. In retrospect this was a hard lesson of how the corporate world works.

Jacque Fresco, the man behind the Venus Project, put it wisely. 'The moment you step in a company, you walk into a dictatorship.' That's what it amounts up to, and my experience with that company also showed me that. What also stayed with me was the inequality. The rules were implemented but just as easily broken by the management when it suited their needs. Later on I heard from a former colleague that the director was fired (by his friend and partner: the owner), over hiring prostitutes and sending the bill to the company. The director quickly found a new job working for the competition, a thing he had forbidden in the company rules that he himself had made. Later on the owner moved the entire company to another part of the country and a 120 people or so were fired.

As Zeitgeist correctly mentions, companies are purely there for profit and you're at the mercy of those in charge. A company works for its own self interest. Rules are constructed but are just as easily broken should the self interest of the company be compromised. The economic pyramid structure is once again present. The lower base who does the actual work gets paid a minimum with a bunch of rules to abide by (just as in the military) and the higher up you travel in the pyramid, the more money you earn by keeping the structure in tact and rules take on a different format. You can bend them more easily. Maybe workers in the lower part of the pyramid are just economic soldiers...?

(More on this later.)

Me during a shooting exercise.

March 21, 2010

Thoughts On Zeitgeist

For some time now I've been enthusiastic about the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project because simply put, it offers a much better society then we have now. Peter Joseph (above) is the director of the Zeitgeist movie and more or less the main force behind the movement. Zeitgeist itself is the (political) activist division of the Venus Project and the latter is more about redesigning our society in many facets according to a resource based economy. Simply put; money gets taken out of the equation and technology will meet every human necessity. All the planet's resources are for the betterment of all people. Energy demands are met by clean and durable technologies such as wind, solar, tidal, wave and geothermal. Petroleum derivatives would be a thing of the past.

It sounds pretty idealistic and in a way it is of course. Our current world society is a monetary system that depends on consumption and one of it's main pillars is the oil industry. Banks and governments basically rule in this structure and hold power and social control over everyone on the planet. While some countries are a democracy, basically there is no such thing because you vote for people that uphold the system and have no intention of changing it. How many politicians come from the corporate world or go there after their time in political office is up? Right. Practically all of them. I've noticed this in my own country. Politicians, in essence, aren't there for the people. They are there for the 'flow of money.' People are secondary. Politicians primarily handle the budget and then make applications that 'benefit' the people. The economy is the holiest institution, not the individual human element. Politicians are economic managers who invent rules, nothing else.

Before I watched the movie Zeitgeist Addendum I already had a good impression of how the world works. A couple of years ago a friend recommended that I watch it on the internet, and I did. A few weeks later I visited my friend again and I said; basically the movie shows that we are in a type of 'economic slavery.' That might be a hard statement but when you think about that it's not so farfetched. My friend wholeheartedly agreed. As a citizen you're constantly driven to acquire money because everything has a price tag and the sweet government that has your best interest at heart, taxes the hell out of you. Buying a house also obligates you to work for decades and the money you loan from the bank has to be paid back double. The Zeitgeist movie shows that banks can create money out of thin air. What kind of a system is that? If you don't pay the bank, they seize your house, but does it work the other way around? No, it doesn't. The current economic crisis clearly shows that part of the monetary system. If banks collapse all the money and responsibility vanishes in the same thin air. Governments and ultimately the (working) people are left with the mess. What a dandy system.

(More on this later.)

March 15, 2010

Dutch Alien Invasion Commercial

Double Whammy

You know, when I read articles like these I get more then a little upset. The same people that were responsible for the credit crisis go happily on their merry way and collect bonuses like they are starving for money. Taxing the hell out of such people sounds like a fine idea to me. Lets not forget that often these were the same people that needed bailout money from their respected governments, and now when things are rolling again it's back to groping as usual. It's just staggering to see how much bonuses are given to the top executives of the banks and going down to middle management.

But what do the top-earners actually do with their money? Ever given that some thought? Sure, they buy a big house with a couple of sport cars in the garage. Maybe a new set of breasts for their wife, a boat and second home. Maybe something for the mistress, and so on. Yet they still have a ton of cash to spare. Do you think they give all that money away to charity? Nope. Maybe something that helps with the tax return. Think again. They invest that spare money most likely in stocks, precious metals and property.

