August 31, 2010

5000 Dutch Zeitgeist Members

Netherlands 5,002

Saw yesterday that the total number of members in Holland reached over 5000. Think that's a good thing for such a small country. Although Holland has over 16 million inhabitants I think still only a few have come into contact with the Zeitgeist films, the Venus Project and the ideology of a resource based economy. Holland is also pretty much divided along the political spectrum. The last election wielded a tiny majority for the liberal right wing party VVD, closely followed by the Dutch Labour Party PvdA who had one seat less. The country isn't really 'left' or 'right' and there are many more smaller parties. It's difficult to assess what that means for the future seeing how our political system is so fragmented and divided. I think it is within the realm of possibilities that the amount of Dutch ZG members will double within a year or two but we shouldn't expect any miracles anytime soon. Still, reaching 5000 is a milestone, and I suppose something to be proud of.

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