August 2, 2010

TVP Critics & Their Antics

I've been reading up on yet another blog, this time from a guy who is a Zeitgeist supporter. Quite refreshing, and revealing I must say since some people who criticize TZM and TVP are not so innocent as they pretend to be. Although they would probably see it in a different light. Devan Evans made a post here, laying out some of the antics the critics pull. A number of critics have come together at the Conspiracy Science forum, that's also where you can find many topics and posts criticizing Peter Joseph, Fresco and even other Zeitgeist forum regulars.

You might consider asking yourself how come they have such intimate knowledge of individuals who visit the Zeitgeist forum. The answer is quite simple. They have been members of the forum and some continue to monitor developments. Upon further examination you'll find out that some of the critics were in fact members of the Zeitgeist Movement but were banned from the forum, often for misconduct. Maybe it's me and my conspiracy theories but I already see a pattern emerging here. But lets take a look at a few circumstances that led to a removal from the forum.

"Well, Fresco wasn’t doing a good job with PR, so they got Peter in, he did a better job, so whats wrong with suggesting they get someone else in to do a better job, the same thing is happening with mods, they have been upgraded."

Written by a guy named Nanos who seems completely unaware that Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows are currently on a world lecture tour across the globe promoting the Venus Project. (I visited the lecture in Holland myself.) You may be inclined to think this is a small transgression and I would agree with you if it's one time event. People can make a mistake or have a bad day and write something in an emotional mood. It becomes something entirely different when you make cheap shots on a regular basis and this is what apparently transpired with this particular member which lead to his banning.

"In fact I met him in London after a lecture in passing and the VERY first thing he did was attack me on the 911 issue – this after a 4 hour lecture/talk about TZM… that is all he could come up with… pointless."

Those are Peter Joseph's comments about a former member named Ed, who apparently spend about 15 months complaining on the Zeitgeist forum why the movie Zeitgeist 1 sucked. I don't know if this is the same person as Edward Winston, another vocal critic of the Zeitgeist Movement. In any case I find the behavior of this person disturbing. Spending all that time on a forum disagreeing and then going to a lecture only to confront the person who you have a beef with over matters in cyberspace, is what? Obsessive maybe?

"One post which was made towards myself was by Edward Scissorhands saying that “This dumb fuck who makes youtube videos with a blue glow in the dark dildo microphone thinks he can do what scientists havent managed to do for erm a century.""

Edward Scissorhands is none other then "anti cultist" who has a blog that I addressed in a previous post. (You just have to click on his profile over at the conspiracyscience forum which links directly to his blog.) Above is quite a different tone than what he displays on his blog contributions. I wonder, did he use that type of language on the Zeitgeist forum? Call me strange but that is exactly the type of language that will get you banned. If you don't show any respect, you're not going to receive it either. That's simply how the world works.

Many critics (who flock over to the conspiracyscience forum) seem to have had a direct altercation with the Zeitgeist Movement. The question is; who's to blame for that? Are the moderators of the Zeitgeist forum really that bad or do some contributors just behave badly - think they can do and say anything they want? Lets take a look at a segment of the forum rules which are common throughout the internet and state;

"1. Please treat everyone with respect. Insulting, derogatory and/or any other disrespectful discourse is inappropriate and unacceptable.
2. Please do not engage in personal attacks (arguing with and/or attacking the person instead of addressing the topic) and try not to respond to such attacks, except to redirect the discussion to the topic."

Again, call me strange but from what I've seen some critics had no inclination whatsoever to discuss matters concerning Zeitgeist in a respectful manner. It also makes me wonder why they joined in the first place. I sometimes think they didn't join to converse, they came there to argue. Now, I'm going to divert from the approach that Devan Evans took who treated this subject with the utmost care. I think some of the critics are just plain morons. Yes you read it right. I don't like to use curse words but sometimes there isn't a better way to describe it.
Some folks are apparently under the impression that they can say and do anything the feel like. The freedom on the internet and their giant ego's also somehow gives them the impression that they are not at fault or had anything to do with an altercation. Ego's that are too rigid to look at themselves or the behavior they displayed that led them to getting banned. No, they think it is the fault of someone else, go on a tantrum and play the blame-game. The moderators on the Zeitgeist forum, or Peter Joseph himself, they did it. The Zeitgeist forum is not there to meat every demand a critic has. If you can't accept that then don't join in the first place. Go to a forum like conspiracyscience where you can bitch and moan about practically everything. Well, not about everything. People like Cody Vickers get banned as well. Which is quite strange since there isn't that much of a gap from what I have seen.
No, disgruntled former members and stalkers of the Zeitgeist Movement. The fault lies with you and your inability to take no for an answer.

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