May 4, 2011


Took this shot on the first of May and it's amazing to see that the Blackbird already had 2 younglings rapidly reaching maturity. I grew up with the phrase "in May every bird delivers an egg," which rimes and sounds better in Dutch. We had an early spring here in Europe and the birds took full advantage of it. Chicks stay roughly 2 weeks in the nest before they fly out and the hatching itself also takes some time, meaning that the Blackbirds were already 'busy' in March. It's a highly common bird here in Western Europe who also adapted to city-life. Originally it was a very timid bird that hid in the woods here and flew away at the nearest sign of trouble. It still does that when startled in the city but in general they have become very accustomed to humans and a safety margin of lets say 5 meters is good enough for them. For their young they are willing to go the extra mile and when I took the picture I was only standing 2 meters away. This territorial bird also has an amazing song which it displays in the early morning and evening.

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