July 1, 2011


Bought a bag of Tigridia bulbs in early spring and planted them right away. All of them (6) came out of the ground but only one of them has bloomed so far. Their leafs also tend to snap and fall over after a strong breeze, resulting in the leaf dying off. Plant lice also tend to attach themselves to the leafs the moment they spring out of the ground. While the flower of the plant is gorgeous, I was a little bit disappointed to find out it only bloomed for one day. It's an ok plant for the garden as far as I'm concerned but personally I'd recommend something else - plants that bloom for a longer period.

I must vindicate the Tigridia. After watching the plant some more I'm not that disappointed anymore. While its flowers bloom for one day it does keep on making new ones, so it's not 1 flower per plant but many. The picture above is the second flower and a third one is underway right now. That certainly makes up for the short blooming period.

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