June 30, 2009

Dude, Where's My Car? II

A guy ran a red light in order to quickly get across a bridge. Bridge opened, plan failed.

June 29, 2009

The Madoff Benefactors

The last 6 months we saw many people on television who lost a lot of money because of Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme but what you hardly see are the persons that benefited from it. Yes, there are folks who got out in time and made a lot of money, but do you see those folks on television? Not really, right? Here's an article from MSNBC which details one person who in fact profited heavily from the scheme.
Allegedly Jeffry Picower withdrew $5.1 billion from Madoff's accounts.
Between December 1995 and December 2008, Picower and his family withdrew from their various Madoff accounts $5.1 billion more than they invested with the self-confessed swindler, according to a lawsuit filed by the trustee who is trying to recover money for those Madoff defrauded.
What people tend to forget is that besides people who lost money because of Madoff, there are some people who made a lot of money because of Madoff. Yet, not surprisingly, those people don't come forward. You can wonder just how much of the $50 billion that investers lost wound up in the pockets of people like Picower, and if they would be willing to return their investment. They are pretty quiet right now. . .

June 28, 2009

Adamski Photographs?

Above is a photograph that belongs to the Adamski case, for sure. Below I found a couple of photographs attributed to Adamski on a website but I'm not totally sure. It certainly looks similar.

June 26, 2009

Sarychev Blast

Looks like an atomic bomb detonated but it's a photograph taken from the space station ISS, of the Russian volcano Sarychev.

June 25, 2009

'X' Zone Payback

Seems like Rob McConnell from the 'X' Zone radio show had enough of Kal Korff. The latter did have a regular spot on the programming called 'Kal's Korner', but rather suddenly vanished from the schedule. McConnell did receive some criticisement from certain folks who disliked Korff but that's probably not the reason why Korff got booted. In all likelyhood Korff made promises he didn't keep (on a regular basis), combined with a number of fantastic claims resulted in Korff's bad standing. (There's also the episode where Korff challenged Kevin Randle to a debate and Korff didn't show up.) In any case, the headlines are pretty clear cut.

Debunker Kal Korff Strikes (Out) Again

From time to time I check out Kal Korff's website, mostly for its entertainment value. "Colonel" Kal manages to get into an argument with just about anybody in ufology, predominately with the 'pro' people eventhough some of them are moderate. That's 'funny' enough but his remarks on UFO cases are hilarious in that he comes up with explanations that put him firmly in the mindless debunker category. Here's what Korff had to say about the Kenneth Arnold sighting which unofficially started the modern UFO era;
. . .in honor of the anniversary of the imaginary 'alien invasion' of 1947 when Kenneth Arnold mistook seven meteors for what the press later termed 'flying saucers.'

That's quite a statement considering what Kenneth Arnold reported and don't seem to indicate meteors. Here's a report from another website. Arnold reported seeing 9 objects travelling at high speed between two mountains. The objects were moving horizontal and seemed to skip. Kal Korff claims that these were meteorites (and he wasn't even there) yet Arnold reported that one object looked like a crescent shaped craft. And Kal, meteorites tend to crash into the ground especially if they are in relatively low orbit and relatively low speed.
Another marble from Korff was this statement;
. . . and certainly the non-mysterious Phoenix Lights. The Discovery Channel DISPROVED the Phoenix Lights, just like they did the myth of Area 51 having anything to do with "UFOs." I know because I was in both documentaries, and filmed for the second one specifically, consulting on both.

The Phoenix Lights had many eyewitnesses. There's the 'flare explanation' but many people also claimed to have seen a huge craft. There is something mysterious about it. Too many people reported seeing unusual things. But leave it up to Kal Korff to decide what the people experienced. Area 51 is also quite the mystery which Korff brushes aside with great ease. But then again Korff is a debunker. He claims to want to know the truth about UFOs but every time he looks at a case he comes up with explanations that deny it. Pathetic.

