April 30, 2008

Albufeira Memories (5)

Cabo de sao Vicente, Cape Vicente for short. That's the most western tip of land in south Portugal. Very high cliffs that easily run up to 50 meters high. There is an old fort but it was closed off when I was there because of some reconstruction work. They also have a few stands there with clothes and trinkets. The landscape was very beautiful and rural. Hardly any trees or brush, probably because the wind pounds that place. Nice place to be at and take pictures. About one and half hours drive from Albufeira on the freeway and the cape was easy to find.

April 26, 2008


Pondered a bit about a subtitle to the blog and decided on some Latin. In the process I discovered Latin is really fun. Some words clearly relate to modern English words. The thing is however, it sounds really nice. Sophisticated somehow.
You can also make nasty words sound decent. Figuratively, using Latin is like doing your business on a golden toilet bowl or blowing your nose in a silk hanky. So decadent. I love it. Oh, and what the subtitle means - go figure.

April 25, 2008

Tax Evasion Sends Snipes Away

Wow. Just read that actor Wesley Snipes has been sentenced to three years in prison for tax evasion. That is of course a mortal sin in most civilized Western societies. I mean, when you're a celebrity you can get drunk in your car and park it in a shoppingmall injuring a few people. You'll get a fine and mandetory therapy. Don't pay the government and get put away for a number of years.

It's clear what is most important.

April 24, 2008

Albufeira Memories (4)

Albufeira harbour, or Marina as the Portugese like to say. The shot is taken from the first place we stayed in. We had booked a villa but wound up in a bungalow of sorts (with our own private swimming pool). The bungalow was on top of a hill facing the sea and marina. Amazing views from that place although we weren't too happy with it since we expected something else, but we got to the other villa 10 days into our vacation.
The marina itself was still a bit underdeveloped in 2006 but I reckon a lot has changed by now. There's a promenade facing the harbour with shops and restaurants. There was also a nightclub but the entry fee, €50, was a bit to much for my taste. (I'm still Dutch you know.) Didn't see much people when I peeked inside so I guess that nightclub is aiming for the rich and famous who just sail in. Beyond the harbour (where the trees are) there's also a fine restaurant. We ate their the first evening and it started getting busy later on in the evening. People all dressed up nicely. The bill was nice too.

Mac vs. PC

Mac vs. PC South Park style.

April 23, 2008

Albufeira Memories (3)

Ok. This shot was roughly taken at the center of the stretch of beach. (See first post&pic.) The sand on the beach was a bit larger in grain size. It's not like desert sand or the stuff you find in playgrounds. Feels a tad weirder on your feet.
Although the pic doesn't show it, some (large) rocks are just under the surf. There's no running into the water like a maniac. There's a good chance you'll get hurt and when I was there I saw a couple of people who had to be carried out the water by the lifeguards with their feet bleeding. Lifeguards wear a red trunk and white shirts, on the pic it's the fat guy center left.
There weren't any large waves when I was there but I read this week that a couple was caught off guard by a large wave and the woman was lost in the sea. They might have been standing on the peer you see in the pic. Another thing to note is that (when I was there) often there was a strong breeze coming from inland and if you're afloat on your airbed you can find yourself a couple of hundred meters from the shore in no time. No dozing off in the water. Ok. That's enough smart talk for today.

Bad Beer Commercial

Hmm. Somehow this doesn't work for me.

Albufeira Memories (2)

Shot taken from the other side of the beach. The beach is one of the few really flat surfaces you'll find in Albufeira since the town and surrounding areas are basicly one hill after another. Nonetheless the beach was a really nice place to be at. The rockwall was basicly sandstone and if you looked close enough you could find little fossiles within the stone.

April 22, 2008

Albufeira Memories

Ah the memories. I was in Albufeira, Portugal in 2006. Wouldn't mind taking a stroll on that beach right now. :)

Great Beer Commercial

Couldn't have made a better beer commercial myself.

Here I go.

Hmm. My first attempt at blogging. May God have mercy on your souls. Well I'm sure it wont be that bad, maybe just a little at times. Ok how does this thing work...