July 15, 2011

Wake Up Mr Green

Sorry for the late reply Muertos but I was busy doing other things. It's fascinating to see you would go as far as stating that I have an obsession with you while you're the one constantly putting the Zeitgeist Movement in a negative light. First it was a conspiracy movement full of cranks and nuts (which you display above once again) and that is simply a generalization since not everyone supports conspiracy theories (like 9/11), don't care or have moved on already. Next you tried desperately to make an association between Destini and TZM like they are one and the same thing, or something close to it.

It seems to me that you are the one with an obsession since "conspiracy nuts" and "cult members" are fixed in your lexicon. You know what my part in all of this is? I simply confront you on your bullshit. That's it. If you like to visit concerts and get drunk - rock on brother. I couldn't care less. Yet when I perceive things that I consider plain falsehoods I speak up. And yes I called you a "troll" because in my book you fit the definition. When you direct other forum users over at CS to "harass and ridicule Zeitgeist members" than you've lost credibility as an objective critic. Can't make it any simpler than that.

In the rant above you display another falsehood. You claim I never took on any specific criticism you had. That's strange. I seem to recall having discussions with you last year where I didn't dismiss every criticism you had and I even agreed with some. Here's an excerpt from August last year;
"I agree with you that theories have to be proven yet I can also understand why some people would make such claims. They base it on 'circumstantial evidence', like you see with the 9/11 truthers."
We had long winded debates about conspiracy theories where I met you at the very least halfway;
"I actually watched Addendum first and later on Zeitgeist 1. Personally, I view that first film as a personal project of Peter Joseph. Even I see some faults with Zeitgeist 1 - hijackers or a plane that weren't there - a group of businessmen behind every war in history. The bashing of Christianity was also not very smart and a guarantee to upset religious folks. It's more entertainment than a documentary, but I believe it was intended to provoke thought."
And another one;
"I have no disagreement with the statement you made, in fact generalizations serve little purpose other then to label the opposition as inadequate."

I didn't dismiss all of your objections although here you are pretending I did exactly that. Maybe it is fairer to say Muertos that in the discussions with me you simply didn't get what you want, total agreement. Maybe that is why you started feeling you weren't getting anywhere and finally getting upset and giving up. "Conspiracy theorist!!"
But I will admit that a game is being played here. You play it (according to your convictions) and so do I. You have a weakness Muertos, when someone mentions a conspiracy theory you go on tilt and for someone who recognizes this, it is remarkably easy to push your buttons in order for you to make a mistake. "Wake up Mr Green." If you have followed the previous link you may get a glimpse of who your real adversary in all of this is.

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