June 24, 2009

The Controllers

From the world wealth report 2009;
The number of high-net-worth individuals grew by 6% to 10.1 million worldwide. This is also a slower pace than the 8.3% increase seen in 2006, due to weakening global economic conditions. The combined wealth of these individuals is now estimated at over $40 trillion, with the average HNWI wealth surpassing US$4 million for the first time

The number of ultra-high-net-worth individuals (people with net assets of at least $30 million, not including their primary residence) grew by 8.8% to more than 103,000. This group also saw a 14.7% jump in their combined wealth to $15 trillion.

North America remains home to the highest number of wealthy people, with 3.3 million high-net-worth individuals, but the wealthy populations in some emerging markets continue to grow at impressive rates.

In 2007, India, China and Brazil saw the biggest increases in the number of wealthy people. India was the leader with an impressive 22.7% increase in the number of high-net-worth-individuals. China also saw a 20.3% jump in its population of high-net-worth individuals, while Brazil¹s population of millionaires increased by 19.1%.

The projection is 7.7% for the annual growth in the number of high-net-worth individuals globally until 2012.

June 16, 2009

Dark Stuff

How little we know about the Universe.

June 12, 2009

Meteorite Ricochets Boy

(From A.P.)
A schoolboy has survived a direct hit by a meteorite after it fell to earth at 30,000mph.
Gerrit Blank, 14, was on his way to school when he saw "ball of light" heading straight towards him from the sky. A red hot, pea-sized piece of rock then hit his hand before bouncing off and causing a foot wide crater in the ground. The teenager survived the strike, the chances of which are just 1 in a million - but with a nasty three-inch long scar on his hand. He said: "At first I just saw a large ball of light, and then I suddenly felt a pain in my hand. "Then a split second after that there was an enormous bang like a crash of thunder." "The noise that came after the flash of light was so loud that my ears were ringing for hours afterwards. "When it hit me it knocked me flying and then was still going fast enough to bury itself into the road," he explained. Scientists are now studying the pea-sized meteorite which crashed to Earth in Essen, Germany. "I am really keen on science and my teachers discovered that the fragment is really magnetic," said Gerrit. Chemical tests on the rock have proved it had fallen from space. Ansgar Kortem, director of Germany's Walter Hohmann Observatory, said: "It's a real meteorite, therefore it is very valuable to collectors and scientists. "Most don't actually make it to ground level because they evaporate in the atmosphere. Of those that do get through, about six out of every seven of them land in water," he added. The only other known example of a human being surviving a meteor strike happened in Alabama, USA, in November 1954 when a grapefruit-sized fragment crashed through the roof of a house, bounced off furniture and landed on a sleeping woman.

June 10, 2009

T4 Review

Last weekend I went to the cinema and watched the movie Terminator Salvation. If you liked the 3 previous Terminators films then you like this one as well. Set in 2018 the humans are fighting the machines and both have their own pieces of turf which results in many battles and explosions. What I personally like about the movie the most, aside from the action, were the hints and references to the previous movies. The producers made sure the bigger storyline was kept intact and they certainly had an eye for detail in doing that. Arnold makes an appearance later on in the film and eventhough that's done with the help of CGI it leaves a solid impression. Good film.

June 9, 2009

Michael Horn: New Age Fascist?

A couple of days ago I had some time on my hands and strolled over to Michael Horn's website theyfly.com. One article in particular caught my attention and Horn goes off in a tantrum against Exopolitics and Michael Salla (among others). Now I realise that the Exopolitics field is by no means perfect and is made up by diverse characters who have their own take on the field, and personally I disagree with some of their conclusions but the general essence of the movement is based on democratic principles. Everyone can have their say. Exopolitics, right or wrong, uses a wide range of sources to make their case. Of course there is some internal disagreement about those sources but that is mostly set aside for the greater good - informing the public about UFOs, their possible ramifications and creating a political movement.

Michael Horn however seems to have such a low, and in my view, unfair opinion about Exopolitics that I felt the need to respond here. For those that don't know him, Michael Horn is the U.S. representative and spokesperson for the Billy Meier case. The more experienced internet surfers stand a good chance having met Mikey on forums (regarding UFOs) or ran across some of his articles since the guy doesn't shy away from any media attention. Aside from the fact that he sells Meier products, and I wont set my sights on that, the guy seems to truly believe every bit of information the Meier case forwards. In that lies his Achilles heel and from my perspective also shows his position in the ufological 'political spectrum'.

