August 29, 2010

Lazar's Hydrogen Car

Fascinating to see Bob Lazar again. He was quite a hot item back in the 90s with his claims of having worked at Area 51 and to have worked on a saucer shaped craft there. I recall the 'shockwaves' that he created and the folks that took issues with his claims. Subsequently Lazar got a, pardon my French, shitload of critique. Many people doubted his credentials, pointed out there was no evidence to his claims and even doubted he was a scientist to begin with.

Considering these points of criticism it's intriguing to see how Bob Lazar managed to build a hydrogen system in his car, and not only that. He also set up a lot of equipment which produces hydrogen on a daily basis. Still doesn't end here since he produced materials you can't get at the counter in order to make the hydrogen system work. I would say that qualifies him as a smart guy. It should be clear to everyone that the technology to replace fossil fuel based engines is already present.

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