March 5, 2010

American $Psychic$

Had to laugh this morning as news on various websites and blogs surfaced that Sean David Morton was sued for fraud by the SEC. Naturally the jokes followed such as "he didn't see that one coming." On a more serious note, Morton did apparently manage to embezzle around 6 million dollars from (gullible) investors. Not a small feat in itself. You have to wonder of course about the mental capacities of the 100 people or so that invested in Morton. I mean, if he's so accurate in predicting the stock market he would be a wealthy man already - not in need of your money... You could have taken that prophecy to the bank.

Sean David Morton already had some experience in court. He tried to sue Royce Myers III for libel, lost and had to cough up $16.000 to Myers' attorney. That also should have been a wake up call for Morton investors. Background check anyone? Sadly, Morton isn't the only psychic out there that lend their special abilities (given by God) to the common people, for a buck of course. Sylvia Brown will do a reading for you for the mere price of $850. Chris, Sylvia's son, does it for the discount price of $500. What are you waiting for?

When you stroll the internet looking up other psychics you'll often find a similar setup. They are in contact with Pleiadians (or other entities) and will tell you all about your soul and problems - helping out humanity lose excessive mental baggage by making your wallet lighter. Maybe we should postulate that being a 'psychic' is simply a job description, not an expertise or talent. The bottom line seems to be cash anyway.

If I were a psychic, and I'm not saying that I am, I wouldn't let anyone know.

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