Lets take a look at some of the things Mr Horn writes;
And what is the last refuge of scoundrels who can’t find it in government or academia? Well, it’s the new safe harbor of “exopolitics”, the latest self-serving, cobbled together alliance of wishful thinkers, fantasists and conmen who share a common interest in, and an even more enormous lack of knowledge about, UFOs.

Is it my imagination or are people lumped together and dismissed with extreme prejudice? Michael Horn's 'charming' personality radiates through this excerpt, and it is the same Michael most people came to know on forums. What Mikey also points out in his article is that a number of Exopoliticians don't seem willing to collaborate with him. There are some perfectly good reasons for that. First, you can see what kind of person he is just by reading the excerpt above. He's rude, vicious, demanding and wants to be an authority. Secondly, most Exopoliticians came to the realisation that the Meier material is egocentric. It's exclusively based on Meier, his findings and conclusions, and no one elses. In fact other sources are dismissed. So why would Exopoliticians promote a case that wont promote them or their findings? There lies the catch, which Horn neglects to mention.
Let’s also give a dishonorable mention to Alfred Webre, who, along with Salla and Bassett, unashamedly promotes the completely unsubstantiated (to say nothing of illogical and moronic) notion that there are “benevolent extraterrestrials walking among us”. That’s right, ETs are strolling around everywhere, presumably taking a vacation from eons of boring, peaceful existence and traveling in space (and perhaps even time) in order to enjoy our overpopulated, polluted, warlike, greedy, self-destructive world, which is obviously amply populated by fools and idiots, with too much time on their hands, who invent such scenarios.

The "extraterrestrials walking among us", which is so easily dismissed by Horn, has its origins in other contactee material but also from individuals who experimented and experienced strange matters. There are literally dozens, if not hundreds of accounts where people claimed to have met ETs (or where they thought they were ETs). When you're an objective investigator it's not so easy to arbitrarily dismiss this aspect of Ufology, yet Michael Horn manages that with great ease. But here comes the real kicker.
Eventhough Horn denies that ETs could walk among us, in the Meier case the exact same thing is reported and there Horn accepts and supports the notion. Billy Meier's human looking ET contacts apparently are real enough, although practically no one has seen them besides Meier. Now isn't that a classic example of hypocrisy? And Michael Horn wonders why hardly anyone wants to collaborate with him? Maybe he doesn't realise that the approach he is taking is one of conflict and double standards, but I doubt that.
Why else do we perpetually encounter people and tactics designed to divert us from finding and seeing the complete, real truth about UFOs? The truth about UFOs and extraterrestrials absolutely should be known but you won’t find it with exopolitics, or its very self-serving “leaders”.

The text above comes very close in showing Horn's real agenda, he just needs to explain what the "real truth about UFOs" is. I can tell you that. The real truth about UFOs. . . can be found in the Meier case, according to Horn. That's what it boils down to. And there are no other sources because Billy Meier and his ET friends said so. That is what Horn is constantly working on, promoting the Meier case and presenting it as the only genuine source for UFO and extraterrestrial related information. Exopolitics, by its very nature, uses many sources, so there's an inherent incompatibility which Michael Horn neglects to expand upon. Meier's word is the gospel for Horn. Exopolitics are an obstacle (when they don't help his cause).
If I had to put Horn's methodology in a political spectrum it would be the far right. His views are radical, authoritarian, uncompromising and rely on a single (questionable) source. Decide for yourself then if Michael Horn is a delusional con man, a New Age Fascist, or maybe. . . both.

(In the last sentence above I employed a tactic from Michael Horn's article, giving the reader a choice between two negatives. Nice try Mikey.)

June 7, 2009

Nazi UFOs - Part 5 Musings From The Bacardi Room

It's also a good idea to look at the Nazi UFO Myth and see who came out with what kind of information and when. That in itself gives us a great deal of perspective on the matter. Not surprisingly much of the information is inconsistent but chronology wise it shows how the Myth of the Nazi UFOs originated. Simply put, some "researchers" probably added information over time and again not surprisingly that information couldn't be checked for authenticity, nor were the details consistent.

