February 11, 2011


Guess who the guy with the extended cigarette&holder is? It's Dutch right wing politician Geert Wilders who's often in the news the last few years criticizing Islam. He's 20 years old in the shot above and personally I don't mind his appearance, after all, we were all young once. What's so fascinating about Wilders, and what many Dutch voters don't know, is that he has strong ties to Israel. After school and in his late teens Wilders moved to Israel and lived in a moshav called Tomer for a while. It's not illogical to assume that his anti-Islamic views were developed there. Below he's at the Western Wall in Jerusalem paying his respects. Some ideologies can have a clear origin. There's already some talk that Wilders is a stooge of Israel or on the payroll seeing how his views coincide with hardline Israeli views. Don't think that is the case here. I think Wilders, although a politician and a populist, really believes what he is saying regarding Islam.


Anonymous said...

Most interesting about the young Wilders pic is the fact the cigarette was shopped into a pencil probably by the fascist anti smoking movement Stivoro.

Ed V. said...

On occasion you'll find a recent picture of Wilders holding a cigarette since to the best of my knowledge he still smokes.