August 11, 2010

TVP Critics & Their Antics 4

Well, pay close attention to what a person is saying, how he is saying it and when, can provide some insights. I made a few comments on the YouTube video 'Exposed: Who is Peter Joseph?' made by Anon13AllOfUs, one of those anonymous guys who make anti TZM and TVP videos. Just a moment ago, as of this typing, I received replies by Anon13 in the comment section of that YouTube video. Here's what he had to say;
No one's running away from you Ed V. But yeah, we're forward to this BS that Peter Joseph Merola makes up. He'll probably try to hire some actor to act like Charles Robinson. It's just pathetic.

One hint is that he knows my name (which I only present on my blog), meaning that he has knowledge of it. Links to my blog have only been made on a couple of blogs and forums, Conspiracy Science forums being one of them. More revealing is that Anon13 makes the suggestion that 'Peter Joseph would probably try to hire some actor to act like Charles Robinson.' While this is somewhat of a (personal) theory it's also convenient as a 'fail-safe' should Chris Robinson present more convincing material. Where that suggestion stands out for me is that I read it in identical phrasing over the CS forums in the topic 'Peter Joseph is Charles Robinson' just an hour earlier. The post was made by 'Billll' and here is an excerpt;
I'm awaiting for Peter Joseph Merola to make the next Charles Robinson video. I'm wondering if he's going to higher actors to play Charles or just put Charles voice out there possibly by someone else, Peter's brother or a computer modified voice and pretend that's Charles. Pete your found out your a conartist you made the videos...

Again there's the suggestion that Peter Joseph would hire an actor to cover things up. The thing is, I haven't seen others make such a suggestion. Just around the same time I also checked out the anti cultist blog and the post 'Who is Peter Joseph part 3.' In the comment section of that article again I found a post by 'Billll' and the following words he used;
I’m awaiting for Peter Merola to hire an actor or use a voice modify and pretend it’s Charles Robinson, it’s a bit to late Pete your full of shit con artist…

I think it's highly likely that 'Billll' is 'Anon13AllOfUs.' The suggestion, wording and overall criticism is strikingly similar and all those statements were written on the same day in the space of a few hours. More information on a person named 'Billll' can be found on this blog. It seems his real name is Bill Matriark and that he's no stranger to the Zeitgeist movement forums. Unsurprisingly Bill has been banned several times by the moderators yet kept coming back by creating false accounts. (This seems to be a repeating element.) Seeing all the things he wrote it's not hard to imagine that he holds somewhat of a grudge against the movement and one avenue of continuing with his criticism is his Anon13 13AllOfUs YouTube account. The last reply I got from Bill on that YouTube channel was this one;
1. We're not former TZM members.
2. Stop pretending to be someone else Ed V. : blogger . com / profile / 07812856583998219366
3. You just got bit in the ass by shame.

You're not former TZM members? What a joke, but by now it's pretty evident that you have zero credibility and can't be trusted.

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