Giuseppe Beluzzo was probably the first to mention that flying saucers were constructed during the Second World War. This came about in 1950 in an Italian newspaper. Beluzzo claimed that circular aircraft began construction in 1942, first in Italy, and then in Germany. (At the time this was denied by the Italian Air Force.) Beluzzo was a turbine expert and had a position in the fascist regime of Mussolini. He also didn't claim those circular crafts ever flew nor that he himself actually build one. Not much detailed information.
Rudolf Schriever made similar claims just after Beluzzo in 1950. He, too, claimed only that he developed blueprints, starting in 1942, which he believed later fell into the hands of the Americans or Russians. Again also no meaningful technical information. It is claimed he worked for the U.S. Forces around the time, delivering newspapers to army bases.
Richard Miethe delivered more (personal) detailed information in 1952. Miethe gives specific details of his military background, and claims that he built a flying-saucer - the V7 which he built in 1944, the motors of which the Russians found at Breslau. He claims that from April 1943 he commanded a group of technicians of the 10th Reich Army, at Essen, Stettin and Dortmund, where the main research into German secret weapons was conducted. He doesn’t name any of the other six engineers he says were involved, but says clearly that three are dead, and three are believed to have been taken by the Russians. As ever, we have no idea how the saucer flew or functioned.
'Major' Rudolf Lusar was also one of the first to mention German flying saucers in the 1950s. His book 'German Secret Weapons of the Second World War' contains less than 2 pages (!) on the alleged German flying saucers. What's interesting to note here is that he connects previous sources and says that the designs for these ”flying discs” were drawn up by the German experts Schriever, Habermohl and Miethe, and the Italian Bellonzo, although he lists the date when the projects began as 1941. The book itself gives no clue as to the author’s background, his sources, or of any special authority or knowledge he might have had, or of access to information that was not already in the public domain.
Renato Vesco came out with a different version in 1969, focussing more on the Foo Fighter phenomenon of the Second World War. According to Vesco the Foo Fighters were anti-aircraft weapons, radio-controlled discs called 'Feuerball' and 'Kugelblitz' and of course were constructed by the Germans with the purpose of bringing down bombers. Naturally the weapons didn't work properly, and only basicly harrassed Allied airplanes. Vesco was an aeronautical engineer working in the Italian Air Force during the war, however his comments are based on his personal research, meaning it's mostly theoretical. Vesco didn't believe - strongly opposed that ETs were responsible for all the UFO sightings and he also thought this about Nazi UFOs; "The Schriever & Co stories is simply bullshit, while Vril and Haunebu are pure science-fiction.”

Sofar we have 2 decades of "German saucer information" and basicly there's hardly anything of substance. There are personal claims with no corroboration. There are a number of things to note.
First, there is no consistency in the reports. Only Lusar tried to link different sources but offers no real substance. Places, test sites, people involved (and so on) differ from eachother. There's hardly any technical information and quite often 'the plans' were taken away by American or Russian intelligence services.
Secondly, these people who claimed to have first-hand knowledge were not whisked away during Operation Paperclip, apparently they weren't viewed as important by the secret services (the same ones that took the blueprints)!
Thirdly, all the people sofar speak of conventional (propellor or jet-powered), allbeit unusual circular aircrafts. They don't speak off tachyon drives, anti-gravity, 'Vril's', 'Haunebu's', any other advanced characteristics or new scientific inventions for that matter. Clearly that has been added later on in time.
It's also worth considering where these people come from, in the context off what are their personal (political/philosofical) convictions? All of the people mentioned above had a position in the Nazi regime or in the Fascist regime of Italy. They worked for those regimes and probably remained sympathetic to those respective causes. That makes it likely that they would bolster and exaggerate their Nazi flying saucer claims. In doing so they soften the defeat of their countries and repair some of their national pride. It's quite possible they got some personal satisfaction adding material to the myth. There can be little doubt the next guy did exactly this.

