November 21, 2009

November 19, 2009


Recovered from the flu a couple of days ago. For me it was a bit of a marathon virus. Had a fever for 7 days and 3 days I had elevated tempatures. After 6 days I was really fed up with being sick but my body took its sweet time unfortunately. I did have a host of symptons - fever, muscle pains, fatigue, headaches, upset stomach and blowing out the pipes - but it didn't get serious one time. I wonder why we see in the news that so many people died from H1N1 and why some young people perish from this virus. Strange and sad.

November 8, 2009

Got The Flu

I wash my hands all the time, eat fruit, take vitamin pills. But no, got the flu nonetheless. Guess it started out on friday with musclepains and I didn't think much of it at the time. Saturday morning it became pretty obvious with the shaking and fever. I'll spare you the rest of the more nasty symptons but all in all the flu is still mild.

November 6, 2009


One of the sites I love to check out from time to time is Lots of films, pictures and stories concerning everything on UFOs. However, I also think the guys who run that website should look a little better at some of the photographs and stories they put up. I watched the photograph above and the first thing that came to mind was; 'bad photoshop.' I mean, just look at it in detail. No way that's a real-life object. I can see the pixel difference between the object and the landscape in a heartbeat. Beware of pranksters is what comes to mind.

November 5, 2009

Triangle Memories

Personally I've had half a dozen of decent UFO sightings. One of the first I saw was remarkably similar to the picture above although when I saw it, it was way up in the sky and all that I could see was 3 stars - in a perfect triangle - moving from south to north. This was during the time when a UFO flap occured in Belgium and where even some F-16s managed to get some footage. So I guess we're talking 1988-89 here.
I was letting a friend out the door and it was already getting dark. This was, to the best of my recollection, late afternoon in November. I was chatting with my friend just outside the frontdoor and I yawned and stretched myself. Not polite, I know. In any case when I looked up during stretching I suddenly noticed those 3 stars making a triangle - way up in the sky almost directly above me. After a second or two with my eyes still fixed on the object something else happened. Instantly those 3 stars 'go out' and in the center of that object another light 'goes on.' Then a second later it reversed and I'm looking at a triangle formation of 3 stars again. I said to my friend; 'do you see that?' He looks up and remarks; 'indeed I see something.' Next my friend almost started panicking and saying he didn't want to look at it and he excused himself. I waved goodbye to my friend and continued to watch the object move into the distant northern sky until it's out of sight.
The sighting lasted about a minute or so and even from recollection it's pretty hard to estimate altitude, size and speed of the object. It was a cloudless sky with stars already out in abundance. That's why I probably noticed the object against the static stars. And no, it wasn't an airplane. I live closeby a major airport and I see plains taking off and landing practically on a daily basis. Those lights are pretty familiar, as is the sound of the jet engines. Yet the object I saw made no sound whatsoever. Probably the weirdest thing of all was the 'changing of the lights' while I was staring directly at it.

Couple of years later I had another sighting although the circumstances were somewhat different and at the time I didn't give it much attention, untill a few days later that is. It was during the summer months and in the evening that I decided to go out into town. I got on my bicycle and made my way to the city center where all the clubs and bars are. I was riding along side a canal when I noticed a bright pinkish light in the southern skies. It was so bright that it literally lit up the clouds in front and to the back of it. The object was behind a cloud but so bright that the light easily came through it. You get an effect similar to watching mountain ridges in the distance overlapping eachother. My first thought was that it must be fireworks, or somebody shooting up a flare. Pink UFO didn't come to mind that easily. I continued to watch that object until I reached my destination. This was on a saturday and on monday I was browsing through the local newspaper and I come across an article where people had sighted a UFO on saturday evening. Several people claimed they saw a huge pink flying triangle in the sky. It's not unreasonable to assume that it was the same thing that I saw.
I also recall that the pink triangle caused some jokes since the gay movement at that time used to same symbol for their organization. Gay aliens and so on. . .

November 4, 2009

November 3, 2009

Deja Vu

You know, with the current economic crisis there's a lot of talk in the news that things are turning brighter. On the other hand, some folks say that the worst is still to come. I'm not an economic expert but I ran across these pictures on another forum and the vintage newspaper articles are remarkable, if not identical to what's going on in the media today. Go have a look. Top article is from 1929, bottom from 1934. Seems to me that history is repeating itself.