May 10, 2011

Get Stacy

Well, after firing a couple of broadsides at Muertos for being a naughty boy I must say that the fallout was not what I expected. MarioBrotha who I threw in the mix also didn't respond while I was expecting something like this. Maybe I need to send him a copy of Scarface. James Kush also hardly reacted, oddly enough he overtly responded more like an old school Texan. Really guys, you need to work on your internet cred. Not sure though if you should do it in French.

Likewise I expected a big booboo on the Conspiracy Science forums but it transformed in something strange. Um guys, can I get a normal response? I mean jeesh, no need to step out of character when it's just plain old me. Muertos actually forgave me and admitted he's bi (eats of two plates). Well, what you do in the bedroom is no ones business. Yep, I'm like a Roman Caesar and welcome anyone in my court. But here's how it goes in my bedroom. Ole.

Bill put on a good show but has this much panache. Needs more Keyser. There was definitely something missing with Matt's replies, it missed an ignition source, a lighter. Perhaps the most scary person was Anticultist, sorry dude - no cuddles - this is the image I have of you. Muertos, I don't mind if you create a few thunderstorms with your burgundy clad friends but if I want pillow talk I'll go the Zeitgeist Movement forums. What's wrong with you guys? Next time I pull a Sandler on you guys I expect a 'Stacy reaction.'

Addendum: the atmosphere onboard a RBE Starship.


The Reverend Internet Jim Jesus said...

You should of embedded this at the end.

Ed V. said...

It was a close call, this one didn't make it;