August 12, 2010

Who Is Peter Joseph? (Behind The Scenes)

Charles Robinson put out a new video. A behind the scenes look from the original video 'Who is Peter Joseph?' which was contested on it's authenticity by a number of folks which I addressed in my previous post. As you can see it's pretty much proven that Charles Robinson made the original film. Peter Joseph is wearing the same cloths, it's the same room with all the equipment in the proper place and Charles is talking in the background with PJ responding. The video was also produced within a day which suggests that the maker had stock footage - easily accessible and ready to go. It does turn out that the last name 'Robinson' is fictitious, done so as a precautionary measure to protect his identity. Not unwise since PJ himself is practically attacked on a daily basis by fanatics on the internet.

One of the most peculiar matters is how many people went along with the accusation that Peter made the video himself. While PJ has a number of detractors these people also strongly contest the conspiracy theories in Zeitgeist 1, saying you need more factual data in order to come to a sound conclusion. Setting this notion aside, many contributors on the Conspiracy Science forums went along with the accusation, probably fueled by their dislike for PJ, the films or TZM. Perhaps they understand now that convictions based on pure emotion can also leads to false assumptions (conspiracy theories)? The Anonymous guys who started all of this still seem to struggle with the 'behind the scenes' video but these are not the kind of folks you can expect intellectual honesty from. Still, eventually even they will have to eat some humble pie.

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