March 8, 2010

Explainable Weird Pictures

Going over past photographs there were a couple more strange ones but they are explainable. Above is a picture I took in the harbor of IJmuiden. Featured is the port island which functioned as a bunker-fortress during WW2 and in times before. If you look above the radio masts you'll see an object. I'm fairly convinced that's an airplane although it's not that visible in the shot. Sometimes when airplanes are on approach to Schiphol airport they fly along the coastline and then make a turn in land, setting themselves up for the runway. It's one of those 'air highways'. So I'm reasonably sure this is an airplane.

Another weird shot, but explainable. I have only seen this one time in the 11 years or so that I'm living here. The lights you see in the photograph are in fact pollen or seeds from a certain tree. It's almost like 'angel hair' - the stuff you put in a Christmas tree. When I saw it I thought to myself, what the hell is that? Upon closer examination I found it was the aforementioned pollen. It reflected quite a bit of sunlight so it had somewhat of the appearance of a shiny metallic object, which it was not of course. It's quite easy to mistake such a sighting for a UFO, I reckon.

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