Who do you think has the most stocks and are the biggest shareholders of companies? Your average blue collar worker 'Joe Six-packs' or the $2000 suit wearing 'Mr Big's?' Of course the latter is the type of person that holds the most stocks. What else are they going to do with their money? Give it to you? The rich hold the most stocks and the rich are the bonus receivers. Not only do they get the most income, they also hold the most stock. This is a double whammy if you ask me. When you work for a major corporation you're not just working for yourself, you're working to make other people richer then you.

And this is the world we live in. Once you develop eyes that can see you'll notice the pyramid structure of our 'modern' society and where the rules work just a little better for the upperclass. You do realize who makes the rules, don't you?

In my country 2 ministers quit their jobs last week. They wanted to spend more time with their families. The politicians over here have a funny sort of arrangement when they quit their jobs; it's called "wait-money." Basically what that means is that their income is guaranteed for the next 6 years. The first year they get 80% of their previous income and the second year 70% (for 5 more years). Their income as politicians was 140.000 Euros a year. Should they find a new job which pays less, then the government pays the shortage to the level of their 'normal' income (as a politician). And as a final insult; they are not obligated to apply for a new job...
You know what the normal employee gets when they quit their job? Nothing. You can apply for welfare but if you have some money on the bank or you have property, you can use that up first. When you get laid off (without your fault) there's an arrangement. You get (from the state) 70% of your previous income for a maximum of 3 years (and there's also a maximum income of 186 Euros [without tax] a day. Plus you have to apply for a job once a week or you'll get fined on your benefit or lose it entirely. Isn't this a marvelous example of double standards?

Take a hard look at the world you live in.

March 12, 2010


Nick Redfern made a review of the book Cryptoterrestrials by the late Mac Tonnies, and it's about the theory that an unknown intelligence here on Earth is basically responsible for all the UFO sightings and the more bizarre aspects of ufology: abductions, contacts and maybe even ghostly apparitions. This theory finds its origins in the works of Jacques Vallee and John Keel who mentioned a similar theory, and it's not a theory I dismiss right away or at all. Years ago I personally wondered if the UFO phenomenon was caused by one source and not by many apparent ETs races if we are to believe the multitude of books on this matter. I do however have some questions regarding the deception pulled on us Earth dwellers. Here's an excerpt of Nick Redfern's article;

"The Cryptoterrestrials continues in a similar vein; to the extent that we are left with a stark and surreal image of a very ancient - and very strange - race of beings who may once have been the masters of this planet; who were sidelined thousands of years ago; and who are now - under cover of darkness and while the cities sleep - forced to grudgingly surface from their darkened lairs and interact with the very things they fear (and perhaps even hate and despise) most of all: us."

While I don't deny the aspect of deception within ufology (if we are to believe the many sightings and reports), I do wonder about the alleged motives of the 'Cryptoterrestrials' as mentioned in the book by Mac Tonnies (and others). If the 'CTs' have been on this world for millennia and are a high-tech society by nature that holds us in contempt one way or another, and are basically reclusive for whatever reason, there's no apparent reason for them to expose themselves deliberately like they do now. I guess what I'm trying to say is; why do they bother to show themselves in any matter at all? Why take the effort in tricking us?

If they are sharing this planet with us and want to keep it safe primarily for their own survival, why not go about obtaining their goals in more subtle ways? Is it the nuclear age that rocked their boat? We not only destroy ourselves but the 'others' as well? UFOs have been associated with (nuclear) missiles in flight and other delivery systems (silos). Did they field test their counter measures? I suppose you could say a firm yes to that question and that they want us to know they can shut those down anytime they want. Still, that action has a reaction and that is awareness of their existence. Things change from this point on and in essence will become a technology race between us and them. Military men don't like their weapons not working. When looking at the phenomena, it also becomes clear that an intelligence has interacted with us for hundreds of years. Having nukes in this day and age is not the only factor.

Let me bring up another segment of ufology and mirror it to the motives of the Cryptoterrestrials; the abductions. If they have been on this world for a long time they would have had easy access to genetic material in the pre-industrial era - just abduct some humans during the times of the crusades - and there wouldn't be a problem. The human genome hasn't changed much (or at all) in the last 1000 years, so why do it in this era when our methods of communication and media have vastly improved? A race that hides in the inner Earth gets no tactical advantage by letting their subjects retain the memory of their method of operating. Why let abductees remember something at all?

