May 8, 2011

Zeitgeist Buttplug

After a goodnight sleep and a cup of coffee I checked the internet and of course my previous blog on Muertos was quickly found. I expected nothing less. Good thing though and I'm happy I could be of service in advertising Muertos' book(s). Selling and making a profit is still the world we live in, right? Naturally different interpretations are given on the Conspiracy Science forums about my motivation but I can reiterate once again that it was simply an exercise in guilt by association, making comparisons in order to reach a negative outcome. Such a tactic can be easily accomplished simply because dirt can be found or created on practically everyone.

I simply took Muertos' affection for hard rock / metal and made him a full-blown satanist. Maybe he is exactly that but I don't know since he never admitted it. Of course the hard rock scene is frowned upon by more traditional Christian people in our society. Judgement often depends on your point of view. Oddly enough I've met some real-life satanists. Working for a job-agency for many years I got send to many companies for temporary work and as such I met many different people. Some guys wear upside down black crosses, tattoos, pentagrams on their coats - the works. I even asked why they felt the way they do and they simply replied; "it's inside me." (Or words to that effect.) Perhaps even more striking (and what sets them apart) is that these guys had a sense of polarity. While they embrace a negative concept of spirituality they know fully well that one cannot exist without the other. Positive vs. negative.

Such philosophies I haven't detected with Muertos, so maybe he's still in the closet on the whole black art department. In another area he got out of the closet. Having said that I don't mind Muertos being gay and I haven't touched upon this subject before. I also didn't highlight that picture in the video where 2 men are sitting on a couch - one grabbing the other in the crotch or insinuating such an act. I'm from Holland and we are somewhat liberal here. If Muertos would visit Amsterdam he can have the time of his life in all the gay bars there, maybe he'll get another trophy boy toy like he did in Toronto. In short: I don't mind him being gay or possibly a satanist. He can have all the fun in the world with it for all I care.

However, I can't resist having some fun with the following so here's the Muertos methodology once again. Muertos isn't the only fierce Zeitgeist critic, there are many more. MarioBrotha has a blog here where he also lists Muertos' 'work.' This apparently angry young man also adopted the "Zeitgeist is a cult" angle probably because the information from the Zeitgeist movies conflicts with his own ideology. (Quite often it boils down to relatively simple factors.) I do hope Mario wises up because the attitude he displays on the internet will get a person in serious trouble in real life, but maybe he needs to find that out for himself. I also surmise Mario has Spanish ancestry and therefore probably has a Roman Catholic upbringing.

James Kush, a blogger from Texas also loads his virtual machine gun and aims for the Zeitgeist Movement. (On a side note, both Mario and James have named their respective blogs in almost identical names to the Zeitgeist Movement yet apparently have a problem with why the name is trademarked. It's for protection from people like you! But I digress.) The funny thing is, James is somewhat upset by the occult and information that is against God. Next to "Zeitgeist is a cult" he also accuses the movement of being into the occult. That was in fact the type of ammunition he started off with. Zeitgeist 1 sourcing information from Acharya S. and Blavatsky was some sort travesty against the good Book apparently. Kush, just like Mario enjoys using Muertos' writings.

James, Mario. If you're really are who you claim to be, willing to stick to your guns and defend the righteous Word from evil, you have to look no further than the guy you're collaborating with. And from what I've been reading you need to protect your behind in more than one way. How funny is that?

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