June 1, 2011

Buy Muertos' Books

In typical Conspiracy Science fashion my previous blog on possible motivations the Zeitgeist critics might have is called into question and Conspiracy Science-wise I'm clutching at straws. My point was not to find some dark ulterior motive as Muertos puts it, but simply to point out human behavior. Lets be honest, if something stands in the way of personal gain all people are tempted to take action that removes that threat. We live in a society that's based on the pursuit of self interest. It's also fascinating to see how people react when you question them. Maybe you guys over at the Conspiracy Science forums can take a hint since you question everything the Zeitgeist Movement does?

When a person like James Kush, who's in real estate, stands to make a lot of money with selling houses I'm not in shock and awe that he feels inclined to oppose that which calls his livelihood into question. In a sense it's "normal" human behavior although how the dialogue should progress is something entirely different and this is where James also fails considerably. Likewise I don't frown upon people making money or a living. I do that as well. That's simply the world we live in. Paul Jones making a living with his record company? Go for it. I actually like some of the remixes Jones made because I'm into trance/techno/house. Maybe the real issue here is to investigate and value individual elements on their own merit without comparing them to an overall predetermined bias?

So Muertos, I honestly don't mind you writing books and making some money. I like science fiction stories because they can be highly creative and transcend the normal world we live in by opening doors to new ideas. If you felt hurt by my little post about the Zeitgeist critics making money and that it possibly could be a motivation for their behavior, let me make it up to you. The blog title and added pictures should provide some additional publicity. I'll keep an eye out on how many hits this particular blog gets and you provide an appropriate fee. Back scratching and all.

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