March 25, 2010

Thoughts On Zeitgeist (4)

As mentioned in previous posts, Zeitgeist has its detractors and understandably so. People with power or a clear advantage will be reluctant to give that away. No country will give up the monetary system when other parts of the world are still connected to it. Still, opposition can come in unexpected ways. After watching Zeitgeist Addendum, arguably the best film, I looked up commentary on YouTube and found an interview between Peter Joseph (the movie director) and radio show host Alex Jones. I had already come across articles and movie clips by Jones, here and there, on other websites. Still I wasn't that acquainted with his work. I did realize he was an activist and '9/11 Truthseeker.' Since the Zeitgeist movie touches upon similar elements I naturally presumed Jones would be positive about the Zeitgeist Movement. That turned out to be quite the pipe dream.

Watching the interview on YouTube my jaw dropped to the floor. Jones verbally attacked Peter Joseph in such an open way that I started to wonder if Jones hadn't planned such a move all along and was just waiting to go on the offensive. Even more shocking was the "work" Jones did after that interview and where he came out with all guns blazing. According to him Zeitgeist was in fact part of the New World Order (NWO), were sun-worshippers, were satanists and followers of Marxism and Communism. When a person makes that many accusations it's best to look at who they are and where they come from.

It always amazes me when people have many things in common yet make such an issue about the differences. So I started looking up other articles, radio shows and visited Jones' website Infowars. Didn't take me long to figure out that although Jones is a political activist who rightly exposes government intrigues and the (corporate) elite, he comes from an entirely different background and ideology then the Zeitgeist Movement. Born and raised in Texas, Jones is a religious (right-wing) conservative. Furthermore he's an isolationist, and his main concern is government interference. (I didn't even have to look up his Wikipedia entry.) There are a number of people in the U.S. whose main concern is the government that messes with their lives. They just want to be left alone and go about their business. From that perspective it's understandable that they would automatically resist ideas promoted by the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project, but if they set aside their fears for just one second, maybe they would detect that Zeitgeist is trying to move beyond those issues.

One of the recurring arguments is that Zeitgeist is Marxism or Communism. I do understand why people who are born and bred in the free market system would say that. Having no property or money would be akin to feeling homeless and powerless. They would also fear that type of government where everything is state controlled. But does the Zeitgeist Movement advocate a new type of government with lets say a politburo? No, they don't. It's about humanity maturing beyond those types of government and where every individual is educated, knows their history and the laws of cause and effect.
I could also turn the argument of Communism around by asking what the current system really is. Isn't the monetary system a type of 'who's the most economically fit?' Isn't it a survival of the fittest? Doesn't the system inherently causes poverty since there are those folks who amass a great deal of wealth? Doesn't the system breed inequality? In the United States there 2 million households who are in fact millionaires, how many inmates does that same country have? Weren't there jobs for those people? Apparently not. What is the current system? Maybe we can also call it for what it is, Economic Fascism.

Calling the Zeitgeist Movement sun-worshippers or satanists is just Jerry Springer type of journalism. It's a method of trying to make the other guy look bad while reinforcing your own (religious) position. Personally I think Alex Jones fears the 'competition' from Zeitgeist and that's why he took so much effort in trying to debunk it. I hope people realize who is making such allegations. What is there kind of ideology. Where do they 'come from.'
In case you're wondering what my political affiliations are, I'm a moderate left. Often I voted for the Dutch Labour Party but these days I wonder about the usefulness of voting because every party seems to exclusively focus on the big money (the monetary system) and even (moderate) socialists in parliament seem to excel in lining their own pockets. I don't have much faith in the current system progressing towards a stable future since the focus is always on money, and people seem to be secondary

(More on this later.)

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