January 15, 2011

Dutch Screening Zeitgeist Moving Forward

Just returned from Amsterdam where Zeitgeist Moving Forward was shown in Studio/K. Not a huge cinema but not small either. The place kind of has a multi-role since there's a bar, restaurant, conference centers and so on. Very up to date, modern standard-wise. So that was a bonus. Met some of the guys from the Dutch Zeitgeist chapter including 'Darkdancer', the international chapter coordinator who made a speech before the film started.

The place was packed. The picture above was taken where people were still walking in. About the movie itself, it's a fine documentary although a bit long. Critics of the first Zeitgeist movie will be happy to know that Peter Joseph has completely steered away from any type of conspiracy theory. Most of the material that is discussed is done so by scholars who comment extensively on social issues. Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows make an appearance but compared to Zeitgeist Addendum their part is considerably less. Of course the Venus Project is mentioned as a viable alternative, that aspect of the movie is the same as in Addendum. There are also 3 highly humorous moments in the movie and one of them caught me completely off guard thinking "what the hell is going on" before realizing it was part of the performance. So yes, Peter Joseph definitely has a sense of humor.

Afterwards there was a debate about the movie. Professors Fennema and Klamer joined Verhaar (founder of a bank) and Gilbert (Darkdancer) to discuss the movie. While there certainly was some critique on the movie by a couple of these gentlemen (The Venus Project not being a democracy and the inability of technology to solve every problem) they also agreed on a number of items such as the unrestricted greed by unregulated banks and the breakdown of social values. I didn't stay the entire debate so I have to comment on this further when this debate is uploaded on YouTube.

Zeitgeist Moving Forward is a fine film, go watch it in the cinema if you have the chance.

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