November 7, 2013

Garden Bounty 2

Second trophy from my garden, tomatoes. The species is called 'Tiny Tim' and I planted around 10 seeds. With the unusual cold spring here most of them didn't make it outside which was a shame. Maybe the Tim was developed in warmer climates? Maybe a greenhouse will produce a bigger yield but that is something for the future. Only one plant managed to survive and it grew to around 30 centimeters high and then made many flowers. The flowers develop into the fruits of course and in that regard the plant delivered and then some. Think I had around 40 (small) tomatoes from that single plant. Really impressive.

November 4, 2013

Garden Bounty 1

In the beginning of this year I planted a lot of seeds off different plants. It's kind of like a new hobby I'm developing and each year I find it more fun. I have a decent sized garden, 8 by 4 meters roughly but just over half of that is covered by tiles or occupied by some big trees. The areas used for growing stuff is actually relatively small.

Anyway, the plant in the picture is a gherkin. Family of the cucumber. I had around 10 seeds that I cultivated and practically all came out of the ground. That was inside and later on I repotted them and put them outside. With the unusual cold spring we had here in the Netherlands only one plant survived which was a shame. When summer and higher temperatures finally arrived the gherkin did fantastically well.

From July till a 3 weeks ago the plant managed to give me 10 well-sized fruits. I even gave away most of them to neighbors and friends because I got fed up eating them. Five more fruits were on the plant when autumn set in and the plant could manage no more. The gherkin delivered, and then some. I'm really impressed with this plant and although it likes a more warmer climate then my country I suspect that with a greenhouse the yield would be even bigger. Fun stuff.