As stated before, I don't find the Cryptoterrestrials hypothesis that farfetched. A number of elements fit the profile right on, yet it might be incomplete. Reading about Vallee, Keel and Mac Tonnies I get the impression that they are excluding one possibility within this theory. Simply put, there might be more then one Cryptoterrestrial race..., and these races aren't just facing us, they are competing amongst themselves as well.


Watched the pilot of the new sci-fi series Caprica today and was pleasantly surprised. Set 58 years before Battlestar Galactica, the story revolves around 2 families, the Greystones and the Adamas, and the birth of the Cylons. Did see a preview of Caprica last year and thought to myself; naaahh, but after 15 minutes of watching it had my full attention. Normally I'm not into pure drama but combine it with sci-fi and it becomes palatable for me. Although I must say that the same thing in Stargate Universe doesn't work for me, but that's another story.
Caprica is filmed in a different style then BSG. It's in the same 'Universe' but takes on an entirely different direction. The clothing of the characters is more in the style of the 1950s but the futuristic technology is still there. The viewer quickly finds out that the Caprican society has their own version of the Matrix, sorta, and there's even underground virtual reality where people do the most extreme things. It doesn't have the dark, gloomy anticipation of Battlestar Galactica where you always wondered; 'who's gonna die next?' Maybe there's some irony there because 58 years later the whole planet will be nuked out of existence. Oh well, no time like the present. Also liked those elements that give it that much more realism; not letting go of loved ones, crime, discrimination, religious extremism. Although not pure sci-fi oddly enough Caprica works for me.

March 9, 2010

Increase Quality UFO Footage

The footage above is taken in Rome 2010. It's look a bit like those Chinese lanterns but with the smaller lights moving around the big light, I think that's not it. What's interesting to note is that UFO footage in general is getting better all the time. High definition cameras with powerful zooms are more accessible these days, and more affordable to the public. I think that explains why we are seeing better footage these days. For 3-400 Euros or Dollars, you can already get a pretty decent camera with HD. More and more people buy those, so when there's a UFO captured on film, the quality is also better. Should prove interesting future wise. Below is a film shot in Rio de Janeiro, February 2010. Again, not bad.

March 8, 2010

Edinburgh UFO

Interesting footage. The object seems to be slowly spinning over its axes with lights pulsating. I'm not totally convinced this is a real UFO because these days there are some highly talented photoshop guys out there having a laugh at the UFO believers. Not that the footage gives me an indication of being CGI work. However, a person can also have easy access to balloons these days that resemble a flying saucer. Stick some LED lights on there, attach a thin rope and you got your own UFO. I would love to see the footage above from beginning to end, that also can be an indication - genuine or not.

Explainable Weird Pictures

Going over past photographs there were a couple more strange ones but they are explainable. Above is a picture I took in the harbor of IJmuiden. Featured is the port island which functioned as a bunker-fortress during WW2 and in times before. If you look above the radio masts you'll see an object. I'm fairly convinced that's an airplane although it's not that visible in the shot. Sometimes when airplanes are on approach to Schiphol airport they fly along the coastline and then make a turn in land, setting themselves up for the runway. It's one of those 'air highways'. So I'm reasonably sure this is an airplane.

Another weird shot, but explainable. I have only seen this one time in the 11 years or so that I'm living here. The lights you see in the photograph are in fact pollen or seeds from a certain tree. It's almost like 'angel hair' - the stuff you put in a Christmas tree. When I saw it I thought to myself, what the hell is that? Upon closer examination I found it was the aforementioned pollen. It reflected quite a bit of sunlight so it had somewhat of the appearance of a shiny metallic object, which it was not of course. It's quite easy to mistake such a sighting for a UFO, I reckon.

March 6, 2010

Picture Anomaly

Was going over my digital picture collection and found something strange. I bought my Nikon Coolpix 3500 in 2003 and it was money well spend. Made nearly a 1000 pictures with it so far and it's still working properly, although the battery seems to be holding less 'juice' these days. Anyway, I was sifting through my photographs, reminiscing about old times, when I came across this picture. It was taken just when a massive thunderstorm was about to hit and I was hoping to catch some lightning on camera at the time. I think this was in 2004 or 2005. To clarify more, I'm not talking about the 'orb' in the picture. That's a raindrop reflecting the camera flash, I took four more shots that show the same thing. No, I'm talking about the object in the dark, above and to the right of the door. (Click on the picture to enlarge.)

