August 13, 2010

Not 4 All Of Us.

There are indications that the YouTube user 'Anon2AllofUs' who made the video above, isn't enjoying the full support of anonymous. Last week I noticed comments here and there where certain people mentioned being or having been part of anonymous (4chan) and they not only deny the rhetoric against Zeitgeist but indicate that Anon2AllofUs is not part of that group. Here's what a couple of people had to say on YouTube;
You don't speak for all of anonymous, newfag. Go be an hero. lol.

Pardon me sir. "I am anonymous." I was actually there when that got started. Know the longcat photo from london? I'm actually in that photo. I'm a former-goon, YTMNDer. I remember when we all turned our backs on 4chan and went after ebaums, Scientology and just about anyone that looked at us cross-eyed. I don't know who you are but you had better stop using our name. You are not us. You are one guy with a grudge and your playing with fire.

Not exactly supportive of the channel in question that puts so much anti TZM and TVP material out there. To expand on the anonymous angle, there's even a moderator 29 on the international Zeitgeist forum who also uses the anonymous image and apparently has knowledge of the inner workings of 4chan. Note: he supports the Zeitgeist movement and took it upon himself to be a moderator. Here's what he had to say about Anon2 and his YouTube channel;
A member of anonymous cannot claim to be Anonymous just as one doesent simply fly into Mordor. The chans are aware of this issue and there is too much debate, many /b/tards have seen and enjoyed the movies. Let him troll and get his LOLZ out, in fact, you all should watch the one about Zeitgeist and how we are Communists, ITS GREAT! There is a sub documentary on how Martin Luthor King Jr. Is really a communist dissenter! Its GOLD I tell you!

I think at this point it's safe to say that the anonymous group isn't a homogeneous entity against Zeitgeist or the Venus Project. We must be careful not to judge the anonymous group on the basis of what Anon2 presents on his channel. It's obvious that he doesn't have support from each member and it might even work to his disadvantage if some hardcore folks from anonymous take offense to his ways. There was already some suspicion with me and with others that Anon2 didn't represent the movement and that he more or less hijacked the meme in order to be more effective in discrediting Zeitgeist. Grudges can go a long way so it seems. Maybe he should change the name of his channel to Not4AllOfUs.

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