Ernst Zundel (pictured above) is a German neo-Nazi who started publishing information about German UFOs in the 1970s. Here the Nazi UFO story takes a totally new course and the foundation is layed for the modern, more outlandish, conspiracy theory based interpretation of Nazi flying saucers. Zundel claimed that flying saucers were Nazi secret weapons that had taken refuge in Antarctica (Neu Schwabenland) and that bases were constructed there. He promoted the idea of Nazi secret bases in Antartica, Nazi UFOs, secret polar bases and Hollow Earth theories with like-minded individuals distributing literature through the privately owned Samisdat Publishers. This wasn't the only thing Zundel did, he was also a Holocaust denier and published literature like 'The Hitler We Loved and Why' and 'Did Six Million Really Die?' The authorities got wind of him and Zundel spend time in jail in Canada, the U.S. and Germany. The guy was (and is) a hardcore neo-Nazi and in light of his actions regarding the Holocaust it's fair to cast equal doubt on his Nazi UFO information. In a phone conversation he more or less admitted that it was all a fabrication in order to get attention for his neo-Nazi views;
"I realized that North Americans were not interested in being educated. They want to be entertained. The book was for fun. With a picture of the F├╝hrer on the cover and flying saucers coming out of Antarctica it was a chance to get on radio and TV talk shows. For about 15 minutes of an hour program I'd talk about that esoteric stuff. Then I would start talking about all those Jewish scientists in concentration camps, working on these secret weapons. And that was my chance to talk about what I wanted to talk about." "In that case," I asked him, "do you still stand by what you wrote in the UFO book?" "Look," he replied, "it has a question mark at the end of the title."

Vladimir Terziski appeared in the early 1990s and another, whole new chapter is added to the Nazi UFO mythos. This is what Kevin McClure had to say about him;
"Terziski seems, with a little help from Al Bielek of the completely loopy ‘Montauk Project’, who was co-founder of the Academy, to have introduced a completely new strand of ‘Nazi UFO’ material. It also appears in one of the series of Montauk Project books. It is so outrageously unbelievable, implausible, and devoid of supporting evidence that it has proved to be very popular among those who believe in an Illuminati conspiracy, the New World Order, and the links between our rulers and Reptilian Aliens. The last trace I’ve found of Terziski is at a speaker at a ‘patriot’ meeting in 1998, but his influence lives on, creating an alternative, revised history in which the Nazis won in the end."

The endeavours of Terziski culminate in something like Nazi Star Trek. According to him the Nazis already travelled to the Moon during the War, established a base there and later on they went to Mars. A whole range of flying saucers were build, among them those Vril and Haunebu crafts in various models. To the best of my knowledge those Vril and Haunebu "schematics" originate from Terziski where it is alleged they were old SS documents found in the KGB archives. Regardless of the authenticity of those schematics, the link is made to the contactees of the 1950s and 60s so I guess we have to 'thank' Vladimir Terziski for the claim that Nazis contacted a bunch of American contactees. Personally, I especially think the latter is utter B.S. and it's mighty strange that so many people buy into this sensational hogwash.

Listed above are the main players in the Nazi UFO Mythos. I'm sure I've forgotten a few. When you look at it you can detect that over time the Myth expanded despite the fact that there's hardly anything substantial. Like in all myths there are probably a few grains of truth. I don't find it inconceivable that German engineers might have worked on an aircraft resembling a flying saucer. At the time they experimented with a lot of designs. Still the propulsion system would have been conventional. So that might be at the core of Nazi UFOs, some design (on paper) or prototype that looked disc-shaped but it probably never reached the production stage. After the war when the modern UFO era started with Ken Arnold's sighting in 1947 a lot of people jumped on the bandwagon with their own theories. Here's where the concept of Nazi UFOs started.
Most of these people who started the Myth had a history with Nazi Germany or Fascist Italy, and it's no wonder that their personal theories stayed close to home. It becomes even more clear that personal favoratism played a big part when full blown neo-Nazis like Ernst Zundel jumped on the Nazi UFO bandwagon. Adding even more nonsense to an already shady story for their own personal gain and ideology. Finally, ultimate conspiracy people like Vladimir Terziski go into warpspeed and the concept of Nazi flying saucers is stretched to unbelievable proportions, and that's where it is today.

