January 9, 2011


Well, it seems like Zeitgeist is actually moving forward. The members of the Dutch Zeitgeist chapter have done some remarkable work getting the new Zeitgeist Moving Forward movie out to a variety of people. On the 6th of this month there was a press screening of ZMF in Amsterdam, invitation only. Members of the press attended, as well as folks from universities and foundations and even a few members from (smaller) political parties. The word is getting out, that's for sure.

A foundation named Deniesa, which is short in Dutch for 'the new society', made it known that they want to collaborate with the Zeitgeist Movement because they find the concept of the Venus Project highly appealing. Other parties have shown an interest as well but are not yet officially acknowledging it. I also have it on good authority that some highly educated people here in Holland (with degrees in economics) are working on a transition model, aimed at what Venus Project encompasses.

Zeitgeist is in motion.


Paul said...

Zeitgeist is at a standstill because there are no engineering plans, blueprints, details of the economic distribution and administration of the state.

At the moment it is all meaningless talk. Wake us up when something real happens instead of hot air and hand waving.

Ed V. said...

Zeitgeist is a work in progress, and right now we're in the creating awareness state. Projects are ongoing, you just have to visit the main ZG website. It will still take some time, and we are not about to give into the demands any impatient critic might have. You guys already want to know how long it takes for the air conditioning in the new houses to purify the atmosphere after you farted. All you do is bitch and moan anyway.

On a more positive note. After the ZMF screening in Amsterdam on the 15th there will be a debate. Here are some people that will attend.
Prof. Dr. Meindert Fennema (University of Amsterdam Politics),
Peter Verhaar (founder of the commercial Alex Bank),
Arjo Klamer (professor Economy),
Gilbert Ismail (Internationale chapter coordinator, The Zeitgeist Movement)

As you can see at the very least we are already making progress in the area of social awareness. Standstill? I don't think so.