May 31, 2010

Strange Bunch

Noticed last week already that the Zeitgeist Movement has yet another detractor. The Anonymous group. Why, is a bit of a mystery to me. They had some quarrels with the Church of Scientology. (See link above.) What started out as a protest against internet censorship quickly turned ugly. Other organizations felt the wrath of the Anonymous group as well.
I guess one of its members thought it was a good time to attack the Zeitgeist Movement by claiming it's a cult. Aside from the video above, a member on YouTube named "anon2allofus", made nearly 60 videos in total - all of them criticizing Zeitgeist or the Venus Project in one way or another. That's mighty weird in itself since TZM stands for great individual liberty and applying the scientific method to solve the world's problems, not religion or superstition in any way, shape or form. That didn't stop someone from making parallels between Zeitgeist and Scientology.

The religious card simply isn't there if you want to call Zeitgeist a cult. Still, the anonymous member claims Jacque Fresco, Roxanne Meadows and Peter Joseph are the (political) leaders that are worshipped - like in a cult. While I'm willing to make a bet that most Zeitgeist members don't have pictures of the trio hanging over their beds, every organization has its leaders and ZG and TVP is no different. (I presume that's also a negative factor for the anonymous group.) It's hard to do so otherwise. If you take that particular group structure and make the connection that therefore it's a cult, than many other groups (such as political parties, churches, sports teams, and so on) should fall under the same category.
After making some comments on that YouTube channel it was transparent (to me) that the creator of the anti-Zeitgeist videos didn't even want to get into such a debate and make comparisons. They were more satisfied with repeating the claim at every opportunity while avoiding analysis of what they were saying. Why they target Zeitgeist is still unclear to me. I think it has more to do with anarchy. The option to do whatever they want, say anything they want to say. The Venus Project might be to 'orderly' for them. I know, it sounds strange.

May 21, 2010

ZM Activism #2

Another great contribution from the Zeitgeist Movement Media Project.

Dude, Where's My Car? IV

Guy had trouble parking with the low-setting sun in his eyes. It does make a romantic setting though.

May 17, 2010

The Venus Project World Tour, Eindhoven The Netherlands

Op 26 Juni 2010 komt The Venus Project World Lecture Tour naar Nederland. Het International Centre for Sustainable Excellence in Eindhoven ontvangt dan Jacque Fresco en Roxanne Meadows voor een lezing op het Lichtplein in het centrum van Eindhoven.
De lezing vindt mede plaats in het kader van de Inspiration Days en in samenwerking met duurzaam ondernemer Frank Essink..
De lezing zal 105 minuten duren, waarna het publiek 45 minuten lang de gelegenheid krijgt om interactie te treden met Jacque en Roxanne.
Tickets kunnen hierboven besteld worden. Voor degenen die zich niet comfortabel voelen bij betaling via Paypal zijn er tickets te koop aan de ingang tot 1 uur voor aanvang van de lezing. Vol=Vol (kijk op deze pagina of er nog tickets zijn.
BELANGRIJK: De dag na de lezing, op zondag 27 juni, zal in het ICSE in De Lichttoren 24 de opening plaatsvinden van de eerste tentoonstelling van The Venus Project in Nederland met diverse hoge kwaliteit visualisaties, 3D Virtual Tours etc. van de ontwerpen van Jacque Fresco en The Venus Project. Bezoekers van de lezing zijn van harte welkom vanaf 12.00 uur en de toegang is gratis. Meer informatie vindt u op

Saturday, June 26, 2010 from 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM (GMT+0100)

5611 Eindhoven, Nederland, Eindhoven

Ik zie je daar / I'll see you there. :)

ZM Activism #1

Hehe, those ZM activist guys. Quite funny. People are sure to pick up a 10€ bill, with a nice little message from the Zeitgeist Movement. Brilliant.

May 16, 2010

2010 California UFO Footage

Another video from YouTube. Think this is the real deal. The object is way up in the sky, with the camera having trouble focusing in on it. The guys commenting on the situation also do not give me the appearance that they are 'acting.' Here's what one of them had to say, from the comment section on YouTube;
Sorry to disappoint you, but there was no wasted time involved...About a dozen people saw the craft above their heads performing strange maneuvers and ejecting beams out of it...Each disk could be clearly seen to be about the size of a human head with definite ubber intelligence guiding this craft...The disks aranged themselves into an arc and then re-arranged back into triangular formation...I have seen similar footage on NASA cams and perhaps the lights over Brussels captured by the media..

Sketchzoid #5

May 15, 2010

Wilders Friends In The U.S.

Today an article appeared in the Dutch newspapers that Geert Wilders, the (extreme) right politician and leader of the Dutch PVV party, is in fact being sponsored by conservative American groups and multi-millionaires. In the last few months within the U.S. six-figure amounts have been raised for the defense in Wilders upcoming trial. (The PVV leader has to appear in court for spreading hatred and for insulting muslims.) The David Horowitz Freedom Center in Los Angeles raises funds for Wilders. The organization claims to have collected substantial figures.
What's interesting to note here is the international support for right wing parties in other countries and the fact that it's being done so openly. There's definitely a huge effort going on spreading the conservative philosophy both in the U.S. and internationally. Fox News might come very soon to your own country. But come to think of it, the right wing is where the big money is in the first place so it's not that unusual. Guess they are afraid the world will become too left (for their taste). The money needs to keep coming in. No spreading the wealth, of course.

Plutonomy Hard At Work

Citigroup Mar 5 2006 Plutonomy Report Part 2

May 13, 2010

Zeitgeist Communism? Look Who's Talking!

