January 20, 2011

Cesspool Science

The Zeitgeist critics were in full flow last week. Maybe they felt the need to throw in more rhetoric now that Zeitgeist Moving Forward is being released. It was fascinating to see the endless stream of negativity coming from the Cesspool Science forums, I mean Conspiracy Science forums. Basically the Zeitgeist Movement are a bunch of people that strive for a better world, but the CS forums make it sound like we are anything but. Absolutely mind blowing to see how a person can dig up shit (that isn't there) just for the sake of letting it fly around. Someone once called them 'poop throwing monkeys' which they took as an insult, but you only have to visit the forum in order to find out just how utterly correct the reference is.

James Kush, a blogger and critic of the Zeitgeist Movement tried to make friends with the people at the CS forums but he ran into a little trouble since not many conspiracy theories are allowed there. Kush himself likes to play the 'occult' angle but seemingly he forgot that there are not many religious folks on that forum. Ironically, I personally think if he's really religiously oriented and committed to exposing 'dark influences' he can find more occult stuff over at the CS forums then on TZM, seeing how some members are into metal, tattoos and carry dark persona's on the internet. But it's probably best to let him figure out on his own what his 'team' is made off.

Which brings me to Muertos who excelled in writing the most scathing posts last week and must be the main contender for this years 'Most foulest anti-Zeitgeist smear' Award. Seriously, I think he can win that one. It was even more offensive then what another contributor, a guy named Matt, produces on a regular basis, and that's saying something. Both also milked the Jared Loughner angle to its maximum potential as if the first Zeitgeist movie was responsible for the atrocities in Arizona, totally omitting of course that he was probably raised badly as a kid, that he probably is a paranoid schizophrenic, that Loughner's YouTube profile mentions a whole range of material (not Zeitgeist), and lastly that bullies like the ones you can find on the CS forums are far more likely to damage a person's mental health then anything else.

On a more positive note, Zeitgeist Moving Forward is doing great in most theaters. Stockholm (Sweden) 150 seats, Wellington (New Zealand) 450 seats, Vancouver (Canada) 400 seats, Toronto (Canada) 820 seats, Dublin (Ireland) 400 seats, Zagreb (Croatia) 500 seats, all sold out and these are just a few samples. Los Angeles and New York were also a huge success with the former holding 900 seats if I'm not mistaken. I visited Studio/K in Amsterdam (with 160 seats) and the place was packed, it was sold out days before the premiere. OT301, another smaller cinema in Amsterdam that holds 70 seats was filled to the brim with people sitting on the stairs and before the front row (not an uncommon occurrence in other theaters around the globe). They even had to send 60-70 people away mind you. I guess we can surmise that the release of ZMF is already an astounding success with thousands of visits.
It's in stark contrast as to what the people over at the CS forums are portraying, but then again it should be obvious to most intelligent folks what they are all about and just like when you visit a zoo and look into the cages - you'll probably get the same sensation visiting their forums. Just don't stick your hands inside the cage.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

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