The Myth is busted.

June 2, 2009

Nazi UFOs - Part 4 Achtung Logistics

When reviewing the German UFO's theory it's hard to believe how the Germans could have managed the logistical side of
establishing a base in Antarctica. Supposedly the Germans created a base in Antarctica on a claimed stretch of land which they named Neuschwabenland. The Germans certainly had claimed land in Antarctica, this was mostly done by dropping flags with the swastika on it from an airplane (see Wikipedia article in the link above). When Germany occupied Norway they also claimed Norway's section in Antarctica. That Germany tried to seize land is not so much contested, afterall expansion and territorial gain was high on their agenda. History records also show that German expeditions were made prior to the war but no country recognized the claim and when the Germans surrendered the whole matter became obsolete.

Supposedly during the last years of the Second World War, a secret arm of the SS shipped the flying discs and the plans to build them to Antarctica with the help of the German U-Boats. It is also alleged that the Germans found a region with hot water springs. While volcanic activity exists on Antarctica, Mount Erebus is an active volcano, I have yet to see a documentary which shows lakes or streams with hot water in Antarctica. To find them in the first place on that frozen continent is almost a miracle. Other lakes are under the ice sheet and are mainly caused by pressure from the ice above.

Portions of Antarctica itself was already claimed by several nations prior and during the Second World War. Among these nations were the Australia, Britain and France. These countries who were at war with Germany had bases on Antarctica but were small and no more than an outpost, weather-station or whaling-station. Yet if any of them would have detected a German presence they mostlikely would have been ordered to engage the enemy or at the very least gather intelligence. No reports exists of hostilities on Antarctica during the Second World War, to my knowledge.

Logistics would have been tremendously hard. Germany would have needed to load all the heavy equipment, fuel, personnel,
supplies, spare parts and food in German ports or from other occupied harbours. It has been suggested that U-Boats were used for the task. I must point out that an U-Boat isn't spacious. While cargo can be carried by an U-Boat it would be very limited both in volume and weight. U-Boats don't have a cargo door, everything has to be lifted by hand or hoisted through a hatch. These U-Boats would have to 'run the gauntlet' since the Allied forces were very much in control over the Atlantic especially during the latter stages of the war. Undoubtedly German transports would have suffered casaulties. A cargo ship would have been far more suited for the job. Again, ships sailing under a German flag certainly would have been engaged by Allied forces. Ships sailing under a flag belonging to a German occupied country idem dito. Ships sailing under a neutral flag could have been stopped and checked for contents and destination during war time.

On arrival in Antarctica similar logistic problems arise. While it isn't impossible it certainly would have been difficult. To unload
all the cargo the Germans would have needed a port facility on the shores off Antarctica. Ships would have needed refueling which could be done at another port on another continent but if they did it on Antarctica they would have needed fuel storage tanks. If their base was inland again they would have needed vehicles to transport all their cargo. Antarctica is a very hostile place. Climatic conditions are extreme. Those conditions have a tremendous impact on both man and machine. During the first winter when Germany invaded Russia, the Germans lost half of their tank force due to malfunctions caused by the cold. Metal buckles, even oil freezes up at some point. If the Germans had set out establishing a base on Antarctica they would have suffered losses, both in men and machines. Losses would have to be replaced if you want to continue what you set out to do.

All of the transports going to Antarctica in the form of cargo ships would have been noticed at some point. Shipping-lanes exist near the Capes of South America and Afrika. Allied forces sailed these waters too. Australia and New Zealand belonged to the Allies. In the south of Australia a huge naval base was constructed which participated in the defense of Australia and the Pacific war theater. South Africa was a 'dominion' state of Great Brittian. Allied Intelligence certainly kept an eye out for German activity in the south Atlantic and southern hemisphere. A good example would be the destruction of the German battleship the Admiral Graf Spee. After being engaged by 3 British cruisers in the southern Atlantic the Graf Spee fled into the neutral port of Montevideo. The British task force was in fact crippled by the German guns but in any case couldn't engage the Germans on neutral territory. British Intelligence stepped in and fed the Germans false information. The German captain of the Graf Spee was led to believe that British reinforcements had arrived, subsequently he disembarked his crew and scuttled his own ship.

