May 29, 2011

Your Friendly Real Estate Agent

Notorious Zeitgeist critic James Kush revealed on his blog that he is in the real estate business. He boasts that he's at the point of selling property worth $500.000, looking at the housing market in my own country and what real estate agents usually make on a deal I estimate that good old James stands to profit around $10.000 on that sale (assuming of course the percentage is the same). Such an easy market, real estate, when you really think about it. As a real estate agent you're simply the middle man, a salesman who doesn't own the property yet brokers a deal between the seller and buyer. Entirely overrated if you ask me. With a little legal knowledge everyone can sell their own property.

It's also quite easy to see what James' real motivation is for confronting the Zeitgeist Movement and it's the same with other critics such as Muertos who sells books and Paul Jones who owns a record label. Money and self interest. Pure and simple. If some organization advocates the abolition of money (like the Zeitgeist Movement), well, certain people who don't have a problem raking in the dollars or pounds themselves develop somewhat of a brainfart because that kind of ideology conflicts with their own agenda. Since normal arguments against the type altruism the Zeitgeist Movement forwards is insufficient they simply move on to the next level and that is to discredit and go for the character assassination.

I was thinking though since the motivation of the critics in some to most cases is pretty much clear cut - maybe they can incorporate the methods they employ on the internet into their respective businesses and make an extra buck. Muertos' next book titled 'Life Without Conspiracy Theorists.' Paul Jones' new record label; 'The Cult-Smear Project.' Last but not least of course, James Kush can come up with some pretty slick sale slogans. 'This house is occult-free.' Or, 'This property has never been inhabited by cult members.' 'Kush trashes and discredits anything that gets in the way of making you a profit, because I'm your friendly real estate agent.' Could work, maybe.

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