Getting a bit fed up with the accusation that the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project is "communism." I'll admit that there are similarities but I haven't met one Zeitgeist member who states that we should have a society like that of Soviet Russia or current day China. Sharing resources on a global scale does not equal a totalitarian society. The whole premise is great individual liberty. Still, that doesn't deter some folks to have a knee jerk reaction when they hear something like "sharing resources."

But lets point the finger at those that so often make this claim, those would be. . . Americans. It's actually quite fascinating. They grew up in a country where they're basically potty-trained to think that the free market system is a good thing. Well, you just have to look at the news to see just how good that's working these days and how pure capitalism in the end influences (I should say nullifies) your constitutional rights.

So, lets get back to basics here. The Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project don't advocate a dictatorial society. Get that out of your system. Why do all the resources have to shared? Because in the final analysis inequality breeds conflict. If one country would have 95% of all the natural resources, it means that all the countries have to do with the minimum 5%. They would live in scarcity and ultimately would try to acquire more resources. That culminates in war, which happened a few times in our history.

And what do you know? In the good old free market system of the United States the wealthy 1% of the population have 95% of the resources. There's your free market system. Now, why would you accept that as a fair arrangement? Why would you support that 1% by yelling that Zeitgeist is communism? Are you really hoping that one day you could become a millionaire simply by hard work? Wake up! The seats are already taken and no one is going to let you in.

The American Dream is an illusion. Perpetuated by those folks who already have everything. You're the donkey following a carrot. It's a concept to keep you in line and in check. It's like buying a lottery ticket and expecting you'll win the jackpot. How many people leave Las Vegas as winners? The free market system, by it's design, can not guarantee a good standard of living for everyone. Where there are winners, there have to be losers. Money amassed at one point, means there is less at another point.

It's really amazing when blue collar workers yell that Zeitgeist is communism. How messed up can you be? You associate Zeitgeist with being the next NWO or Politburo but here's a nice little something to think about. The U.S. has a 'Commerce-Buro!' That's something similar to a politburo but you probably know it by a different name: Wall Street. Did you never notice how many CEO's of various banks wind up in politics as financial advisors, secretaries of departments etcetera?

They come straight from a high level banking position and immediately take up a seat in the government. Doesn't matter if the administration is from the Republican or Democratic Party. Quite often they also make policy in favor of the banks, in case you didn't notice. This is simply a network. Your capitalistic "free" market system keeps itself in check by making sure that the biggest earners are in positions of power. Don't worry about Zeitgeist being communism or that there's going to be a next Politburo. You already got one!

Get with the program. Join the Zeitgeist Movement...

May 7, 2010

Sketchzoid #3

Banking Games

More and more I wonder about the current state of the economy globally but also in my own country. Read today on the news that Holland will loan Greece a sum of 4.7 billion. Greece is in trouble and needs a huge cash injection. What politicians over here don't talk about (these days) is the conduct of Greece officials in the not so distant past. Basically what they did was covering up the negative balance sheet, that's against the European Union treaty which states that all the members should keep their balance in check. Greece plainly lied, and here is the Dutch government happily loaning them billions. Of course the underlying motives here are keeping the European economic block intact and to make sure the Euro itself doesn't devaluate (that much).

What many people complain about over here regarding the loan to Greece, is the fact that Holland has about a 30 billion deficit. (That was more or less money loaned to 2 big banks over here - and the banks were nationalized!) What the politicians did next was raising taxes (of course), cutbacks and there's a plan to raise the pension age from 65 to 67. Many of my fellow countrymen are starting to realize that economic downfalls are always billed to the normal, hard-working citizen. Banks make a mess, governments follow and the ultimate clean up has to be done by ordinary people who had nothing to do with the mess in the first place. Awareness is growing. Reading comments on the internet it was plainly visible that not many people expect the Greek government to pay back the money any time soon, or at all! They expect more of the same. Higher taxes, less government assistance.

The IMF loans Greece a further 30 billion, other European countries forwards loans as well. Even when countries loan money, they expect a little something in return: interest! I seem to recall that Greece will get a total amount of about 100 billion. To be honest, I'm thinking, they are totally bankrupt. How are they going to pay back that money? With interest! The Greek people are screwed for decades. Loaning money costs money and it's easy to figure out who will get the 'bill' in the end. The normal hard-working people.

I'm starting to wonder what kind of banking games are being played here. Who will benefit from the current economic turmoil? Because in the end it's the banks that make the loans and who will insist they get their money back with a little something extra of course.
Another thing I noticed is that the politicians in my country don't take into account that the 2 banks they nationalized (bought) will eventually be sold again. That was the plan anyway. Yet now they are acting like if that money will never come back and therefore taxes have to be raised. It's like we immediately have to repair the damage. And maybe we get something back. Dutch people seem to notice more and more who will get screwed in the end.

May 5, 2010

Zeitgeist Movement 400.000 Members

Today (5-5-2010) the Zeitgeist Movement went over the 400K in total membership. Surely a milestone and something to be happy or proud about. Think the 'movement' is only 2 years old and not many people know yet what it is all about or what it stands for. It's also basically an internet oriented thing, that is how it started out. Seeing that many members make promotional material in their own respective countries, I'm sure people (who don't have internet) will start to get acquainted with the material as well. Slowly but surely the media is also picking up on the Zeitgeist phenomenon. When membership grows to these numbers I'm fairly confident the media will highlight it even more then they have done up till now. It will simply become a matter hard to ignore. I saw in one article that another ZG member expected that the movement will reach a million members this year. That might be too optimistic but the way things are going right now, half a million by the end of this year is a safe bet in my opinion.

Total Joined 400,196

May 3, 2010

George Carlin On Democracy

Brilliant sketch by the late George Carlin.

"If you have a selfish ignorant citizens, you're going to get selfish ignorant leaders."
George Carlin