June 3, 2011

Continued Madness

This sort of madness seems to be getting more and more common these days here in my native Holland. In the province of Limburg and in the town of Hoensbroek, a 41 year old man flipped after an altercation with a neighbor in the street. The argument seems to have been over (the height) of some conifer trees! The disturbed man grabbed an ax and a torch, killed his neighbor across the street and seriously wounded another person. Shortly thereafter the police arrived on the scene where they were challenged by the disturbed individual who apparently dared them to shoot. After a warning shot and threatening gestures from the man the police shot to kill.
Really disturbing to see these kinds of violent, utterly useless outbreaks. I recall that as a kid (some 30 years ago) that a murder was committed in my hometown. Most people were shocked at the time because it was practically unheard of. A few months ago we had a maniac here in Holland who went on a shooting spree in a mall. Murder and senseless violence is getting more and more common. That's scary.

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