February 26, 2011

Birds Of A Feather

My last blog was about G. Edward Griffin and the John Birch Society and what I found interesting at the time is that these so-called organizations for freedom are pretty much highly dualistic in nature. While they may be patriotic and for 'freedom' the bottom line is that they are highly capitalistic as well. Organizations such as the John Birch Society are made up of businessmen and are sponsored by the extremely wealthy. NWO fighter Alex Jones, an outright adversary of elitist machinations, flirts with a group that with a little imagination and extrapolation, fits the same bill.

In the picture above you can see the exchange between Jones and John McManus, president of the John Birch Society. I already figured that the philosophy of Jones and the society were pretty much close together, and with a little research I found the article above proving it beyond a shadow of a doubt. What I discovered is that the sought after 'freedom' here also entails the unrestricted quest of financial gain. That's what these gentlemen stand for. The freedom to make a buck at the expense of everything else. That's why they're touting their horns about government restrictions, taxation, evil banks and so on. In the end they simply want more for themselves yet fail to recognize that identical people higher up the pyramid do the exact same thing.

If Jones really gets into bed with people like you find in the John Birch Society, I'm afraid his days of battling the NWO are over (if there ever was such a thing). He'll be put on a (financial) lease and made to walk properly alongside his masters. Maybe that is already the case? I hope people realize that in a highly capitalistic society everyone can be bought and corrupted. Having a lot of wealth and money enables you to have much greater influence on an outcome, and greatly adds in protecting your own interests. Such mechanics are visible here if you can shed your conservative mindset for one minute. In a democracy, a.k.a. 'how do I get my hands on a lot of money,' people think about their own selfish interest first, make no mistake.

Whenever you hear conservatives like Alex Jones, Edward Griffin, John McManus and other folks from the John Birch Society talk about freedom and government interference, you need to keep this in mind and I quote now from commentary John McMurty made in the movie Zeitgeist Moving Forward. Government interference means; 'blocking maximization of turning money into more money for private money possessors.'

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