Creating a base on Antartica even under the best conditions presents many problems. Even with a hot water supply an enginering feat has to be accomplished. A heating system would have to be constructed, the same goes for waste disposal. Crew quarters for all the personnel. A hanger bay for the aircraft. Security and patrols. Storage areas. Since Antartica has a half year of light and a half year of darkness, a huge stockpile of food has to be created. Growing crops, fruits and vegetables there would been difficult to say the least and mostlikely would have to be shipped in for a long time. To create the space itself tunneling equipment had to be shipped in and construction material such as beams, plates, wood, screws, bolts and so on. This would have been a tremendous task under the most harsh conditions. The alleged German flying discs have to be constructed from some material, not to mention the power source which propels the craft. Again building these crafts requires facilities, equipment, raw material, skilled personnel and so on.

In light of Germany's shortcomings during the war in which it became clear that she wasn't able to be self-suficient and had to
rely on the resources of other countries, it's very hard to imagine how a base could be established with flying crafts using exotic to this day unduplicated technology, in the most harsh conditions imaginable. Secondly, any large scale operation that involves moving a lot of men and material will get noticed by your adversaries and during war time they would have acted accordingly. Again history shows nothing of the sort. 4 down for the Nazi UFO hypothesis.

June 1, 2009

Nazi UFOs - Part 3 Revenge Of The Nazi Nerdboy

One of the more startling pieces of information coming from the Nazi UFO hypothesis are "schematics". Some of these schematics show an object very similar to what George Adamski, Howard Menger and others photographed. Normally known as a 'scoutcraft' the object is called 'Haunebu 2' in the German UFO information. This in turn suggests that "Germans" were responsible for the contact cases of the 1950s and 60s and some people on the internet claim exactly that. The "schematics" supposedly prove that Adamski was contacted by Germans, and in turn Adamski bolsters the Nazi UFO hypothesis. I seriously doubt this is the case. I'm convinced that the Adamski information was simply hijacked and altered by people who fancy Nazi flying saucers. When you look at the actions of Nazi symphatisers you'll notice that revisionism often is one of their 'talents'.

Lets start off with the Haunebu 1 displayed above. Although not an exact match with an Adamski scoutcraft there are a lot of similarities. Immediately you'll notice that the drawing is rather poor and hardly the work of a selfrespecting aeronautical engineer. Supposedly these schematics, and there are a lot of them, were dug up from the secret SS archives and I believe Vladimir Terziski was involved in their discovery. What's interesting is that in the top of the "document" different types of crafts are listed, how many are available and how many are on order. What I can tell is that according to the document the Germans had 27 of these craft (different types) operating some time during the second world war. You'd think that they would rush a few of them to the frontline especially when the tide turned in favour for the Allies. Apparently that didn't happen.

Above is the "Haunebu 2" which is so similar to Adamski's scoutcraft. It becomes somewhat funny when you translate the text that comes with it, the "specs". Here's a rough translation of the German text;
HAUNEBU 2 - 7. November 1943 SS-Researchgroup 4
Diameter: 26,3 Meters
Propulsion: Thule-Tachyonator 7o (armoured; TY.-disk: 23,1 Meter)
Guidance: Mag-Field-Impulser 4a
Speed: 6000 Kilometers p. Hour (up to 21000 possible)
Radius (in flighthours) : app. 55 hours
Armament: 6 8cm KSK in three turrots below, one 11cm KSK in top turrot
Outer armour: Threeplate "Victalen" (?)
Crewcompliment: 9 Men (transports up to 20 men)
(?): 100%
Hovering endurance: 15 minutes
General Flight Capabilities: Day and Night in all weather.
Basic Service Potential (v7): 85%

The capabilities that are listed (for 1943) are so amazing that it becomes highly unlikely that such a craft ever existed in the aircraft inventory of Nazi Germany. A craft with these specifications would be far superior to anything the Allies had. It becomes so mythical that it becomes equally unrealistic. Top speed 6000 KpH, 55 hours flight endurance, heavy caliber weapons onboard. Later I found out that KSK stands for "ray-guns".

