January 2, 2011


Well, had a weird start into the new year. New year's Eve I was having a drink, chilling and watching a lot of stand up comedy on television. Martin Lawrence was ok although I find him a bit too busy/overwhelming in his performance. Dutch comedian Guido Weijers was awesome, but you gotta have a taste for Dutch humor which can be quite hard and confronting. Anyway, it's 15 minutes till midnight and I'm moving my fireworks into the hallway, doorbell rings and there's a guy standing there asking for a light. Well-mannered person that I am I go back inside to get a lighter and help the guy out. He thanks me, leaves and I'm staring at the stuff I just put there thinking - 'didn't I just put something there?' I check back inside and I'm fairly sure I'm missing something so I walk out onto the street again. There's the guy some 25 meters up ahead setting off a piece of my fireworks and laughing insanely in the process.

My bad of course, I should have noticed he was drunk and out of his mind on drugs but I guess the drinks I had and being in a celebration mood clouded my judgement as well. Had some words with that guy after I walked up to him. Thought about punching him straight in the face a couple of times but I think he wouldn't have felt it. Dutch liberal police regulations would also have made me the 'bad guy' if I had started the fight. Said some words directly at him which I can't repeat here and the guy walked away. Amazing how some people can walk up to you, steal from you while staring you in the face and thanking you for your help. Even more strange is why I run into these people from time to time. Almost never have an altercation with someone but when I have one it's with a person who's certifiably insane or whacked out of his mind on some substance.
So that was depressing. The night wasn't a loss however since after 12 when all the fireworks went off I somehow 'ran' into more positive encounters. Don't think I've ever kissed and shook hands with so many beautiful women. My neighbor, who's a woman, had female friends and other neighbors down the street also had a lot female friends. That balanced things out. :)

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