July 1, 2011

Zeitgeist Charity

The (main event of the) Zeitgeist Media Festival is being held in Los Angeles on the 11th of September. Naturally this is done to create awareness for the need of social change. In this case it is done through artistic means and many artists make an appearance in Los Angeles as well as other venues. (See website for further information.)

Yet this particular blog is not exclusively about the Zeitgeist Media Festival although I do recommend people should visit and learn everything about the Zeitgeist Movement. In the past a number of critics have accused the Zeitgeist Movement of not doing anything for charity. Regardless of the fact that these critics possess a habit of finding fault with practically everything the movement does simply because they don't like what it stands for, they also made the bald statement that 'we' were against charity while nothing could be farther from the truth.

This misconception originated from discussions where some Zeitgeist members forwarded the notion that while charity is a good thing - it doesn't solve problems in the long run and it also doesn't addresses the root causes of poverty and homelessness to begin with. Some detractors developed a hissy fit at this point and interpreted it in such a way that the Zeitgeist Movement was not doing anything for charity and was even against it. Well, at least this portion of their critique can be put to rest since the Zeitgeist Media Festival simultaneously organizes a charity event in conjunction with the Food Bank;

The Zeitgeist Media Festival is partnering with The Temple of Conscious Giving of LA & the LA Foodbank to pair in a Food Drive to help the many homeless and suffering people in Los Angeles. Entrance to The Zeitgeist Media Festival REQUIRES Dry/Can food to be personally brought to the event by all attendees!

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