March 4, 2010


Today I read an article on UFOMystic from Nick Redfern and in that article he refers to the connection of UFOs and helicopters which have been reported many times. Nick mentions that he has had some possible weird encounters himself on his blog where helicopters flew directly over his house. That's not such a strange story from my perspective since it happens a couple of times a year at my place, and I live in the city. Above is a picture I took around 2004 or 2005, and from recollection that was a military helicopter. What it was doing over a town is anyone's guess.

Of course (in the city) it can happen that a helicopter flies over your house. Above is a police helicopter that probably patrolled the sky, looking for bad guys. Took that shot in 2007. Over here we also have 'trauma-helicopters' who pick up people who had serious accidents and deliver them straight to the hospital. You can see those on occasion. Still, just like Nick Redfern I wonder sometimes why helicopters fly directly over my house. The footage below was taken 2 weeks ago. Must have been the 8th time or something and that can make you go; 'hmm.'

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