February 14, 2011

Ghosts Of 9/11

I've gone on record stating that the attacks on 9/11 were not an inside job yet what I mentioned back then and what I still have now is basically suspicions and doubts. Today I recalled a segment from the documentary Zeitgeist the Movie where a picture is shown of a steel beam cut at an angle. (See picture above.) I must admit that at the time of watching the documentary I didn't give it much attention and the first Zeitgeist film is not the best of the series but I decided to look up that particular photograph today on the internet anyway. It can be found quite easily using Google Images and a few keywords such as WTC and steel beams. The longer I stared at the photograph the more the feeling came over me that something is very wrong here.

The beam in question, just behind the fireman, is clearly cut at an angle. More remarkable is the apparent molten metal that seemingly has dripped down along the lines of the fracture before it settled again. I can see why this is an argument for the (conspiracy) theory that the World Trade Centers were brought down with the help of a controlled demolition. The cut itself is in fact used by demolition experts in this manner because the structure above it slides away from the column under its own weight. It's a technique used specifically in demolition jobs. No self-respecting engineer would design or use an angled steel beam in this way because it goes against structural integrity. Here's a close up.

The molten metal is what stands out. When you go back to the top photograph you'll notice that no one is working in that area and that it's also not accessible. Smoke is still coming out of the ground so it's safe to assume this photograph was taken within days of the collapse. The reason why I mention this is because workers did in fact cut metal beams on ground zero into smaller pieces using acetylene torches, as this picture proves.

I would imagine that working on a vertical column and trying to cut it down is very dangerous, and I'm assuming that if such work has to be done it would preferably be done horizontally as to not create hazardous working conditions. When you cut a steel beam that's standing upright and weighs tons and it's going to fall somewhere with the potential to kill, I would surmise you would try to avoid such a scenario anyway possible. I don't doubt that the workers cut metal beams in the aftermath of 9/11, and I even believe that they would cut the material at an angle. Yet the thing is, I've gone through a number of photographs where the blackened and molten steel is not visible while a diagonal cut has definitely been made.

So what could cause the typical cut and molten steel? It turns out thermite can. There has been a lot of discussion on the internet and in mainstream media about thermite. Many people have said that while thermite burns hot, hot enough to melt steel, it's not a practical way to do it since it ignites in every direction. With conducted tests you also often see someone filling a garden pot with thermite and letting it drip on steel. That has been proven not to work in creating a fracture in the metal itself. Yet what many people in the media apparently forget is that there is a technique you can use that overcomes that deficit. It's called a shaped charge and the guy in this video uses it to cut through a steel column at every angle.

Jonathan Cole conducted many experiments with thermite on metal and as the pictures above show he was highly successful in using it as a means of demolition. Again we also see the resettled metal that has dripped down under the force of gravity. Despite what many sources led you to believe, thermite could have been used with the addition of a shaped charge. This is just one component of the 9/11 mystery that seems to go on till this day. I have left out other items such as the molten metal that was dug out of the ground at ground zero. This blog is about the cut metal beam. Is it conclusive? I would have to say no since no research has been done on the metal columns directly taken from ground zero and sadly much of that material was quickly whisked away, but what I have learned is that the "whacky conspiracy theorists" certainly make a good point for the 'thermite case.'


Kevin said...

Question: About that first photo with the apparent thermite cut.. After all the dust settled from the buildings falling, there were large pieces of the facade sticking up. They were most likely unsafe to stand near as they could collapse. How can you be so sure that, in the name of safety, some construction workers weren't called in to cut it down? (I would bet you wouldn't have guys on ladders with torches. More likely, I'm thinking, they would wrap something around a towering piece of steel and get the heck away when it falls)

Ed V. said...

Yeah, these days I'm more inclined to think that all those diagonal cuts were made by the rescue and salvage workers. Those cuts could have been made by (shaped) thermite charges but at this stage I find it unlikely and it's also pretty much impossible to prove.