May 21, 2011

Giant CS2

Couple of days ago I bought a new bicycle, got a Giant CS2. My old bicycle was pretty much worn out. I don't what it is but with new bicycles it almost seems they glide across the road, probably because everything is still so tuned. Giant is a first class brand and it shows. Lightweight but sturdy. I took it for a spin already and even did some climbing with it. The three gears are sufficient for that kind of work. Technology in bicycles has also progressed. Wow. No dynamo that runs against the wheel, it's installed in the axle of the front wheel. No multiple sprockets but again a gear system on the axle of the rear wheel. The lights on the bicycle can even be put on automatic for when it gets dark and they just go on. The only thing that I find a bit lacking is a suspension system. On a bumpy road with some speed you get shaken up a bit. The saddle is also a bit hard but I had operations in that area less then 18 months ago so that's probably just me. Already rode some 40 kilometers with it and I'm impressed.

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