July 13, 2011

Quote Explained

Couple of days ago I posted this screenshot which I took from the comment section of a video from YouTube. Now, I've already seen some people giving it some attention and focusing on the first sentence of the comment which is of course conspiracy theory oriented. Personally, I found the other sentences and text far more powerful in meaning but of course critics quickly look over that section since it's seemingly not very helpful to their cause.

Let me be clear though. I don't believe in a Jewish banking conspiracy. In fact I believe not all bankers are Jewish or are part of some cabal. The bottom line is that it is totally irrelevant if bankers in the modern (western) world are Jewish, Christian, Muslim or Hindu. At the very top of financial institutions they have only one mindset and that is to think about the money. Religion has little to nothing to do with it. I also dislike this kind of focus as if Jewish bankers are at the fault of everything in the financial world. It can easily lead to anti-semitism which I reject on principal alone.

I found the phrase "in China the state controls the banks and corporations while in the USA corporations and banks control the state" rather fitting. It brings up the debate of 'isn't control always there in a monetary market?' 'The free market ideology meaning profit above all else.' 'Individual greed regulating one another?' Those are far more worthy matters to discuss.


Devan Evans said...

Let me guess, Conspiracy Science Trolls have been harping on the fact that you gave that screen cap as quote of the month? Not surprising, I actually ignored the anti-Semitic part and smiled at the part about the free market.

Ed V. said...