July 5, 2011

Picture Anomaly? (2)

Last weekend I took some shots in my garden, mostly of plants and birds. We had a northwestern wind which meant cool temperatures and vibrant air since the wind comes from the North Sea which also means less pollution. Since the sky was so clear I took this shot. Viewing the pictures later I was a little surprised to find an object in the upper left corner. Here's it enlarged.

Didn't see anything when I took the picture and I'm not claiming it's a UFO or anything. I'm just wondering what it is. Insect maybe? Probably a bird. Sometimes we have a flock of swallows cruising the skies although I didn't see any that day and they are "v" shaped - plus they make a high pitched noise you can even hear on the ground. My best bet is a seagull way up in the sky. Shots like these can easily be mistaken for UFOs.

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