August 11, 2010

TVP Critics & Their Antics 3

I wonder how long this video will be up since there are so many (false) assumptions and accusations that when the truth comes out, it will severely embarrass the creator(s) of this video and the people that supported it. Above is part 1 of 4 but basically the accusation is, is that Peter Joseph created the video named 'Who Is Peter Joseph?' and that the maker Charles Robinson is a non existent character and PJ himself.

While the creator of this video is 'Anon13AllOfUs,' who also uses the Anonymous meme to his advantage, anti cultist apparently is also involved. Coincidentally enough, anti cultist already addressed his suspicions that Peter Joseph was behind the Charles Robinson videos on the 16th of February with this blog post. Oddly enough some 6 months later a video comes out addressing the exact same issues followed up by another blog post from anti cultist confirming the statements in the anonymous video and the reference to his earlier 'work.' This is not the only occurrence where possible connections seem to exist between anti cultist and some anonymous YouTube users. Anti cultist made a blog post where he claims TZM and TVP are a cult, involving the work of Dr Robert J. Lifton. Again you can see a similar content in one of the anonymous videos. Lets also not forget that both anti cultist and the anonymous YouTube users both use the cult claim in a derogatory manner in order to smear the Zeitgeist movement. It's evident that there are many similarities and quite possibly they are working together.

Rather quickly comments have surfaced from Peter Joseph and Charles 'Robinson.' Here's what Peter Joseph had to say on the Zeitgeist forum about the video and the claims therein;
I'll email Charles and have him post something to put this bs to bed. He isn't in the movement btw and he wanted his identity to be confidential due to the overall tensions associated with me. I asked him to post a picture he took of us and he refused - as he is afraid it would hurt his career to be identified with such a controversial association... (his last name isn't actually Robinson)
Hilarious- I just saw the vid they posted and they point to the fact that one of the screen grabs shows my name logged into amazon. All the images given to Charles were from me, and yes finally sent them the day before he posted the vid online as he had been sitting on the edit - waiting to add them. I hope everyone here appreciates the bs I endure on a daily basis to do what I do. This new hate subculture is just incredible... and pathetic.

Charles 'Robinson' comments on the YouTube channel;
Listen you morons. I am a real person. My last name is actually not Robinson and your trophy issue with the amazon date is because he sent it to me the night before. I was waiting for the images for weeks. I'm also going to make the work copyright so you can't abuse it like you have. a-holes

Questioned if he had any footage of the interview where he was asking questions directly to Peter Joseph;
Yes, I do and I will making a video very soon to show you jackasses how painfully stupid you are.

I can't wait for the video to come out. Do you really think Peter Joseph would be that stupid to create a video where he pretends to be interviewed? He would ask a co-worker or a family member if he felt inclined to give an interview about himself. I'm confident that the future will show to what lengths some hate filled bigots will go in order to discredit Peter Joseph and the Zeitgeist movement.

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