February 18, 2011

Price Jam

A new album by Pearl Jam is out, Live On Ten Legs. The title is reminiscent of the 98 album and I'm sure the guys had that in mind, at least the marketing ones. 18 tracks are on the album. Sounds like a good cd to buy but I'm not going to do that although I'm a fan. The reason is somewhat simple. I already have 6 live cd's from PJ concerts around the world and also Live On Two Legs. Around 8 years back the band released a cd from every live concert they did (in that time) to stop the bootlegging that was so rampant and at the same time give the fans an opportunity to have a decent live recording, but to be honest the latter is questionable since I'm sure there was also a profit motive. With the new album over here they charge 20 bucks for it in the stores. The thing is, I bought Backspacer and Eddie Vedder's solo album Into The Wild for that same price when they were just released only to find out 6 to 12 months later that those prices dropped considerably. You could buy them for 10 bucks and I saw one store that had Into The Wild for half that price. Sorry guys, I'm already decently stocked with PJ live material and just going to wait for a bargain.

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