July 15, 2011

Dear Matt

Why thank you Matt for that total honest post. Maybe you have noticed that I hardly commented on your actions on my blog, here and there in passing if my memory serves me right. Did comment on the CS forums in general of course. Let me say that I appreciate your honesty and if more people would simply state their true intentions the easier it is to make some sort of progress. You know what the downside is of the animosity between CS and TZM? It restricts the exploration of finer issues. When we enter the arena as "conspiracy theorist" vs "troll" defensive positions are quickly erected, on an intellectual level of course.

While I see in the topic over at the CS forums that some people are eager to label me as a conspiracy theorist let me prove that I don't want to be that myself. Besides, I don't recall making the claim that you, Muertos or Anticultist are paid disinformation agents. Trolls? Yes. Government agents? No. Hope you don't mind me using the word troll on this occasion and I believe you personally have no problem with the word. The label is also on your YouTube account and you admitted engaging in trolling if I'm not mistaken so I'm guessing you're not as quickly offended as the others. (In the topic on CS Anticultist also admits he engaged in trolling.)

Right. Proving I'm not the conspiracy theorist some people may think I am. A while back I installed a piece of software on my blog called a 'sitemeter.' It's in the bottom left of my blog. At the time blogger itself didn't have many options regarding how many people visit and so on. I also got some inspiration from "i.p.-hunter" Paul Jones (Anticultist) and I must admit I was curious who visits my blog (from time to time). The sitemeter lets you see the i.p. number, from which country people originate, sometimes which companies or organizations they work for. It shows how long visitations last, how many pages they visit and maybe the most informative matter is how they visit, meaning through which link they enter the blog (referring url).

Couple of months back, May to be precise, I did a piece on Muertos. The latter opened a topic on the CS forums. I watched my sitemeter and this one came up;

Quite strange actually. Navy Network Information Center. The city is listed as Maysville which I looked up on Google and it's a small village just a stones throw away from Camp Lejeune, a U.S. Marine Corp facility. The thing is Matt and I hope this proves I'm not the conspiracy theorist some people may think I am, I didn't do anything with this information. I didn't make a blog about it claiming CS is connected to a military agency or intelligence. Didn't run over to the Zeitgeist forums and yell you guys are paid disinformation agents and here's the connection. I just sat on it, because maybe it's simply some guy in the office checking your website out. (By the way, I also have a screenshot of a visit from Scott Air Force base.) Maybe you have even a better explanation for it. So here's to detente.


Devan Evans said...

I find it interesting that he is basing his hatred on past conversations that never take place anymore. A lot of those people are now literally run off and if you go into TS3 and ask people what their view is on conspiracy theories they will actually state most of the time that they don't want to talk about that stuff because it's not relevant to the movement.

Ed V. said...

Right. Up till now I've commented a lot on the Dutch ZG forums and 90% (easily) of the folks there don't discuss conspiracy theories and some even have trouble with the first Zeitgeist movie because of its theories surrounding 9/11 and the critique on religion. A few folks, 2 as I recall, did try to forward theories about UFOs and New Age and they were politely asked to discuss those topics elsewhere. The critics don't seem to keep up with current events. Using the CT angle is of course a tool, a means to an end.

Vasper85 said...

Matt is a big douche nozzle. I'll be the first to admit. And if Matt was totally honest he'd be a quick second. But for Devan to say that the conspiracy issue is a non-issue is to have blinders on.

For example user basic1 has the following signature tag:

I endorse Zeitgeist (The Movie) Part II: All the World's a Stage.

If that doesn't scream truther, then what?

Ed V. said...

Vasper, I'm not denying that CT's are still being discussed on ZG forums by some members. I'm saying that not everyone indulges themselves in such activities. Therefore it's also unfair to lump everyone in TZM as cooks (a.k.a. conspiracy theorists) like it is done on some other forums.

Devan Evans said...

Vasper85, let me just make this perfectly clear. I stated that "A lot of those people [conspiracy theorists] [have] now literally run off..." meaning that the majority of people there do not discuss conspiracy theories. Just because one person or a small minority endorses 9/11 truth that doesn't make it a truther organization.

Does the fact that Amnesty International have some who endorse 9/11 Truth make it a truther movement? No of course not, your doing guilt by association, now stop it already.