To summarize, I think those "schematics" are fabrications and downright fraudulent. There's also a "document" showing a carrier called an Andromeda craft, again similar to what Adamski reported and photographed. The Andromeda "schematic" is again amateuristic at best. What I think happend is that some unstable person with (neo) Nazi sympathies copied the Adamski material, inserted elements that point to Nazi Germany involvement and then presented the material as genuine. I call such a shameless revisionist a 'Nazi Nerdboy'. 3 down for the Nazi UFO hypothesis.

There's another clue why those "schematics" are such obvious fakes. When you take the pictures from the Adamski and Menger cases in front of you, you'll notice that the windows are not perfectly circular. This might be caused by the camera and the lighting (or flash). Strangely enough we see the same distortion in those Nazi UFO schematics (see above). It's a question off what is more likely. Did German engineers construct disproportionate windows, or did someone simply make a copy on paper and took that aspect of the photograph (unconsciously) with it? I'm leaning heavily towards the latter.

Nazi UFOs - Part 2 The Empire Doesn't Strike Back

When looking at the structure of the Nazi regime it's also hard to comprehend how a seperate and secret section of it could break away and follow its own course, especially in light of what happend to Germany's leaders and higher echelon when the war ended with Germany being defeated.

The Nazi Hierarchy was constructed in such a way that only the men at the top had complete view over what was going on. Their grip on Germany was based on control. In other words, the leaders weren't the kind of people to let a piece of their society go unchecked. Everybody answered to their superiors and this chain of command ended with the high-ranking Nazi party members and the generals who in turn answered to Hitler. Hardly anyone broke the chain of command since it had very serious repercussions. This includes any secret projects.

During the war years Himmler, head off the SS and the Gestapo, created a society where the 'best of the best' could apply. It's origins lay in the Thule society which even reached into the occult. Documentaries show it was an order which tried to resemble tutonic German knights. This society even practised obscure ceremonies for graduates and the likes. Again Himmler was in control over this group. Himmler only answered to Hitler which gave him a huge amount of power. His faith however would turn out just as dim as the other leaders.

Any secret projects such as the German Flying Disks would require a chain of command. A project of that kind requires personnel and resources, not to mention materials and a base from which to operate. Since these crafts had to be tested Germany's own defenses had to be instructed not to fire on any disc shaped craft. Air combat patrols had to be instructed not to engage a disc shaped craft or not to enter a certain air section. Flak guns a similar story. Radar stations would have to be told to ignore signals coming from a certain air space. During the testing the base personnel would have kept a constant lookout for enemy fighter planes which roamed the German country side especially during the later stages of the war. With the exception of the Foo Fighter phenomenon hardly any report of a disc shaped craft reaches the public. No reports are made by the Germans or the Allies concerning flying discs.

What's even more controversial in my opinion is the fact that when the war ended practically all of Germany's leaders and higher echelon are either captured or killed. None seem to have escaped using the flying discs while it would have been in their power to do so. Hitler shot himself during the last days of the war. Goering was captured and put on trial at Nuremberg, he escaped his verdict by commiting suicide. Goebbles, the propaganda minister comitted suicide, not before poisening his own family. Rudolf Hess was already in custody when he attempted a peace negotiation on his own accord. Albert Speer, Germany's Minister of Armaments was captured and sentenced to jail. Our 'good friend' Heinrich Himmler, mighty head of the SS was captured by allied forces near the border where he tried to pose as a regular army soldier. Karl Donitz, admiral of the German navy and last fuhrer was also captured and sentenced to jail. None of the leaders seemed able to escape using the flying discs claimed by the Nazi UFO hypothesis.

Some Germans guilty of warcrimes do escape but most are hunted down by the Israely secret service, Simon Wiesenthal and other organisations. Practically none of the captured Germans speak of a project involving the German Flying Disc.
To summarize, history shows that none of the major players mysteriously escaped. Instead most are captured or wound up dead. This doesn't support the theory that Nazi Germany had flying saucers, quite the contrary. 2 down for the German UFO hypothesis.