March 12, 2010


Nick Redfern made a review of the book Cryptoterrestrials by the late Mac Tonnies, and it's about the theory that an unknown intelligence here on Earth is basically responsible for all the UFO sightings and the more bizarre aspects of ufology: abductions, contacts and maybe even ghostly apparitions. This theory finds its origins in the works of Jacques Vallee and John Keel who mentioned a similar theory, and it's not a theory I dismiss right away or at all. Years ago I personally wondered if the UFO phenomenon was caused by one source and not by many apparent ETs races if we are to believe the multitude of books on this matter. I do however have some questions regarding the deception pulled on us Earth dwellers. Here's an excerpt of Nick Redfern's article;

"The Cryptoterrestrials continues in a similar vein; to the extent that we are left with a stark and surreal image of a very ancient - and very strange - race of beings who may once have been the masters of this planet; who were sidelined thousands of years ago; and who are now - under cover of darkness and while the cities sleep - forced to grudgingly surface from their darkened lairs and interact with the very things they fear (and perhaps even hate and despise) most of all: us."

While I don't deny the aspect of deception within ufology (if we are to believe the many sightings and reports), I do wonder about the alleged motives of the 'Cryptoterrestrials' as mentioned in the book by Mac Tonnies (and others). If the 'CTs' have been on this world for millennia and are a high-tech society by nature that holds us in contempt one way or another, and are basically reclusive for whatever reason, there's no apparent reason for them to expose themselves deliberately like they do now. I guess what I'm trying to say is; why do they bother to show themselves in any matter at all? Why take the effort in tricking us?

If they are sharing this planet with us and want to keep it safe primarily for their own survival, why not go about obtaining their goals in more subtle ways? Is it the nuclear age that rocked their boat? We not only destroy ourselves but the 'others' as well? UFOs have been associated with (nuclear) missiles in flight and other delivery systems (silos). Did they field test their counter measures? I suppose you could say a firm yes to that question and that they want us to know they can shut those down anytime they want. Still, that action has a reaction and that is awareness of their existence. Things change from this point on and in essence will become a technology race between us and them. Military men don't like their weapons not working. When looking at the phenomena, it also becomes clear that an intelligence has interacted with us for hundreds of years. Having nukes in this day and age is not the only factor.

Let me bring up another segment of ufology and mirror it to the motives of the Cryptoterrestrials; the abductions. If they have been on this world for a long time they would have had easy access to genetic material in the pre-industrial era - just abduct some humans during the times of the crusades - and there wouldn't be a problem. The human genome hasn't changed much (or at all) in the last 1000 years, so why do it in this era when our methods of communication and media have vastly improved? A race that hides in the inner Earth gets no tactical advantage by letting their subjects retain the memory of their method of operating. Why let abductees remember something at all?

As stated before, I don't find the Cryptoterrestrials hypothesis that farfetched. A number of elements fit the profile right on, yet it might be incomplete. Reading about Vallee, Keel and Mac Tonnies I get the impression that they are excluding one possibility within this theory. Simply put, there might be more then one Cryptoterrestrial race..., and these races aren't just facing us, they are competing amongst themselves as well.

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