January 5, 2011

Irish Bluntness

If you can't stand the f-word a lot then this video is best to be avoided. Otherwise, this Irish fellow speaks candidly about what a lot of folks are thinking. That they are being sold out by the governments and financial institutions who's main characteristic is unrestricted greed and where the accumulated debt is put on the working class. Just yesterday I saw in the news that in the U.K. VAT was increased from 17.5% to 20%. The government there wants to raise an additional 20 billion. Who were the responsible parties again for the credit crisis? Who's apparently paying for it?
I personally realized years ago that our modern day society is nothing else then an elaborate pyramid scheme. But in the words of George Carlin; 'Nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care.' Most comments on CNN where the British people were interviewed about the massive tax raise responded in similar carelessness. We need more people like this Irish dude, not sheep.

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