Below is the same photo that I manipulated using iPhoto and where I increased the light. (Click on the picture to enlarge.) The object becomes a bit more visible in the dark background. So what is it? I suppose it could be a bird but normally those creatures are already in hiding before the thunderstorm hits full on with hard rain and lightning. The other photographs I took show no birds whatsoever. Plane? I doubt it. Not in that weather and just when about all hell is breaking loose. If I had to guess the cloud cover was about 2-300 meters altitude. That also seems way too low for an aircraft. In conclusion, I'm not saying this is a real UFO but I am content with saying it's an anomaly.

March 5, 2010

American $Psychic$

Had to laugh this morning as news on various websites and blogs surfaced that Sean David Morton was sued for fraud by the SEC. Naturally the jokes followed such as "he didn't see that one coming." On a more serious note, Morton did apparently manage to embezzle around 6 million dollars from (gullible) investors. Not a small feat in itself. You have to wonder of course about the mental capacities of the 100 people or so that invested in Morton. I mean, if he's so accurate in predicting the stock market he would be a wealthy man already - not in need of your money... You could have taken that prophecy to the bank.

Sean David Morton already had some experience in court. He tried to sue Royce Myers III for libel, lost and had to cough up $16.000 to Myers' attorney. That also should have been a wake up call for Morton investors. Background check anyone? Sadly, Morton isn't the only psychic out there that lend their special abilities (given by God) to the common people, for a buck of course. Sylvia Brown will do a reading for you for the mere price of $850. Chris, Sylvia's son, does it for the discount price of $500. What are you waiting for?

When you stroll the internet looking up other psychics you'll often find a similar setup. They are in contact with Pleiadians (or other entities) and will tell you all about your soul and problems - helping out humanity lose excessive mental baggage by making your wallet lighter. Maybe we should postulate that being a 'psychic' is simply a job description, not an expertise or talent. The bottom line seems to be cash anyway.

If I were a psychic, and I'm not saying that I am, I wouldn't let anyone know.

March 4, 2010


Today I read an article on UFOMystic from Nick Redfern and in that article he refers to the connection of UFOs and helicopters which have been reported many times. Nick mentions that he has had some possible weird encounters himself on his blog where helicopters flew directly over his house. That's not such a strange story from my perspective since it happens a couple of times a year at my place, and I live in the city. Above is a picture I took around 2004 or 2005, and from recollection that was a military helicopter. What it was doing over a town is anyone's guess.

Of course (in the city) it can happen that a helicopter flies over your house. Above is a police helicopter that probably patrolled the sky, looking for bad guys. Took that shot in 2007. Over here we also have 'trauma-helicopters' who pick up people who had serious accidents and deliver them straight to the hospital. You can see those on occasion. Still, just like Nick Redfern I wonder sometimes why helicopters fly directly over my house. The footage below was taken 2 weeks ago. Must have been the 8th time or something and that can make you go; 'hmm.'

March 1, 2010

Other UFO Sightings

Between 2000 and 2005 I had a couple more UFO sightings. This was during the summer months. I don't recall the exact dates but do remember seeing strange things in the sky at night. Late in the evening when it's still warm outside I like to sit in my garden and watch the night sky before I turn in. During one of those stargazing episodes I saw what looked like a satellite, a single dot in the sky similar in light intensity as your average star. It was moving from east to west, but there was something strange. It didn't have a straight trajectory like you normally see with satellites, the object I saw moved in an curve. This could have been a high altitude (military) aircraft maybe. Another option I can think off is satellites that change their position which is claimed in some movies. So I'm not saying this sighting was definitely a UFO but it was out of the ordinary. This sighting as well as the next one, lasted for about 30 seconds.

Another sighting I had was definitely more strange. Again this was late in the evening during the summer. I was stargazing and suddenly I noticed 3 lights in formation in the southern sky. The lights were at high altitude but not as high as your normal satellite. I would estimate they were moving in a lower orbit but still high up. These were 3 distinct lights/objects in (triangle) formation but the one on the right seemed bigger then the 2 on the left. It's highly unusual to see satellites in this kind of formation as well as aircrafts. The lights passed almost directly over my head. I was a bit flabbergasted with this sighting because during the days leading up to this I was often thinking about UFOs and a trinity of sorts. And the next thing I see is 3 UFOs in the sky. Go figure.