March 21, 2010

Thoughts On Zeitgeist

For some time now I've been enthusiastic about the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project because simply put, it offers a much better society then we have now. Peter Joseph (above) is the director of the Zeitgeist movie and more or less the main force behind the movement. Zeitgeist itself is the (political) activist division of the Venus Project and the latter is more about redesigning our society in many facets according to a resource based economy. Simply put; money gets taken out of the equation and technology will meet every human necessity. All the planet's resources are for the betterment of all people. Energy demands are met by clean and durable technologies such as wind, solar, tidal, wave and geothermal. Petroleum derivatives would be a thing of the past.

It sounds pretty idealistic and in a way it is of course. Our current world society is a monetary system that depends on consumption and one of it's main pillars is the oil industry. Banks and governments basically rule in this structure and hold power and social control over everyone on the planet. While some countries are a democracy, basically there is no such thing because you vote for people that uphold the system and have no intention of changing it. How many politicians come from the corporate world or go there after their time in political office is up? Right. Practically all of them. I've noticed this in my own country. Politicians, in essence, aren't there for the people. They are there for the 'flow of money.' People are secondary. Politicians primarily handle the budget and then make applications that 'benefit' the people. The economy is the holiest institution, not the individual human element. Politicians are economic managers who invent rules, nothing else.

Before I watched the movie Zeitgeist Addendum I already had a good impression of how the world works. A couple of years ago a friend recommended that I watch it on the internet, and I did. A few weeks later I visited my friend again and I said; basically the movie shows that we are in a type of 'economic slavery.' That might be a hard statement but when you think about that it's not so farfetched. My friend wholeheartedly agreed. As a citizen you're constantly driven to acquire money because everything has a price tag and the sweet government that has your best interest at heart, taxes the hell out of you. Buying a house also obligates you to work for decades and the money you loan from the bank has to be paid back double. The Zeitgeist movie shows that banks can create money out of thin air. What kind of a system is that? If you don't pay the bank, they seize your house, but does it work the other way around? No, it doesn't. The current economic crisis clearly shows that part of the monetary system. If banks collapse all the money and responsibility vanishes in the same thin air. Governments and ultimately the (working) people are left with the mess. What a dandy system.

(More on this later.)

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