July 18, 2011

TZM Not A Cult

Good news. Even the most vocal critics of the Zeitgeist Movement have now largely concluded that it is not a cult. Despite the fact that several members of the Skeptic Project forums have maintained the 'cult claim' for a few years now and repeated it many times on their own respective blogs and/or YouTube channels, practically all of them seem to agree that TZM doesn't meet the criteria of a cult (although a few seemingly still have a problem with it). The (now closed) topic over at Skeptic Project forums can be found here. Here are a few quotes;

Matt: "So is TZM a cult? I would say no, it is not. Its certainly an ideology/religion with some cult-like qualities, but I don't think it would be accurate to call it a cult."

Kaiser Falkner: "I agree with this evaluation pretty hardily. Its not a cult, but maybe only because its so useless it cannot even achieve that dubious distinction."

Anticultist: "Yeah I know me too I dont believe they are a destructive/negative cult. But they do exhibit enough markers to be close to other less dangerous cults, like cults of personality, cults of politics etc.."

2012 CT: "After considering TZM as being a possible internet cult I started to do my own research checking through academic journals and using google of course. I realized that their was almost ZERO credible academic research on internet cults. [...] When I say TZM is a cult it's purely based more on opinion and to a lesser extent on academic criteria evaluation (that is based on academic research). Their simply isn't enough academic research to say that internet cults are even possible."

CyborgJesus: "In conclusion, I don't think TZM classifies as a real cult, but I don't think that should be the question anyway."

JimJesus: "The Zeitgeist Movement is as much of a cult as Trekkies or Bronies. [...] To call them a cult now is a stretch."

Vasper85: "As a former member I can't see TZM as being a cult."

It's ironic that some of the people who started creating waves on the internet by claiming the Zeitgeist Movement was in fact a cult now abandon their previous position. Better late than never I suppose. Lets take the positive approach; at least we've got it cleared up.


Devan Evans said...

This is too hilarious for words

Ed V. said...

Yeah. For years some folks were claiming TZM was a cult and in a moment of intellectual honesty these same people couldn't acknowledge it. Even Paul Jones who was one of the initiators of "the cult angle" says it is not so.

Did you also notice how Muertos found himself at the center of this comedy? Last year he didn't believe TZM was a cult while in the beginning of this year he adopted it. And right now he's the one maintaining the position while his 'friends' have abandoned it. Really funny.

Matt said...

I can't abandon something I never did. I don't recall ever referring to TZM as a cult. As far as I know, I have always called it an e-religion/ideology/philosophy.

So, let's be honest here Ed. Also, what the hell does Plan B From The Bacardi Room mean?

Ed V. said...

Oh hey Matt. Sorry for the late reply but I was busy. Hmm, you never referred to TZM as a cult? I seem to recall something different but I might be mistaken, and to be honest I'm too lazy right now to look it up. But the Skeptic Project forums shows clearly that you started a lot of threads on TZM and where you were going with it. I also don't recall confronting you personally with my blogs, with one exception.

The naming of my blog, and this is no bullshit. In the spring of 2008 I started this blog and at the time I hadn't even heard of Zeitgeist. I was more interested in blowing off steam and entertaining myself on the internet, sharing some information. My mother was critically ill at the time and I was drinking bacardi and coke, being somewhat intoxicated when I named my blog. With a little imagination you can figure out the meaning.

Matt said...

I think at one point I started a thread asking if TZM was a cult, but if memory serves the majority of people who posted gave the opinion that is was a philosophy/ideology/religion.

Threads I started about TZM were usually because of three reasons:

1) What I reposted was funny.
2) What I reposted was shocking.
3) Merola said something stupid/funny/shocking.