January 6, 2011

Kush Kush, Dang Dang

Yesterday I came across a blog when it was briefly discussed on the Zeitgeist forums. It's named "Zeitgeist Movements Sources" and contrary to what you would think it's highly anti-Zeitgeist. A person by the name of James Kush has gotten the impression that the Zeitgeist Movement is into the occult, which is a slight deviation from other hate blogs who claim among other things that the movement is a cult, are made up of whacky conspiracy theorists, fools that want the machines to take over or are darn red communists out to create a scientific dictatorship. Forget to mention that conservative radio talk show host Alex Jones also claimed the movement was made of sun-worshipping Luciferians. The latter is more in line with what Kush is claiming and both he and Jones are from Texas. Hmm. Maybe he listened to his show. I'm assuming of course that Kush is a conservative Christian (if he's not than he's just a smear artist).

It's not totally impossible to think that the Zeitgeist Movement is into the occult but you have to make a number of leaps and bounds in order to get there. It goes something like this. Zeitgeist 1 criticized (Christian) religion, it used some alternative sources (New Age and Theosophy), Christians regard those sources as outright false and/or even blasphemous when they compare it to their own religion, therefore the entire Zeitgeist Movement is made up of occultists. While I can certainly understand that religious folks were ticked off by the critique in the first Zeitgeist film, taking it to the extreme by playing the occult tactic is just an act of vengeance if you ask me and it holds no water whatsoever.

It has been said many times that the first Zeitgeist flick was a personal project of director Peter Joseph, but I guess there are a number of people who are too angry to accept that and simply try to find fault with something that offended them in some way. I watched Zeitgeist Addendum before I watched Zeitgeist the Movie, maybe that's why I'm in a better position to put it into proper perspective. The second film really is about the ills of society and why a redesign is needed, hence the Venus Project and a Resource Based Economy. It's exactly that which I found appealing, not the critique directed at religion. A better society is what fascinates me and how to get there. Not throwing out the baby with the bathwater because of a personal grudge.

I also reckon that calling the Zeitgeist Movement occult is a gross misrepresentation if not outright derogatory. People from all walks of life join the movement, some are atheists, some are religious. Even I'm not an atheist, although raised a Roman Catholic I'm more of a pantheist these days. Having a Christian background it doesn't make me oblivious to what some would call dark or satanic teachings and if I would detect such matters within the movement I would be the kind of person that would be upset with that. I presume that there are more people like that in the movement so I guess James Kush has nothing to worry about.

Religion or theosophy is not the main trust of the Movement, it is in fact science and applying the scientific method for social concern. Has religion (in general) ever managed to create a peaceful society? Lets take a few passages out of the Bible and compare that to what the Zeitgeist Movement stands for in order to find out how "occult" it is.

It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven." (Luke 18:25)
Yet in our modern day society most people are just focused on accumulating wealth and the "American Dream." The Zeitgeist Movement advocates the abolition of the monetary system, rich people wont have to go to Hell.
"And Jesus entered the temple and drove out all those who were buying and selling in the temple, and overturned the tables of the money changers and the seats of those who were selling doves." (New American Standard Bible.)
Yet here we are right now as a world people primarily focused on the what the stock market is doing and if our economies and GDP's show an upward curve. If you have the slightest grasp of what the Zeitgeist Movement stands for then these matters (money, banks, stocks) would be a thing of the past. Jesus, apparently agrees.
"Your kingdom come. Your will be done, On earth as it is in heaven." (New American Standard Bible.)
Heaven, I presume, is a place of peace and what this part of the Bible is suggesting is that we should create Heaven on Earth. From my perspective the Venus Project stands a good chance of exactly accomplishing that. Since the Venus Project is advocating that we share all the world's resources and provide for the needs of all the people (be it food, clothing, housing, energy etc.) through the use of technology, aren't we members of the Zeitgeist Movement (the activist arm of the Venus Project), in essence, more spiritual then most religious folks?

It's sad that people like James Kush simply don't get the basics of being human and rather go off on a tantrum. If you share with everyone there's enough to go around. If you are selfish and ignorant, you wont create a Heaven on Earth. It's that simple. Most religious folks somehow don't get that. Dang.


Paul said...

Looks like different people have different bones to pick with the movement.

The movies have so many areas of nonsense, it's hard to choose a place to start. Zeitgeist bases it whole money comes from thin air nonsense on a huge misunderstanding of the whole process. Then it just goes on and on to dig itself into a huge pile of steaming poo.

I think the problem James sees, is it's resemblance to a religion or cult. You have devoted followers, all following the magical handwaving of Jacques Fresco and Peter Joseph. Fresco and Joseph are in it for simply one reason: make plenty of money to retire on. It is so much like a religion and rather ironic that it's followers are what they often preach against.

Kris said...

Hey, Paul, you have no understanding of TZM.

TZM is a group of people saying that we need to start taking care of eachother, by eachother we mean all species, our planet and universe.

We want companies to merge and work as effectivly as the scientific method will approve with the best methods of technology possible.

Now commonly known as a RBE/Resource Based Economy with the scientific method applied for human and environmental needs.

Second, P. Joseph has published everything for free.

Third, every bank, politician and researcher agrees that the fractual reserve works this way.

Fourth, TZM was forced to abandon TVP when Jaque and Roxanne said that TVP did not accept other people's views and ideas.

Fifth, learn to do research before making a comment.